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  1. If WG resells Erich Lowenhardt with her iron cross camo I may pick her up just for scenarios.
  2. Beleaf_

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    A nice damage game to help complete the BXP mission.
  3. Beleaf_

    Theory of Use - New German Destroyers

    It shouldn't be difficult to grind the new German DDs. So far I have done Z-52, Harugumo and Kleber all in Co-op.
  4. There is no easy way to get 21pt commanders other than just grinding. Although I find it's easier if you focus on one or two nations. So far I have nine 21pt commanders and once I finish grinding my unique commanders I will focus on my German animu commanders. I figure if I keep the number of 21pt commanders below 15-20 I will be one step ahead of WG whenever they decide to fill another Olympic swimming pool full of money.
  5. Beleaf_

    You Whales Ready For The Auctions?

    Same with my 300 million credits. There is a few flags I wouldn't mind adding to my collection but I'd rather earn them via missions.
  6. Beleaf_

    You Whales Ready For The Auctions?

    Yes! To be exact, I need about tree fiddy.
  7. Beleaf_

    You Whales Ready For The Auctions?

    Only really interested in commemorative flags from past Ranked seasons or those given out in premium ship bundles. Steel would be nice as well
  8. While you don't get five kills 90% of the time, Harugumo is one of the few ships that can easily do it. Moreover, I'm all for higher tuned AI so long as the rewards match it. Currently I am seeing a trend of cowardly bots which makes playing Co-op at times frustrating.
  9. Beleaf_

    Am I missing something??

    That the jokes Conway and Crysantos root for the Sharks and dislike the Eagles. You just have to do 69,420 damage.
  10. Beleaf_

    ST 0.10.4, changes to commander's skills

    Honestly this is terrible Sure you removed Dead-eye but then you decided to replace it with a skill nobody will use. Instead of giving SE a few extra points of health how about giving cruisers back preventative maintenance or have split skills for both CA and CL.
  11. I guess the issue was resolved. Logged in and received my Twitch drops.
  12. Beleaf_

    PT 0.10.3, balance changes.

    Is this a joke? Everyone has been panning these destroyers as weak and you still nerf them.
  13. Same here I submitted a ticket and was asked to re-link & clear cache/cookies. Still no Twitch drops after so perhaps there is a bug.
  14. Oh trust me, I don't intend to but there is an item from a past Azur Lane collaboration I want and I could see WG being sleazy enough to put in the auction whenever that collab comes around. Also, just like the unique upgrades in the Research Bureau, if they see a lack of participation they will just add rarer items.