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  1. Mailman653

    Model swap help?

    I’ve seen it done for planes but not a ship. I can’t say if it is or isn’t possible.
  2. Mailman653

    ST 0.10.7, New Test Ships

    Imperial flags....just saying...
  3. Mailman653

    Lego/Cobi Tanks

    Well, my paint job went so so. The can I got (Humbrol - Battleship Gray) from Amazon had the top snapped off so I had to try and glue it back but it didn't work. Ultimately I had to break it again in order to use it but it leaked paint every where. So much so that I didn't even get to finish my tank (I'm certain I'd of had enough if the can wasn't busted). There were some pieces that had printed markings, like a door for example. I used some kind of protector for those but it’s kind of meh… too small a detail to cover up properly but I suppose if someone isn’t looking for it, it’s easy to miss. What I might end up doing is painting those parts with a brush. I already did so for the doors, they don't look the best but thankfully it's on the side of the tank.
  4. Mailman653

    Need an old client -_-

    That’s a tough one. I think the way the game works, even if you had an older client, I don’t know if you’d be able to play it because it connects to WG servers and it might try to force install the latest version of the game. Perhaps someone with more technical knowledge can chin in and confirm that theory.
  5. Mailman653

    Lego/Cobi Tanks

    So excited to see a thread like this. I built a Cobi MK I tank last week but I’m going to give it a paint job. I’m changing it from the late war/post war green to the early war gray (right out of the factory look). Wish me luck! If it goes badly, I’ll have a very expensive and ugly tank to display. If it goes well though, I might buy the A7V next or perhaps the FT-17 although those would be trickier to paint since a lot of them had camo. I wish they'd make a St. Chamond or a Char 2c.
  6. Mailman653

    Command Center Opening Event & New Ships

    Please give these ships the Imperial German flag. it's in the files! The early Russian ships have the St. Andrew's flag. Early German ships should totally have the Imperial flag, not the Kriegsmarine flag.
  7. Mailman653

    tracer mods

    It might be possible. I haven't looked at the files in months. I used to have a mod, maybe it was personal, maybe I released it, I don't remember but basically I changed the trail behind the shells to the same one as AP shells. So, while you'd still see the red shell of SAP for example, the trail behind it was gray if I recall correctly. Therefore, you wouldn't see a "rainbow" of shell trails anymore. All I did was edit the texture of the shell and swapped out the colored trail for whatever the trail color was of AP (or was it HE...I don't remember) shells. So, in theory, if you wanted to change the trail of AP shells for example, to the red color of SAP shells, you can.
  8. Mailman653

    ST 0.10.6, soviet aircraft carriers

    Would have liked to see the French and Italians get CV's before the Soviets....it is what it is.
  9. Mailman653

    ST. " Convoys" Game mode.

    Escort these four ships: Raptor 1, Raptor 2, Raptor 3, and Raptor 4 (OG Raptor).
  10. Can we get premium CV ammo too?! Like rockets than penn anything, even ships not involved in the match?
  11. Mailman653

    [ALL] MM653's Musings

    Screenshots! Either pictures I find online or from my own copy of the game. Once I get the picture I edit it to remove all the background and then adjust it accordingly so that I can use it in the game (wows). Since it’s a console game, there’s no real way to get at the files unless you want to get unscrupulous.
  12. Mailman653

    [ALL] MM653's Musings

    Seems like my WWI commanders mod has disappeared into the abyss. Now that we got two new Japanese commanders, the idea crossed my mind to see who in WoWs Legends, I could bring in who was in the Great War, sadly, no one fits the bill. Admiral Heihachirō, while still active, wasn't involved in the war and then, another guy who I found, who was a more active participant, Capt. Kyōsuke Eto, isn't in the game.
  13. Mailman653

    Premium French CV/CL - Commandant Teste

    I’d be down for a French CV, even if it’s a hybrid.
  14. Mailman653

    First post after shutdown?

    Hamster Union said if they don't get their dental plan back, they'd walk off their posts. Since the forum is up, guess negotiations are underway.
  15. Mailman653

    ST, visual improvements

    That’s pretty neat. Wonder what the planes would like like with the dazzle camos.