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  1. Nice to see you're still working on your mods.
  2. Mailman653

    [ALL] MM653's Musings

    Updated first page with link to the alternate Aquila flight deck mod. Planes coming soon and possible further tweaks to the flight deck.
  3. Mailman653

    [ALL] MM653's Musings

    Still a WiP.
  4. Mailman653

    Save up that COAL!

    Oooh, been wanting the Rio for a long time now. Guess I'll hold off on purchasing that French captain and wait and see how much the Rio will be.
  5. Mailman653

    [ALL] MM653's Musings

    Been a while since I worked on anything but now that the Aquila is out, I might tackle those planes and maybe play around with the flight deck a bit.
  6. Yeah! been waiting for the Aquila for sometime now.
  7. Mailman653

    DevBlog 331 - Closed test 0.11.6 - New Ships

    Surcouf, when?
  8. Mailman653

    [ALL] MM653's Musings

    Thanks! Always great to see someone using your work. I really wished they'd of included Mikasa in her WWI appearance. It wouldn't have been super different from what's in the game... but still would have been nice.
  9. Wouldn't be the first time they put the cart in front of the horse.
  10. Maybe give them a ASW flight group instead of the stun bombs.
  11. Mailman653

    CV Spotting

    I'll take your 1794 areal spotting, and raise you a 1350 spotting.
  12. Mailman653

    cornbelt fleet CV !!

    Someone saw a certain video on YouTube recently?
  13. Mailman653

    Premium/New dds tool

    Heh...when I saw "dds tool" I thought you were going to post a new tool to open DDS files.
  14. Mailman653

    About Canarias

    Thank you for the cool history behind the ship.