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  1. Beleaf_

    Make a Player-Run Forum Together!

    I'm interested
  2. Beleaf_


    Aside from bacon there should have been a third option - Joined the official WoWs Discord but not posting That's where I am at. WoWs Discord is way too toxic.
  3. Beleaf_

    Something I want to get off my chest

    dodged quite a bit of team damage in my days. BBs get a bit mad with me...
  4. Beleaf_

    It's not that difficult, WG

    Skittish bots isn't a new thing, it's been an ongoing complaint for over a year now. And no they are not going to fix it, as Wargaming doesn't like the ease in which missions and the Battle Pass can be completed in Co-op.
  5. . . . Where's my Hipper flag? @Ahskance @Boggzy @Gaishu_Isshoku Well, I don't really expect to get it after three years of asking but I thought it would make for a provocative title :^) So yeah, I'm Beleaf and I'm kind of bad at saying goodbye. Some may know of me as that guy who plays far too much Kleber in Co-op. Gonna miss this place. Lots of fine folks here that I had the great fortune of seeing in battle. Some noteworthy names that I can remember @DJC_499 @Admiral_Thunder @Efros @DrHolmes52 @SolitudeFreak @Asym_KS @Taylor3006 @Slimeball91 Posters that I never really interacted with but found amusing @Cit_the_bed @Farm_Fresh_Eggs @SaiIor_Moon Fair winds and following seas!
  6. Beleaf_

    End of the Forum

    Well said! The simple truth is that WG never cared about feedback, only if it suited their narrative or were forced due to outside influence, i. e., articles regarding CC exodus. Any valid criticism will be instantly be buried amongst all the drivel of Discord.
  7. Beleaf_

    Forum Shutdown – July 28, 2023

    I do enjoy Discord, just not the official WoWs Discord. Toxic community with a surprising number of ASIA players trying way too hard to look cool in front of daddy ( WG )
  8. Beleaf_

    What ships to bring to Asym battles?

    I do miss Asymmetric Battle Co-op is in such a miserable state that it took 8 games to amass 1000 secondary hits for a mission. AB I could take out my St. Vincent, Bourgogne, Pommern, GK and Schlieffen and brush off the barnacles. Even had some great games in Stalingrad. In Co-op Kleber Kleber maybe Weimar Kleber...
  9. Beleaf_

    Asymmetric battles are gone and...

    Was fun to play battleships for a month.
  10. Beleaf_

    New Azur Lane collab?

    Ran out of copium years ago... But yes, the news was sort of dropped during a AL stream.
  11. Beleaf_

    Flag Crates: Top 5 Flags Wanted

    I know it's a collab flag but for whatever reason Wargaming just doesn't want to reintroduce it, where I bet Azur Lane's parent company could care less
  12. You make cruisers work in Asymmetric Battle but the rewards ( even with the mission ) is just so not worth it when you can simply W in with a Schlieffen.
  13. Beleaf_

    Who have you seen in game

    Played a Asymmetric Battle with @SolitudeFreak in his Ohio Super nice of him allowing me to farm defend ribbons. Thank you kindly