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  1. Thegooorooo

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Random Reward Drop

    Id have to say, not a fan of random prime gaming rewards. My RNG stinks so I can always expect the bottom of the barrel for my prime rewards, kinda sucks knowing people got the ships and I got 5 days premium that I dont really need. Prime rewards should NOT be random and be the same for everyone.
  2. Id love to be a supertest player if it ever re-opens.
  3. Thegooorooo

    WG's wooing is waning...

    Ive never seen either of the 2 and I been around 2 and a half years, almost 3 now.
  4. If you can get a group of 6 or 7 you can do any of them operations at any times (Only exception would probably be Newport, Id wager that would take 7 as its a PITA)
  5. If you can do this with a good group to ensure not losing while being flagged up, Its pretty good way to earn credits and free xp. First time completion of each also awards stuff based off the stars you earn.
  6. Thegooorooo

    Seeing other player's stats? Seeing own?

    Id love to see a change in stats, where only the player could see their own LIFETIME stats and everyone else show the last 30-90 days. Im nowhere near the player my overall stats say I am, the hole I dug as a newbie was a big one and Im still climbing out of it, .01% and +1 PR at a time. I know I am not alone in this
  7. Not this one, its T5 and T6 Randoms only.
  8. For long time players its not completely nuts, for newer players, Id suggest not doing it right away. I mean my current plan is to get all tech tree ships to T10 and then only reset my favorite lines that I play well in order to get the Points to get the Research ships Also - OP when you reset a line, you sell only the ships in that line(Keeping in mind you only get half the credits back), modules from them go into your inventory, permanant campos for them stay with them when you unlock them on the next re-grind. You gain points on 1st win on each ship during the regrind, so to get all the points, you will need to regrind all the way back up to T10. Some lines are cheaper to reset than others if you use FXP to research the ships again. Its designed to give your "end game" Beta and Unicum players something to do and to extend the grind. In the end, its your choice. I myself have reset a couple lines and just been playing around 2 and a half years myself.
  9. Repulse and Marlborough will both be unattainable regardless if they follow the current dockyard ship rules. Right now None of the previous Dockyard event ships are available in any other form. Repulse not being the "main event" ship might find a way outside of the dockyard but only time will tell because only Wargaming knows that answer.
  10. Thegooorooo

    MM bug keeps me losing

    Ive said this 1000's of times. The team with the better CV wins around 75% of the time, maybe more since the rocket rework IMHO put the skill gap between an average and good CV player even further apart.
  11. Thegooorooo


    This right here, I feel they really should allow more dockyards/missions overall to be done in coops, yes it gives a cheese route for some but others will never step in coops regardless, I for one would rather give the coop guys content that doesnt force them into randoms, Most COOP people that go into a random to try and get a mission hit the W key and is nothing more than a wasted ship. As soon as wargaming realizes that everything needs to be (example incoming below) 10kills in coop or 5 kills in randoms We have seen some of the above so far, but there is still far too many "random/ranked" only missions which force the coop guys into randoms and ranked. The above is an example. If we would see more of that, I feel the coop guys would stay outta randoms, wouldnt eliminate the issue 100% but it would help. Also, they need to allow more to be done via the Operations and they too would get played more. People will play the mode that allows them to accomplish the missions.....If they cant do them, its pointless to play them for a lot of people. This also applies to stuff like ranked/special events. Missions need to be done in them as well. Any time I click battle I should have the opportunity to advance on a mission.
  12. do just fine? You mean barely break even?
  13. They are just trying to force you into randoms, which I might add is a bad move. SO many players that are/were coop only are constantly forced into randoms to get prizes, only to yolo and die (because randoms are different than coops) and then belittled by the random chads resulting in neither having a good time while playing the game. They force people into randoms by nerfeing coop in various ways such as reduced credits and only allowing certain missions to be done via randoms.
  14. Many I know, including myself left this exact feedback after playing the PTS server.
  15. The Epoch of the Navy campaign was a nice step to getting low tiers played again.