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  1. Yandere_Roon

    Super Battleships

    For those who haven't read the devblog, these two 'Super Battleships' are designed for an event. So no, don't worry, they're *crosses fingers* probably not going to be introduced into random MM (though I wouldn't put it past WG).
  2. This. Swift in Silence is niche AF. So we're going to go back to your standard Survivability build and...that's pretty much it...the Captain Skill Rework has done exactly nothing for build Diversity on Battleships.
  3. Yandere_Roon

    Hat tip to WG

    That's what I'm saying, just because they're not hyped for the new ship lines doesn't mean that they should get all angry like a toddler. I'm not hyped for the new ship lines...so I just don't play them...simple as that.
  4. Yandere_Roon

    Hat tip to WG

    I don't think people realize you don't HAVE to be interested in every single ship line. The Italian BBs and new German DD line don't thrill me, so I'm sort of taking a break from the game and will come back later. Now if it was RN BC line, I'd be hella hyped, especially if they were closer to the Warspite. Good, accurate, hard hitting AP (no shortfuse nonsense), meh HE, fast for their tier up until about tier 8, Armor scheme not amazing. I would be SO hyped for them.
  5. This is what I'm hoping the RN Battlecruiser BB line is. It has the AP attributes of the Warspite and Thunderer (yes the Thunderer gets very accurate and punchy guns), so hard hitting, good accuracy, decent reload time. However the line lacks the 1/4 pen HE of the current RN BB line. They're fast for their tier, armor is just 'ok'. With the G3, I3 and K3 being the tier 8, 9 and 10 respectively.
  6. And she has reload booster IIRC.
  7. Yandere_Roon

    The Italian BB Line is T-R-A-S-H

    Yeah...I kind of have to agree with Italian BBs should have had SAP secondaries and I honestly think that was what was originally planned considering they're festooned in 90mm secondaries that can't even pen DDs. I mean their secondaries already have a short range and terrible reload times, adding in the ability to barely pen anything and you've got fireworks for secondaries, a guy with a bazooka on deck would be more effective (literally).
  8. Yandere_Roon

    New Ship Annouced! - Constellation Battlecruiser

    Yeah that's the thing with the BCs. The Renown could either be a tier 6 Battleship or a tier 9/10 cruiser but I agree with you, I think WG are getting bored of supercruisers, especially considering all they've done in the Commander Rework to nerf their survivability. Which is why I suspect the RN BCs will be Battleships instead of Supercruisers. My hope is that the BC line are the opposite of the BB line and behave more like the Warspite. Good, accurate, hard hitting AP, meh HE with standard 1/6th pen and not 1/4 pen. Fast in the Water, not great armor for their tier up until you hit tier 8-10 in which case most of the BC line would transition from BC to more standard BB. Probably share the shame fragility of their sisters with the 32mm all over armor.
  9. Yandere_Roon

    New Ship Annouced! - Constellation Battlecruiser

    My own picture is we'll see a BC BB line for the RN. It can either go full tier 3-10 or tier 6-10 with the Renown being the tier 6 BB, the J3/planned refit for the Hood being the tier 7, the G3 at tier 8 with the planned superheavy shells for the 406mm guns on the Nelson which never got used. The I3 at tier 9 (3x457mm guns but in the wonky G3 layout) and the K3 at tier 10 (also 3x457mm but in a standard BB layout).
  10. Yandere_Roon

    Make them Listen

    You could at LEAST get a decent ship...the Leone really isn't worth the $20...
  11. Yandere_Roon

    The Italian BB Line is T-R-A-S-H

    Meanwhile some youtubers (since they are not CCs) have actually enjoyed the Italian BBs. I know Sea Lord Mount Batten enjoys them and Potato Quality (who I will remind people actually took part in competitive play like KotS tournaments and the like with O7) has put out a video showing that they CAN do well. As you can see at around the 2:53 mark where he does massive damage to an enemy KGV.
  12. Yeah I've worked at companies where an execs 'pet project' which everyone could see was either A) Pointless or B) nowhere near as effective as they were making out was basically kept going because they fudged the numbers because if they admitted the project was a failure then there would be serious words about wasting company time and resources. It was only when said execs jumped ship to another company that those above them would realize the entire project was an excuse to keep the previous execs cronies on easy street.
  13. Yandere_Roon

    Big Bad CV...Little Ole DD

    I think he's going to keep moving the goalposts on his 'DDs are better than CVs at spotting'.
  14. Yandere_Roon

    Big Bad CV...Little Ole DD

    You do know most RU CAs and CLs have Radar range only just slightly beyond (0.4km for the Petro for example) their detection range. Also that is the idea why you try to COUNTER the enemy DD to limit the enemies spotting or you force them to smoke up and flood their smoke with torps...I'm no expert on DDs, in fact I'm not great in them...but DDs risk so much more to do their job than CVs do.
  15. Yandere_Roon

    Big Bad CV...Little Ole DD

    The DD sitting in smoke and having perfect vision requires teamplay, other ships have to spot for the DD, nobody spotting, DD is blind as a bat in their smoke. Due to their range this also means if a DD can fire on you, more than likely they are in radar range unless they've played smart and gone to a flank which doesn't have Radar on it. Also DDs spotting things, again, requires risk vs reward. The Risk is you get spotted by the enemy DD and sunk, CV spotting just requires planes flying about with no risk to hull, CVs risk ammunition, not health.