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  1. Yes, I did see that clarification, thank you. Guess back to Operations...
  2. Feels like a mini-Ruckus debacle as they did technically make good on their promise of allowing anyone to complete the collection but they set up the missions in such a manner that doing so is a hassle. Ahskance I would much rather opt of these missions as the previous collaboration rubbed me off the wrong way. Otherwise, I'm stuck playing Operations or not playing at all for 18 days.
  3. Anyone try Narai fully boosted?
  4. Beleaf_

    Pyotr Velikiy Captain Mission (PVE Thread)

    Hats off to whoever voiced this commander. He sounds like every Russian I've met in real life.
  5. Beleaf_

    Narai and Weimar

    I hope the good times never end. Those XP crops aren't going to harvest themselves.
  6. Beleaf_

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    Don't see destroyers perform very well in Narai, so I was like, "what the heck, lets give it a go." Would've gotten Shark among Shrimps if our Yorck and Yudachi could actually read chat. Props to the Boise who went after the CV when the Weimar bombed his run.
  7. Beleaf_

    Narai MM

    No I just hopped into a game to test out Leningrad and our only BB was a Nelson.
  8. Beleaf_

    The Weimar

    I wouldn't feel so bad. Weimar has all the right tools to perform well in Narai but for those monster games you kind of need your teammates to also suck.
  9. Beleaf_

    The Weimar

    Always assume the other Weimar is an illiterate ape that doesn't care to read chat. No matter what, regardless of where they spawn, they will always go for the CV, trying to replicate that sick 600k damage games on Youtube. My advice is practice each route and get it down pat. After you spawn in, assess the situation depending on team composition and where you are in relation to them. Personally speaking, I prefer the transport route as I can role-play the German commerce raider.
  10. Training room is a good idea or even 5 to 10 matches in Co-op with no credit and xp earnings.
  11. Beleaf_

    The Current CO-OP Sucks

    Co-op still sucks in 11.5 Above basically sums it up. I can't wait for the CV changes next patch. Bots still move across the map willy-nilly, making games a gamble to see who gets damage or not where they spawn. Where before you needed to play fast ships to get damage, now you need to play them to intercept wandering bots. Accuracy seems to ramp up over time like manual secondaries which I don't mind Bots seemingly don't sail at full-speed, which I can only fathom is there so they can hit the gas whenever someone tries to torpedo it, a feature made completely redundant by their innate torpedo dodging prowess. For a game mode touted as super casual, Wargaming still can't seem do something so simple as have the bots sail towards the nearest cap.
  12. Beleaf_

    Fastest Co-Op Game

    Speed isn't a metric I keep track of in Co-op. If I have a poor game I just queue in again and have another go. Although as an avid Kleber enjoyer I've probably contributed to quite a few short matches.
  13. Beleaf_

    Defense of Naval Station Newport

  14. Beleaf_

    Defense of Newport Station

    You can certainly make it work but it's not really a fun Operation.
  15. Beleaf_

    400 bxp base level for naval battle star?

    Haven't cared about Naval Battles is over a year.