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  1. Mailman653

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    You should be able to install the plane skins without using the ship skin.
  2. Mailman653

    New Fjord Port - Swat that mosquito!

    Could be worse, it could be firing rockets.
  3. Mailman653

    King of the Sea X Collection

    Pity about the winning camo. It looked very nice!
  4. Mailman653

    Flag Kaiserliche Marine for tiers 2,3,4

    I've wondered about this myself, there's a few older threads about this subject too. I think a few folks have tried to approach the issue from a modding perspective but I don't think it bore any results.
  5. Mailman653

    My Island Now, You Move!

    Nothing that a little AP rockets can't fix to get folks moving along
  6. Mailman653

    [] WWI Naval Officers

    Updated to 9.2 plus added a new Russian WW1 commander from WoWs Legends.
  7. Mailman653

    Graf zeppelin black observations.

    Somewhat related to the OP. With the changes to IFHE, would it be an option to pickup if you’re running a secondary build on the GZ or is it not worth the four points?
  8. I don't think he'd be suited for much of anything.
  9. The picture you posted is rather dark but I took a look myself in a different port and there certainly is a discrepancy with that side compared to the left side.
  10. Mailman653

    [] WWI Naval Officers

    WoWsL will be releasing the Soviet line soon along with new commanders. As soon as I can get some good images of some WW1 commanders (I'm sure there's bound to be at least one), I'll import him to WoWs.
  11. Mailman653

    Is a new CV coming?

    New CV to play with! And T10 to boot.
  12. Mailman653

    Its been almost a year since April space event

    I'd be curious to see the new skins associated with the event.