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  1. Hammer_n_Sickle

    Marco Polo for coal

    it makes pizza and shoots pasta at the enemy ...hey that would be an interesting mod
  2. Hammer_n_Sickle

    Private Stats Really Tick Off The Elitists

    I have my stats set to Private specifically because some players, at a slight even minute disagreement, would instantly go into your stats to look around and see what they can use against you as "dirt" to put you down, stat shame (and in that way "bring themselves up higher" relative to you, like they are better and morally superior or something so you should stfu 'cuz you are wrong and a nobody, and they are right) lmbo Yeah I had that happen to me a few times a while back so... now it's Private. Why is it still private? yes cuz I dont want people to pry around looking for "dirt they can use". I never go into others' stats and don't want anyone to go into mine. This way I can be more relaxed and enjoy the game more. One less thing to stress about.
  3. Hammer_n_Sickle

    Early Vittorio Veneto not worth the cost?

    I have heard "someone" on the Internets mention (won't say wo, just in case) that there would be more missions for more tokens in 10.2 ( I really hope so ). AFAIK there is no info on that anywhere ...yet? and 10.2 is arriving already pretty soon. IF NOT, that means those Legion camos are horrendously expensive! when you crunch some numbers on how many crates you would need to buy (hint: conversion comes out to 100 tokens/$1). Would anyone really buy those (especially considering you must buy in sequence)? Would be a real shame if too few sold because imo they are pretty damn cool looking.
  4. I have mixed feelings about them. in one round seems ok, in another you expect the incoming shells to bounce (because you are at those angles (30-35) ...but then you get hit with multiple cits and your hp goes from 100% to like 25% instantly. Nevertheless the worst offenders are British heavy cruisers and Italian cruisers. Those just get 1 or 2 shots from any angle and you are back in port. just mo. I agree... or you just get the bird and nothing else even though the angles are good.
  5. Hammer_n_Sickle

    Deadeye Rumors

    and they need to rework the locations of the skills as well. Right now there is little consistency and even some skills that are the same but may still be found in different columns. TBH the whole thing feels like trying to find a particular matching sock in a large pile of other socks after throwing them all on the bed out of the dryer. ALSO... in the old system at each point level we knew "ok this skill is good for (whatever type) ship". Now when I'm looking at skills and feel like there is a "gap" sort of. I feel like at some level (lets say among 3 pt skills for example) there isnt anything "interesting" that I want to take... at all, but a whole number of them on the 4 pt level. In other words the distribution of interesting skills used to be pretty even, but now not at all. ...and the fact that its all different between bb/ca/dd/cv (ok carriers have an excuse its a completely different type of ship) and it's easy to get disoriented (for me), thinking of a particular skill, but it's not there 😂
  6. Hammer_n_Sickle

    previous dockyard ships

    wait... i thought that was supposed to happen in 10.1??? I have them all so I haven't checked. I thought it was some other ships getting removed too.
  7. Hammer_n_Sickle

    previous dockyard ships

    I love my PR but I don't get to play her much if at all, like many other ships that I have in port. A lot of time it is due to the event requirements. Other times it's because I still have some lines to grind. And finally... at this point I kinda feel tired. btw what coal ships are getting removed?
  8. Hammer_n_Sickle

    CODE no longer works sry guys

    for 200 tokens! NICE! Thanks! Just enough for me to get the 3000 token bundle
  9. Hammer_n_Sickle

    A shift of perspective (new NoZoup video)

    IMO the skill rework has made it a mess because there is little consistency between locations of same or similar skills. This makes me expect a certain skill to be in a particular place, only to find it in another place, or realise it doesn't exist (for that type of ship). About the skills themselves... there are some good, and some are just meh.
  10. Hammer_n_Sickle

    WTH...I have to pay money to change my skills?

    Yes, then they will calculate how much it would cost them and likely just uninstall the game forever.
  11. Hammer_n_Sickle

    WTH...I have to pay money to change my skills?

    I agree with the general sentiment of your statement, but please don't make it about a "RUSSIAN" business model. Eagle Dynamics (Digital Combat Simulator) is also a Russian company and also F2P, yet their approach to DCS is completely opposite that of WG with WOWS. No crap microtransactions, no money grab, no grinding the tiers, definitely no balancing & rebalancing & nerfing this or that because some players have mastered their airplanes and skillfully take advantage of the design. *WG, this petty sh!t of yours with paying for skill resets (at all! that shouldn't even be a thing in the first place) meanwhile charging a crapload for pew-pews and camos is FKED UP. PS not saying anyone has to buy anything, but (and I don't think people have noticed this) the price to acquire Legion camo has gone up +50% from $80 for T10 Eagle (for Vermont) to $120 (for Colombo)... and of course you can't just get that alone without buying the previous bundles..... so it's actually $360 ! lmbo ...and with such prices they nickle and dime players for resetting captain skills?! really? Edit: spelling
  12. Hammer_n_Sickle

    Armory. Italian Battleships

    sooo... I'm just gonna be "that party pooper guy" because I want to clarify something... 12,000 tokens per *camo* (each of T8, T9, T10) which are while nice-looking have exactly same characteristics as regular permacamo? That's 12000/600 = 20 crates *1500 = 30,000 doubs/250 = $120 ... for a camo... with the same characteristics as a regular permacamo?! ...I'm curious ...is it just ME or....... like WG is living in some parallel reality? Golden Eagle camo for Vermont was 30,000 US Tokens/1500 per crate = 20 *1000 doubs/crate = 20000 doubs/250 = $80 (T8 & T9 Golden Eagle camo were 6000 tokens and 25000 tokens respectively) It's almost as if WG looked at the end of the year spreadsheet and jacked up all the prices for the remaining paying players? naaah, surely that isn't the case When I bought the Roma Beercan camo, sure it was... I think 7000(?) doubloons, but it's a T10 camo for T8 ship, and imo it was at least "somewhat justified" although actually a bit more expensive. *YES I KNOW NOONE IS FORCED TO BUY ANYTHING etc etc etc blah blah blah...* just comparing the prices from two relatively recent events, and wondering "how much longer" before everyone who still paid in will also transition to FtP. With this trend buying a real ship will soon be cheaper than pixels.
  13. Hammer_n_Sickle

    Thank you WG, for the Chariot in the Italian Port

    but I agree it is... quite fitting for the occasion.
  14. Hammer_n_Sickle

    Forced to buy a ship I own?

    no, "getting further in the game" is not the point. They are talking about refund for a ship that you already have (through one way or another). Lets say I already had Makarov (from elsewhere), and a container with Makarov dropped, you would get a compensation in doubloons. OR if I already have, idk... Alaska, and than bought the Admiral bundle because I wanted the flag for it (hypothetically). I would get all the "fluff" such as paints and the napkins the flag, but I would also receive doubloons back for already having the ship itself. In this case we already had the ship (regardless of how we obtained it), yet there wasn't any "refund" for the ship. It does suck. someone mentioned rewrapping the gift. Well IMO a better analogy is... You get the gift, open it and use it, than take it to the store who rewraps it for you, so you again take it home to unwrap the same gift a second time. Edit: Same with the temporary new year campaigns we just had. I had some ships that were awarded as rewards, and got the compensation for them.
  15. Hammer_n_Sickle

    Update 0.10.1: Italian Battleships

    What are the "updates" to Taranto port? hard to tell anything from the small pictures. THanx ) Edit: or are they referring to *festive decorations* as "changes"?