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  1. Mailman653

    Even Hollywood agrees 2019 is year of the CV

    Just saw a screen grab of King Kong fighting Godzilla on top of a CV. Yep, year of the CV 2020 is coming!
  2. Mailman653

    Needed: Mouse captain.

    I don't recall seeing that one during the Black Friday event.
  3. Mailman653

    Bad Advice Captain

    Has his boat always been sailing around in this map or is it a rare occurrence? I just saw it last night.
  4. Mailman653

    Vasa, why did it sink?

    What I found surprising is that the article says that it's still sinking, about 1mm a year to a side. That's crazy.
  5. Mailman653

    Vasa, why did it sink?

    Just in time for the Swedish line Heralded as the greatest warship of its time, the Vasa sank within 20 minutes of its maiden voyage. Nearly 400 years later, no-one knows why.
  6. Mailman653

    [ALL] Functioning MS22 Camo Replacement

    Have you checked to see if you've disabled certain camo visuals in your game settings?
  7. I got this snapshot from the recent USS Texas event. It's massive!
  8. Mailman653

    Black Friday Camo Mod?

    There is a consumable black camo. As for mods that give a ship a black color scheme, I’m not familiar with any but maybe someone else can provide further insight into that.
  9. Mailman653

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    Was 32/9D what you were looking for? http://www.usndazzle.com/design.php?category=3&class=1&design_num=9D&designed_for_type=CA&designed_for_num=27 USN dazzle page cites the 32/9D as unconfirmed for the South Dakota and the pattern itself seems to have been used on DD's a lot although a cruiser also had it too.
  10. Mailman653

    [ALL] MM653's Musings

    Updated 1st post with a mod for a CV which hopefully will be released soon. The mod changes the color scheme of the planes found on the Indomitable.
  11. Mailman653

    Manic American Girl Captain.... Please?

    There is a mod that sounds really good.
  12. Mailman653

    Stop CV hunting

  13. Mailman653

    Enterprise (CV-6) "Skin de Camuflaje"

    Debes hacer uno del Puerto Rico cuando salga