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  1. Yandere_Roon

    Premiums that are so bad that is funny?

    Apart from the Queen Elizabeth with her second hull which represented the full 'modern' refit of her line whilst the Warspite represented only the 1st post WW1 refit IIRC. The QE AA use to be devastating to same tier CVs even if not buffed, only the New Mex/Arizona matched her in being able to fend of plane attacks and with a full AA spec it boosted her AA to I think 88 or 90 out of 100, putting her above even an AA specced US BB...which back in those days meant you were a 'no fly zone' for same and +1 tier CVs and a 'you will lose a lot of planes attacking them' for CVs +2 tiers higher. So yeah back in the RTS days even tier 6 had some nasty AA battleships (even the Bayern fully AA specced could chew through planes) and after the rework until they buffed her turret traverse to match the Warspite, the QE was literally just a worse Warspite due to having the horrendous turret traverse and a standard heal instead of the improved one of the Warspite. She's still not as good as the Warspite but she is in a much better place than she was.
  2. This would have been my hope, there was a historical planned refit for the Hood IIRC before she blew up. I was hoping the BC line would include the Refit of the Hood BUT it does make sense that it's the J3 which is actually meant to be the follow up to the Hood in terms of BC design. Which is interesting as to why it's tier 7 (same tier as the Hood) if it was a 'more advanced design' technically. I don't know if we know the tier 8 yet.
  3. Yandere_Roon

    Premiums that are so bad that is funny?

    Wasn't this also the case with the Gorizia (or however you spell it), people bought it because it made the first half of the puerto rico grind MUCH easier (because she was meant to be the reward at the halfway point). Once that ended you almost never see her anymore because she's an absolute dog. In fact most campaign/midpoint ships are terrible with a few exceptions being the Repulse IIRC (OK, PEF, Gorizia, all of the ships from the ingame campaigns like the Shinome).
  4. Yandere_Roon

    CVS are not the problem

    Not only that but AA builds on unusual ships could quite easily catch CV players offguard, a Full AA specced QE was a fearsome beast and was a bastard to attack even for a tier 8 CV, it murdered its way through Tier 6 planes like it weren't no thing.
  5. This sadly, I looked in on some things for the City of Heroes private servers, namely tweaking pets of the pet class. So you'd think removing the option for melee (to stop a ranged pet running into melee to hit with their one punch attack) would be fairly easy right? Go in, remove the attack from their list of selectable options and be done? Nope, because the game was essentially layers upon layers of code built up over the 8 years it was actively developed, it meant it had what is termed 'Spagetthi Code' aka there's shitloads of things all bodged together to somehow make certain things work. Removing that one melee attack actually caused client crashes...so...going back in to look at the code and it was found that the melee attack was linked to in about 10 different places, including places it made no god damn sense to be in because the Pet AI was [edited]awfully programmed from the off and essentially thrown together even when it was first implemented to try to get it to work. I get the feeling that Subs represent a major 'Rube Goldberg-ing' of the games code because they've had to essentially hack and rewrite large parts of what was a surface ship engine to make them work...the same with both RTS AND rework CVs.
  6. I think the legacy Roadmap probably ends with the RN BC line. Notice how they're really dragging out the french cruisers currently and I suspect they'll be a few patches inbetween which are just non-content game balances. As for the Coordination...who knows...I imagine there's still some communication between them despite nolonger being in charge of development, even if it is only backroom phonecalls. Realistically we won't see the effect of a new studio taking over until probably late this year/early next year. Though this does mean that Subs are nolonger Lesta's personal baby and could be approached with a fresh set of eyes, I mean WG already ate the financial loss of selling off WoT and WoWs to Lesta in Russian and Lesta would be the studio that has eaten most of the development cost on subs, meaning that 'maybe' the new studio won't be so attached to forcing them down people's throats as Lesta were but that very much remains to be seen and the 'sunk cost fallacy' might still be in effect where they've spent so much money on getting Subs into the game that they're going to push them through no matter what.
  7. That wasn't a cry for a buff...that was me evily rubbing my hands together since I already own Musashi and Mighty Mo.
  8. That's gonna make tier 9s a lot more popular *looks over at musashi and Missouri* yesssss.....
  9. Yandere_Roon

