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  1. Post update I have seen (for first time ever on this machine!) a fatal error that kicked me out of the application. To be clear, first time ever for any application on this machine. That includes no problems with running MATLAB, SolidWorks and Cadence products. To increase frustration levels, the game hangs as if it has comms issues in almost every session now. Delays on key strokes and mouse clicks are becoming common. Graphics will run but ships / planes freeze in place. Thinking it is time to take a LONG break from this game.
  2. DeepBrine

    Know Your (Ship) Role

    Time to add Submarines?
  3. DeepBrine

    remove ocean map

    Sure would be nice if this map were in the regular Co-op and Random rotation for all tiers. Might actually get folks to play their ships as teams instead of hiding behind islands. Seeing a lot of FPS play instead of team play.
  4. DeepBrine

    Port: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

    I selected Hawaii with the anticipation of seeing it again. I was stationed there for 4 years and was looking forward to seeing the 1940's version. Very disappointed. Nothing about the image reminded me of Pearl Harbor or Hawaii. The mountains are the wrong shape, color and distance from the harbor. The harbor area bears no resemblance to the navigable portion of any harbor in Hawaii. The buildings, the infrastructure, the dock front all are wrong and have no connection to reality. Heck, even the water is the wrong color! Look, I understand it takes time to do something like this. With that in mind, do it right or don't do it at all. They should have a home port (done right) for each nationality. Then they should have ports that are famous, done right. This is not rocket science or brain surgery. There is plenty of imagery from WWII of the places of interest (aerial and otherwise). There are plenty of GIS based models of these locations today. Get it right or don't do it. This was an embarrassment. Back to "Ocean" for me. At least that is not full of historical inaccuracies, misplaced buildings, weird geography and totally unrealistic dock facilities. (While they are fixing Hawaii, they might also want to take peek at the Philippines, New York and likely every other so-called harbor. Absolutely ridiculous that this is not done right.)
  5. DeepBrine

    Bored with game

    I would like to see more maps. The grinds would be more interesting if I did not keep finding myself on the same 5 maps. Surely, this is the easiest, cheapest thing to generate. An intern setting up some fractal code and voila, new maps!
  6. DeepBrine

    CV Mismatch

    Post the replay so we can all enjoy the demonstration of skill.
  7. DeepBrine

    Question for you CV players out there

    When I joined, I decided to play CVs to balance/team the other folks I know IRL in the game. We had high hopes since they were more of the "twitchy" kind of players while I tend more to the strategy kind of play. That plan has been put on the back burner and we (the IRL folks) are focusing on different games. This is because CVs have become unplayable. To be clear, I was prepared to be the "coach / water boy" for my team. No problem with them having the glory kills as long as the team progressed. The last round of changes to AA have made even that role unrealistic. Worse for WeeGee is it has seriously impacted the community trust in the game. Why put time / money into a style of play when the game programming gods can (and apparently will) change the rules in such a random and bizarre fashion that the investment is worthless? I agree with the posters who say don't waste your time in the CV lines, at the moment. While it is likely they (WeeGee) will do something to make CVs playable again, it is anyone's guess what that will be and how it will effect each of the lines and levels. You have better odds in Vegas since at least there laws exist on how badly tilted the tables can be.
  8. Good advice but at this point I am losing interest in playing CVs and I can't say that the rest of the ships are holding my interest either. Just did a dozen BB and CC games but not that exciting. Game is feeling lame. Probably need to go do something else.
  9. Played my CV three times yesterday. Even with my preference for supporting team mates, the AA kill zones makes it next to impossible to even play "spotter" for the team. Figure I will work on the grind for the other lines and look at other game that actually encourage teamwork and strategy. This one is failing.
  10. DeepBrine

    DD Invisible

    Yes, the invisible DD seems to be a new thing. I have literally run over a DD with my rocket planes and been too close to engage. I hit hard A/D on the keyboard and RMB to watch the spot but by the time I have made the turn, I have traveled beyond visual range again. Only hope is to start slowing down halfway into the turn and start the attack run before I have actually seen the DD. Even then, if he has turned into me, it is a near run thing about the rockets arming before he is inside my aim point. This is even with his AA turned on. I am losing planes to AA before I can even see the little b@st@rd. Yeah.... not impressed with the current state of the CV vs DD game. Best I can hope for is a friendly DD/CC to be putting shells into the little b@st@rd before he knocks all my planes down. It has gotten to the point that I slingshot my second squadron into the empty spot where I last had contact with the DD so I don't lose planes on the way in as I am looking for him. Sorry, this is not fun nor in anyway realistic.
  11. DeepBrine

