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  1. Thank you all for the Help. Just for the record I can read and have read and was still confused BECAUSE it is made to sound like something different (a different nigh mission). For clarification sake A new Night mission sounds/sounded like fun and yes I wanted to try it out. As it turns out this promotion adds no new content and is promotion the already available modes. (just say so next time) FYI instead of saying read the (fill in the blank,) a more helpful comment would have been to say "there is no unique mission associated with this promotion"
  2. Call me dumb, but I cant find the Battle of Cape Esperance battle to take part in? a night battle sounds fun. But how/where do I find it?
  3. Done, I'm all about the camo (I hope its permanent)
  4. Ronin042

    Rogue Wave: The Full Guide

    nothing but crashing and freezing and locking up and critical errors since 8.5 How about not breaking the game? wgc_20190626_192615_706_debug.log monitor_20190626_1745580962.log pluginhost_20190626_174559_543826.log wgc_20190626_174558_147.log wgc_20190626_174558_403.log 20190626_192615.zip
  5. New to game in 8.4 (zero crashes) 8.5 comes along and nothing but crashing and uninstall reinstall does not fix the update is bad! Lets roll back until you can get the game to not crash! 20190626_192615.zip monitor_20190626_1745580962.log pluginhost_20190626_174559_543826.log wgc_20190626_174558_147.log wgc_20190626_174558_403.log wgc_20190626_192615_706_debug.log
  6. yesterday 8.4 worked fine zero crashes. Today 8.5 crashes in battles and then I get a pink ding for unsportsman like conduct? I was crashed out of a battle how the !@#$ is that my fault? uninstalled and reinstalled (after first auto install) twice. still get critical error and game freeze!!!! 20190626_192615.zip
  7. when 8.5 came out and broke (as in does not work) the game.
  8. Ronin042

    game crash/reboot

    Yes me also. It opens in "port" then issues a critical error message. restart or terminate, neither of which changes anything.