    The American Fattleship Line

    Yup there's a reason you rarely see the line in battle these days. My own personal thoughts on buffs to the line. 1) Drop the reload speed by like maybe 2-3 seconds easy, 5 if you're feeling daring. 2) Increase the speed on the line to 25 knots AND bring back the speed retention in turns that was removed from US ships some patches ago. The means they can, with a speed flag, get up to 27.5 knots which is Yamato speed. However I doubt we'll see buffs for them, it seems like Lesta released them as a 'fire and forget' type line deal as it seems WG don't know how to balance 12 gun ships, the Japanese 12 gun ship is ALSO stuck with a terrible reload but at least that has some speed. I think the other problem was that the line was released during the initial release of the Commander Rework, which meant you had that skill which massively improved their accuracy as long as nobody was within their natural spotting range, this mean you saw massive damage numbers (when the players hit) which I think pushed their numbers into the 'ok' category for Lesta. With the switch from Lesta being the lead dev team to WG being the lead dev team outside RU, who knows, maybe we'll see some buffs but considering World of Tanks and it's recent nerfs to HE making it basically useless and rendering 'fun' tanks like the KV-2 (which didn't care about uptiering because of its monstrous HE gun) into 'meh' tanks at best and all it's done is encourage Gold Spam even more because HE is nolonger effective at digging out dug in tanks that had really good turrets (which was meant to be its use). So don't hold out hope too much....
  10. Yandere_Roon

    RN BC spotted in the wild

    Actually the G3 is confirmed in the devblog to be the tier 9, the tier 10 is the proposed I3 design (or K3 I always get those 2 mixed up) which has the same turret layout as the G3 but uses 457mm guns.
  11. Yandere_Roon

    RN BC spotted in the wild

    Looks like they're current in supertesting folks. This one was piloted by a WG employee, from what I saw of it in battle the second version of the BC line idea is in testing, whilst it's festoon with secondaries it didn't do much action and it had very tight groupings on its shells however it is still subject to change, naturally. This is the tier 10 the St Vincent.
  12. Yandere_Roon

    French Cruisers

    Yup for some nations the Battlecruiser was basically just an Battleship with less armor and a heavier focus on speed, occasionally less guns. For other nations it was a essentially just a 'big cruiser' with smaller Battleship guns instead of cruiser guns. The concept is a wonky one because by tier 9 and 10, most Battleships are hitting BC level speeds anyway (remember BCs were mostly a thing when a Battleship did 20knots) but with actual battleship armor layout. This is why the way WG seems to differentiate BC class ships is that they have 'Battlecruiser Dispersion', meaning their guns have a tighter dispersion pattern than standard battleships but not quite as tight as cruisers.
  13. Yandere_Roon

    UK Battlecruisers inbound (and extras) - Dev Blog

    This is why I HOPE they follow the design of the Warspite. She's got good guns for her tier, they're decently accurate and VERY punchy with regards AP but she's got normal HE. I'd much prefer this design to give the the BC line over ALSO giving them the 1/4 pen on HE. So big guns, few of them (at least until tier 9) but good reload, Battlecruiser accuracy and dispersion with good pen, fast in the water but kind of squishy (with the tier 9 and 10 being 32mm all over). Basically they would be cruiser killers but suffer when they got close in.
  14. Yandere_Roon

    DevBlog 310 - Closed Test 0.11.4, New Ships

    To be fair everything up to tier 6 and, argueably, tier 7 (the J3 was also a planned refit for the Admiral class...had the Hood not had 'the incident' happen to her she would have seen a lot of the things from the J3 implemented to her IIRC) are at least historical. Just that battlecruisers as a 'thing' didn't really last much beyond the middle of WW2 with only the Germans really focusing on them, if it was all only built ships we'd never go above tier 7 for either line at best.
  15. Yandere_Roon

    DevBlog 310 - Closed Test 0.11.4, New Ships

    Though I am sad they didn't follow my original hope for the Tech tree with the K-3 being the tier 10 because of it's more sane turret layout, with the G-3 being tier 8 and the I-3 (due to having the some wonky turret layout as the G-3) being tier 9. However I can see that having 457mm guns at tier 9 is something they just don't do...besides the Musashi and we ALL know how people felt about that (admittedly unlike the Musashi the 457mm can't overmatch 32mm of armor). Also I suspect with the G3 being tier 9, it's going to get the planned and (IIRC) manufactured but never used super heavy shells for the nelsons 419mm guns, giving her some much needed punch and also meaning the shells won't be as floaty in the air.