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  1. Singularity_invader

    Bonus x2 Ships in Naval Battles

    Usually it's five, but it's showing four for me.
  2. Singularity_invader


    Definitely not what I meant. Just because they give out freebies doesn't make them "kind". It's all about business.
  3. Singularity_invader


    They share the same business model with most mobile game companies, with the most prominent example being Raid: Shadow Legends, which also hands out loads of freebies to players, and allows f2p players to stay as competitive as p2p ones.
  4. Singularity_invader


    You're either incredibly naive or subconsciously sinister to think this way.
  5. Just wait for Black Friday and pick up the B version.
  6. Singularity_invader

    And you wonder why people want to play BBs in Asymetric.

    Bots don't "fear" you. They only stopped hitting you because the DDs were spotted. They're programmed to have priorities.
  7. Singularity_invader

    And you wonder why people want to play BBs in Asymetric.

    OP probably hasn't been in the game long enough to get that ship.
  8. Singularity_invader


    Personal record so far. 33 torp hits out of 63 torps launched, thanks to all the islands.
  9. Singularity_invader

    What flat-out counters subs?

    SAP shells. You can often kill a tier 10 sub with one salvo in a Venezia if you can aim well. That being said, you do need someone to spot the sub for you.
  10. Singularity_invader


    My second Asym battle in Jager. The first one was a victory but I was pretty much carried all the way through. Bots successfully dodged 63 out of the 69 torps launched without locking the specific target, even though I was only detected three times, twice by bot planes, once by shooting the guns, I disengaged quickly after the first two detections, and got killed after the third. I will keep experimenting, but again, it's less efficient on bots than even CVs to me. 20230712_193921_PWSD519-Jager_41_Conquest.wowsreplay
  11. Singularity_invader


    I never used the word "impossible" once in my previous replies. I simply said it was hard to do well in this ship in co-op mode, and torp spamming was inefficient in Asym mode compared to HE spamming. Either learn to read better or stop shoving words others have never said down to their throats.
  12. Singularity_invader


    You could have included a screencap for "team score" so we could see the composition of the bot team for further analysis. By the way, how many Asym battles did you play in that ship before you pulled that result? Just curious about the consistency. 48 torp hits out of 126 is still low, but higher than the previous record.
  13. Singularity_invader

    What happens in 12.6?

    Please tell me you used 21-point Halsey on that ship.
  14. Singularity_invader

    Co-op Is Failing

    Not quite. There would be money to make, but it would take lots of investments to develop a more advanced AI that actually mimics human behaviors in PvP modes with accuracy, so the investment/profit ratio from PvE improvement would be larger than that from just adding copy-pasted ships for PvP players. They've slowly transitioned the business model of this game into that of World of Tanks.
  15. Singularity_invader

    Asymmetric Battle: Jäger

    Benham is indeed a damn monster, even better than Somers in multiple aspects, I dare to say.