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  1. Hammer_n_Sickle

    ranked is literally impossible to climb

    i dont doubt that, but simply talking from personal experience. with how my "luck" usually goes. Its either something along the lines of W L W L ...etc (which doesn't help much in terms of "progressing up"), or one of those in attachment* *i posted this one a little while back. I remember i was sooo pissed that day i actually uninstalled the game for the first time in.... since I started almost 3 years ago. took a much needed cooldown for like a week )
  2. Hammer_n_Sickle

    ranked is literally impossible to climb

    congratulations my team is usually on the other side of that.
  3. Hammer_n_Sickle

    New Auction in game

    THIS In a way im glad I didnt spend my steel on Shikishima because with the release of Satsuma (pretty much for free) made Shiki feel less valuable (maybe will still get the FDR?? idk.)
  4. Hammer_n_Sickle

    Camo rework - Am I misunderstanding something?

    Where's the ship? Can't see it. Blends in so well with the ocean
  5. Hammer_n_Sickle

    ranked is literally impossible to climb

    it's designed to keep you down and frustrated. so relax and accept it. i've never been able to move into silver, reached Bronze-1 only 1 time. the games on average go... W L W L W L W L W L W L and theres little you can do about it. so I just play for the whatever rewards and than stop (tafak with "leveling").
  6. Hammer_n_Sickle

    U.S. Independence Day

    definitely get them now! it is a rare chance to get any "release event" permacamos (especially in a pack like that without the nonsense additional stuff), plus it is even slightly cheaper than the regular permacamos (9k gold for T9&T10). So I personally jumped at the Vermont/Minnesota pack (...AND I didnt have those regular T9&T10 permacamos either so it was a win-win-win for me) I did buy the San Diego ship and the Statue camo. The Kearsarge price of 16550 gold is actually less than it is at the store (reg 19,300 <- is what I paid)
  7. Hammer_n_Sickle

    U.S. Independence Day

    right, but i wouldn't call it to "progress" (it sounds like something to do with mission chains, so actually i misunderstood you the first time i read it). yes I completed the event and obtained the T8 camo but decided against spending all that $ to get T9 and T10 Golden Eagles. And Im glad I made that choice so now I bought them for much cheaper and have all 4: FL, Kansas, MN, Vermont.
  8. Hammer_n_Sickle

    U.S. Independence Day

    I will only say right now I am very glad I did not empty my wallet back when the new US battleships came out. Just now purchased a MN/VT pack. Saved me $150+ (or whatever it would have cost back then) to get them.
  9. Hammer_n_Sickle

    Do we have to pay to win?

    yeah, or continuously "just dodge" a set of curving sub torps every 25 +/- seconds when playing a bb.
  10. Hammer_n_Sickle

    Do we have to pay to win?

    OP I know how you feel. game has drained thousands of dollars, 5211.3 hours (according to steam), and yet made me feel like absolute sh!t, so finally the toxicity inside exploded, started cursing in chat, exited live battle. FINALLY UNINSTALLED. was playing ranked the other day and i think that was when the straw started breaking.....
  11. Hammer_n_Sickle

    Lighthouse Auction: Musashi

    I made a bid but thinking about withdrawing. Have a Yamato, Satsuma, and more than enough steel to get Shiki 3x over at any time (maybe when the -25% coupon renews in a few days). somehow I'm not sure I see the point of it anymore. Especially now that I relise it has... 72 sec base turret turn Will be just another port queen collecting virtual rust like so many other Prems.
  12. Hammer_n_Sickle

    What do you think about the New Auction Lighthouse?

    And what determines the "minimum" is what's unclear for me, especially when it's "first bid" vs "larger bid" for example... (all $ are for example purpose only) person A bids $100 today, but person B bids $150 tomorrow. (min bid 20000 gold = $80)
  13. *ah yes, just saw @Altwar (after i already made my post) describing this exact method I did, and had plenty crates left over. The trick I learned when doing these collections is... DO NOT CASH IN YOUR DUPLICATES UNTIL YOU HAVE ENOUGH TO CONVERT AND COVER ALL THE MISSING PIECES. example... _ _ 1 _ _1 1 1 _1 1 _ ^6 open spaces (need 6x4=24 duplicates to cover) ...collected new drops through missions, now... 1 1 1 _ _ 1 1 1 _ 1 1 1 ^3 free spaces left (need 3x4=12 duplicates). if at this point you collected 12 duplicates , now convert because you'll have enough to finish the collection. * Note the purple 4. That's the exchange rate for that particular collection. some collection can require x3 or even x2 for conversion. Why do this way? So if you covered some missing piece "A", well now if the piece A drops from the crate it'll go in as a "duplicate" (You are reducing the amount of Free spaces that could be filled in by themselves when you convert duplicates) and you'll have to collect more "duplicates" to be able to use them later... like now when you need to. (I guess you can think of it as that school math problem "2 trains moving towards each other") So yeah, at this point i guess purchasing the 3 remaining crates is your option. But for any future collections you may do use the method described above, it is the most efficient way.
  14. Hammer_n_Sickle

    How many years and the still is not awake.

    wait... so if i do complete that Japanese campaign my captain will be... a sleepy cat?
  15. Hammer_n_Sickle

    Pommern Iron Cross Camo

    unfortunately NO its not available but thankfully the permocamo it comes with is actually not bad.