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  1. Singularity_invader

    Dallas vs Pensacola

    They require different playstyles. The question is: have you played both ships long enough?
  2. Singularity_invader

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    No wonder people say Missouri is the ATM. Holy s**t.....
  3. Singularity_invader

    Where does WG go from here? Crossroads coming up soon....

    Submarines, escort CVs, destroyer escorts/frigates, torpedo boats, and/or armed cargo ships (if WG is innovative enough) are all viable options.
  4. Singularity_invader

    Florida: Buyers remorse...

    Tier 7 Duke of York runs at 28 knots, tier 7 Hood runs at 32 knots, tier 7 Scharnhorst runs at 30 knots. Those should be your primary options if you prefer a speedy tier 7 premium battleship.
  5. Singularity_invader

    Secret Mission

    Crap....I clicked on "as easy as possible" while I wanted to do "greater challenge greater reward", now I can't change it, lol.
  6. Singularity_invader

    Future Premiums

    I'd like to see more low tier premiums from more nations for 3 reasons: 1. They provide a good break from high tier games for simplistic playstyle. 2. They are good trainers for commanders with 3 skill points or less. 3. They generate decent income since their service cost is close to nothing. It has always been obvious that I'm their customer, not their staff. I don't have the obligation to do preliminary research for their prospective projects. Besides, do you really think what "I" want matters that much? I'm here just to be a voice, not a demand, because my name is not Victor Kislyi.
  7. Singularity_invader

    Future Premiums

    WG needs to pay me if I have to do that for them.
  8. Singularity_invader

    Future Premiums

    Will we have more low tier (tier II-III) premiums from France, Italy, Pan-Asia, etc.? I'd enjoy those ships.
  9. Singularity_invader

    Not again!

    That's why I play everything. You'll always have something in reserve for missions like this.
  10. Singularity_invader

    My best month of WoWS and the “big lie.”

    Don't forget terrible AA.
  11. Singularity_invader

    Thunderer or Pommern

    Pommern for co-ops, Thunderer for randoms, Ohio (presuming you plan to get her) for ranked and clan battles.
  12. Singularity_invader

    After 5 years and 27,000 battles

    I think WG still has a bounty for any Bismarck captain who can one-shot and detonate a full-HP Hood in random battles today. The reward is $500 real money.
  13. Singularity_invader

    Germany Invades the Soviet....

    "Sovetsky Soyuz" literally means "Soviet Union" in Russian. I learned it from listening to a subtitled Stalin speech on YouTube.
  14. Singularity_invader

    For My First High Tier Premium Ship...

    Ohio performs well in ranked and clan battles, Slava is more of a ship for randoms (to punish mediocre players when they give broadsides).
  15. Singularity_invader

    For My First High Tier Premium Ship...

    Both Ohio and Slava are very competitive ships, but it's up to you.