    Why do people hate the DD so much

    This. I don't have many battles. I don't have upper tier ships. I sure can't claim to know much about the game. I do know that those little green ships in front need all the help I can give them. It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out that the opening engagements between the DDs will set the tone for the whole game. Playing my preferred ship, a CV, that means I focus on spotting (and maybe killing) those nasty little red DDs. My little buddy green DDs are in the line of fire and my survival as a CV depends on them making it past the 10 minute mark of the game. I spot for them, I drop fighters for them if they are dealing with enemy air, I sacrifice planes to figure out if the red DD is camping behind that island, I throw squadrons at the Red DD if my Green DD is in a tight spot . Getting my green DDs get through those first 5 to 10 minutes while killing the red DDs is key to having a chance at victory. Then I get to move on to spotting for my green CL/CA/BB buddies so they can engage their counter parts. That has to go well since I have not a chance as a CV to sink an undamaged BB. If the DDs, CLs, CAs and BBs did their jobs, then I get the joy of watching my counterpart CV being hunted down and executed. Maybe, in all this, I might get to kill some weak straggler for some points but more often than not it is better for the team to keep planes alive and spotting than going for the glory kill on a target that only has 3k points left and incoming rounds. This may not be the most glorious or exciting play but I enjoy seeing a team work well. As for the folks who play DDs.... I have to say, I currently view ANY DD player in a Co-Op or Random battle with great suspicion and distrust. Both times I have been TKd by Green as a CV it was a DD player with a bad attitude. Every time I have been trash talked by a player, it was a DD player with language, grammar and/or ancestry issues. Hard to play nice with a class/group that seems to be intent on chasing CVs out of the game. It does add to the pleasure of killing those little red DDs if they then start yelling profanities but I now have trust issues with the class as a whole. I am sure that not all DD mains are flaming aft hats but it just takes a few to set the tone.
  12. I guess a jar of mayonnaise is not good enough?
  13. DeepBrine

    What kind of player community is this?

    OK. I have wasted the better part of an hour reading and responding. Enough. I have seen a seriously toxic response that essentially called me, a CV player, a wrinkle necked brown trout in the punch bowl at the party. Way to welcome the new guy, shipmate! In a simple 3 minute search, I have seen a clan that seems to promote removal of the CV from the game via griefing and harassment. Pretty messed up that is even tolerated inside the game platform. I have seen folks insist that I am lying because I have not brought a replay to the table. Right. I am pretty sure that a replay would run afoul of "name and shame" policies, even if I bother to figure out how to do it. I have seen folks say that it is okay for this to happen 'cause it is only a small part of the community. It would be nice if it were a "part of the community" that was being excommunicated. Zero tolerance did wonders for the drug problem in the USN back in the day. It would likely work here for this problem. Shutting down the griefing player and putting a clan on probation will likely make it clear that this is not ok in the community. Toleration of misbehavior only encourages misbehavior. I came to this game at the suggestion of a friend who thought this might be a fun way to keep in touch while we were on opposite sides of the pond. While the idea of a regular game session with this friend is good, I will be looking at other gaming options. I won't uninstall WOWS. I won't "never come back" but WOWS is no longer a first pick for a game to play. This is not good news for WOWS. I, as one customer, don't matter. I, as one customer who has bothered to come here and discuss this problem, likely represent a whole bunch more who encountered the same pleasant DD - CV interaction and just left with out saying a word. That is not good news for WOWS or for this player community. The "free to play, pay to win" model demands new players to be financially solvent. You all need to clean up your act. Self police. Get WOWS to police. Whatever. Just figure out how to not crap all over new players before you stop getting new players.
  14. DeepBrine

    What kind of player community is this?

    300+ battles. About 140 games in the CV. Almost half CoOp for CV since I wanted to get my skill levels adequate before inflicting myself on real players. Yes, the numbers point to the "TK a CV for mommy" crowd being pretty small. I suppose if I start a CV group that runs around saying " TK a DD for mommY" it will be a small group so that is OK? I agree that the majority of responses have been very supportive of the "that was not cool" viewpoint. Even most of the folks who view CVs as a plague on all that is good and right in the world have said that TKing a CV is not cool. Yet, in this thread there have been folks who have essentially said that they cheer the TKing of a CV. Pulling up posts from other members of the clan that my special friend is from gives more of this "DD players are still not satisfied and will not be until CVs are driven from the game". That is messed up. A clan attitude that essentially is focused on driving CVs from the game. Really?
  15. DeepBrine

    What kind of player community is this?

    Pretty sure I did not say there was flooding. Further as a CV player, I have no control over my DC party (at least not at IV on a Langley, no idea about other ships / levels). If you prefer to believe I am lying, that is your prerogative. As I noted to another poster, I have not yet figured out how to do replays (had no need) and it appears that battle records are not retained through log off and/or game upgrades.