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  1. Prinz_RuppWreck

    Finally A Commonwealth Battleship Line

    Would love to run Cunningham on Haida
  2. Prinz_RuppWreck

    More Random Games played data: April/May 2022 vs. 2023

    Seems WG is taking a huge gamble by implementing subs. As for myself, the overabundance of new ship releases has left me feeling apathetic at best
  3. Prinz_RuppWreck

    Asymmetric Battles (Advanced Coop)

    2/7 bug and ( likely ) Asymmetric Battles switches the paradigm from fast, torpedo armed ships to larger gun ones. Currently, I just pick Kleber, YOLO rush forward without a care in the world because the flank I didn't lolstomp can carry my flaming, hole ridden hulk across the finish line. In a 2/7 bug scenario I'd likely pick Napoli or Schlieffen, as even though a 90% winrate is the norm for Co-op, I remember my other human teammate failing a lot.
  4. Prinz_RuppWreck

    Dev Blog - Second IJN Battleship line

    Bungo, really?
  5. That sort of contextualizes WG's balance of Co-op with bots randomly repositioning themselves across the map. Longer and less efficient Co-op matches make it harder to complete the Battle Pass.
  6. Prinz_RuppWreck

    Scenario problem - Hello WG !

  7. Prinz_RuppWreck

    DevBlog 446 - Changes to Test Ships – Closed Test 12.4

    The reload nerf on Schill makes sense given the gun caliber but the ship overall is just so bland. If you are going for a tier VIII Graf Spee then give it a Repair Party at least. Do like the changes to West Virginia 44
  8. Prinz_RuppWreck

    DevBlog 446 - Changes to Test Ships – Closed Test 12.4

    Wargaming is still very Russian at heart. Anyone who thinks the Soviet subs will not be the strongest is delusional.
  9. They are making a Distant Voyages container for commanders Peak Wargaming
  10. Even if that were true not all 300 active member share the same view. Also I imagine a vast majority of those 120k don't even visit the subReddit on a daily basis or at all.
  11. Prinz_RuppWreck

    King of the Sea XV: International Winners

    3 hours to potentially get nothing?
  12. Prinz_RuppWreck

    KOTS - Halland Viking Camo Mission

    Here is the KoTS mission for those interested. 1. Get 15 Destroyed ribbons 2. Cause 1.5 million of damage to ships 3. Get "1500 Main battery hit" ribbons 4. Earn 15k BXP 5. Get 15 Destroyed ribbons 6. Earn 1.5 million credits
  13. Prinz_RuppWreck


    Weimar kind of stole her thunder but I found Munchen to be an incredible Co-op bote.
  14. Prinz_RuppWreck

    The Inca Trail: Almirante Grau in the Armory

    I wouldn't say that as its painfully obvious Wargaming is after the Latin-American market. The rest you are probably right. I don't think Wargaming owns a map, just a spreadsheet showing which region is bringing in the money