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  1. SeaKing_CityDel

    Schlieffen combat mission

    this is more about buy the Schlieffen now play it before it possibly gets nerfed a few months down the line when they say its overperforming. Plus you dont have to play any other tier . you cant lose buy getting it . It has stealth torps and what is pretty much really strong stealth secondary's what can go wrong .
  2. you can sink the torpedos? if potaoes sail into your hydro range you wont need it to spot them
  3. what is exactly hydro going to do for you against subs ? Torps are guided and they do 90kts . youll find out 0.7 seconds earlier that your getting hit by torps ?
  4. SeaKing_CityDel

    How did T8 subs make it into random like this?

    Wait subs at t8 ? i thought they were only at t10 for now
  5. SeaKing_CityDel

    Grosser Kurfürst being replaced

    that would work too but not expecting weegee to be that nice . I just dont want to play the FDG again let alone buy it again for what 300k xp?.
  6. SeaKing_CityDel

    Grosser Kurfürst being replaced

    How about a option to give up the GK and get the Preussen? so basically a trade option. i dont want to buy the fdg and grind through that garbage again . I want the tech tree t10 because the special ships can be removed from comp becuase they are op / or no longer available
  7. SeaKing_CityDel

    Looking for a KotS team -- and vice versa

    Have to pay attention though in discord as all servers are represented For example Catch is a clan here in the EU .
  8. SeaKing_CityDel

    Angry Animal in ranked

    you would think enough people reported the mad_tortise and unfloatable_attorney that they at least would be banned from ranked . Think another CC walkout is needed as it seems its the only thing that gets wows attention .
  9. SeaKing_CityDel

    being a BB and hunted by a sub for 5 minutes is the worst

    At least that BB you played had a counter . thee are many other BB's that can do nothing but wave at Subs for that truly great gaming experience
  10. SeaKing_CityDel

    Missouri duplicate compensation for OG owners

    this is disgusting and utterly unacceptable my wallet is closed until they release a premium ship i want or a tech tree ship that seems cool or anything interesting or my premium time runs , Other then that my wallet is closed you better believe that weegee
  11. SeaKing_CityDel

    ISE needs some help....

    not performance wise but planes are very strong in this game and its why cv's are disliked . Sure you send your torp bombers for a strike and the receiving ship turns to "dodge" them which mean you only get 1-2 torp hits and low damage in the meantime the rest of your team hits that same ship ship for most of its health because it had to turn. On top of that you want to buff it somehow? 2nd problem the torp bombers is your self spotting .
  12. SeaKing_CityDel

    So, the Missouri "sale" is here

    or how good it is to whale. Youll get camo's flags plus some randoms ships maybe even a makarov and a chance at the Missouri . Im going to do what every streamer will say . hey im buying these containers so you dont have to . im the good guy here .
  13. SeaKing_CityDel

    Dev blog: FDR nerfed, Graf Zeppelin....Buffed?

    anyone know why the he pen on the fdr bombers was changed ? isnt midways also 67mm? that seems like a odd change . is it to say hey look we nerfed the fdr ?
  14. SeaKing_CityDel

    So, the Missouri "sale" is here

    im ok with the price . Maybe because i had to convert some ship xp to fxp to get it originally . Did they mention how much itll be if you do the grind ?
  15. SeaKing_CityDel

    ISE needs some help....

    what ise needs just like the other hybrids in the game is to be removed . . . . . .