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  1. I think his name is Andrew Cunningham? I just saw that he's in the armory for a bunch of coal and he seems to have some decent perks for CV's. Anyone have him and can say if he's worth the coal or not for a Brit CV?
  2. "Scr*w this two CV game, I'm going home" ?
  3. Mailman653

    French Cvs

    Considering we’re getting a whole new line of CVs. It’s unlikely they’ll introduce a new CV line anytime soon. We’ll probably see a lot more ships of other classes before a French CV line.
  4. Mailman653

    Any one know about the ner Prem German CV?

    I think it was mentioned in the dev blog. If I’m not mistaken it’s a tier VI with AP HE bombs.
  5. Mailman653

    The first and only "Battleship" the Mexican Navy will ever have.

    Could give Mikasa a run for it's money?!
  6. Is it McDonald’s? I totally want some WOWs toys, collect all six toys and you get a super duper secret code!?
  7. Mailman653

    voice setting for each individual ships?

    Since voices are tied to captains, not ships, it’s unlikely that they’ll implement what you’re suggesting.
  8. Mailman653

    1,000,000,000 Credits

    If I had a billion credits, I’d buy that new Bayard. If I had a billion credits, I’d buy that premium status. If I had a billion credits, I’d buy...
  9. Mailman653

    Thinking of buying a premium carrier - but which?

    Sadly Enterprise is gone, wish I’d of gotten her when it was still on sale. I say wait till the new German CV’s come out, maybe they’ll get a second premium. Also, you got FDR at tier X to look forward to as well but who knows when and how that will be released.
  10. Mailman653

    Raptor Rescue & Raptors Propensity for...

    That mission needs a tug boat consumable, tug the Raptor when it gets stuck.
  11. 1/4 speed with the iceberg, move and shoot.
  12. Depends on the ship I suppose. I’d say most share the same texture, meaning if the ship has four guns, each gun won’t have an individual texture, rather it will have one for all four.
  13. Mailman653

    ashley violet muted ?

    Nothing wrong with your game, that's the VO she has.
  14. Mailman653

    Looky what I spotted (PVE Thread)

    That right there is the rare Anchorage of the cruiser genus. She’s known to appear from time to time in those waters. Approach with caution.
  15. Mailman653

    Richthofen German Tier X Aircraft Carrier

    It kills ships by the hundreds and if it were here it would consume the red team with fireballs from it's secondaries and bolts of lightning from its stern.