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  1. Yandere_Roon

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    Oof with that accuracy and that speed I would expect at least 12 457mm guns (which I think one of the Tillman designs actually had IIRC) on the tier 10 (four turrets with 3 each).
  2. Yandere_Roon

    Some first spoiler from the stream...

    I'm hoping either RN Battlecruiser (fast, not as well armored, good AP accuracy and pen) line or USN BB brawler line.
  3. Yandere_Roon

    WHy WG, why make these BB's

    Champagne is at least something different from the tech tree lineup and I suspect a testbed for the upcoming RU BB that has the same mechanics. The Cali, however, is literally just an uptiered Arizona and WG are purely banking on the history selling the ship.
  4. Yandere_Roon

    Brit BB accuracy

    Basically Queen Elizabeth and Monarch both have decent dispersion on their guns. IIRC Orion has fairly good dispersion on hers too. The rest of the line...ech. The Lion and the Conq have terrible accuracy on their guns, the Conq makes up for it by having 12 of them but the Lion sorely loses out by only having 9. I'd even go so far to say that the Lion has the worst accuracy of BB guns at tier 9 now that the Germans got a buff to theirs recently, if not she's definitely in the same ballpark as the FdG.
  5. Yandere_Roon

    USS California Final Review - Shes here!

    I don't think it's a CC thing as all other CCs have said the ship is a no sell. I get the feeling Zoup is being contrary for the sake of being contrary...
  6. Yandere_Roon

    USS California Final Review - Shes here!

    Yup...it REALLY seems like he's blinded by his love of USN Battleships. When EVERY other CC is going "the ship is trash, don't buy it", you know a ship is trash. At least with the Champagne there seems to be disagreement between the various CCs. Some of them thought it was ok, others like Flamu absolutely hated it. Sorry Zoup but this video, even though you're not, REALLY feels like your just shilling for WG and making excuses for them. The Arizona costs less, is pretty much the same AND doesn't get uptiered into tier 9 games...what the hell are you smoking?
  7. Yandere_Roon

    Ships expected to dominate Tier 6 season?

    Ryujo or Ark Royal being the two CV picks, the Ranger and Furious just can't complete. Battleship wise, Warspite, good accurate 380mm guns able to overmatch other tier 6 BBs whilst able to angle against 356mm herself. Other option would be either her sister ship the Queen Elizabeth or the Bayern. Bayern is faster and probably better armoured but trades off of that by having less accurate guns. DD wise not sure, not a big DD player. I suspect the Leander is the top tech tree pick for smoke firing, the Perth would be the premium pick.
  8. Yandere_Roon

    Warspite National Camo

    Worth it or not? Does the 35% Credit bonus give her the same earnings as a tier 8 premium or are you better off saving the twenty bucks?
  9. Yandere_Roon

    Premium Ship Review: California

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she was made purely to pad out the Santa crates so it gets progressively more and more expensive each year for new whales to fish for the OP premium ships.
  10. Yandere_Roon

    Premium Ship Review: California

    The funny thing is the one server where this would sell well, the NA server, it's basically dead on arrival. A server where it has no real appeal like EU or RU, this ship is gonna die horribly and nobody in their right mind would buy it. Honestly I wonder what WG were thinking. Like I said, lower the damn reload to at least 28 seconds if not 25 like the KGV has. She offers nothing new, nothing that the Arizona doesn't already do but with better matchmaking since she's not going up against tier 9s who will eat her alive. I feel VERY sorry if the California ever comes up against a Musashi, at least the KGV can set her on fire like a champ and deal large HE damage and the Scharn can use it's speed to outrun it or torps to deal with it.
  11. I mean cruiser wise you've got the London, Perth and the god awful Huanghe that can smoke fire but their main disadvantage, unlike the tier 10 Italian cruisers is they all have just AWFUL range. I'd definitely say none of those ships are ridiculously OP and balanced by the fact their armor is all massively terrible with large citadels, honestly you can also pull off the same effect with the Leander which I'd probably considered the best out of the four due to its much better accuracy but that's just me. The Turret turn time is also MUCH better on the Warspite (why the gave the QE the original turret turn time of 72 seconds and not the much reduced version the Warspite got I don't know) and IIRC it gets a slightly better heal.
  12. That's why I'm wondering where the Pay2Win accusations for tier 6 come from...like maybe the T-61 would be considered Pay2Win...but I honestly can't think of any tier 6 I'd consider ridiculously overpowered...MAYBE the Warspite due to it's better accuracy and 380mm guns?
  13. Yandere_Roon

    Premium Ship Review: California

    All they had to do was drop the reload down to sub 30 seconds and I think more people would be interested in her. Why she has such high reload on such small guns at tier 7 when the similarly armed 356mm KGV has a 25 second reload AND has the 1/4 pen British HE...Heck even if they'd given her 28 second reload it would make sense...but in all she offers so little compared to the Arizona but worse matchmaking makes her a pointless port queen of a ship.
  14. This...I'm not entirely sure how tier 6 is Pay2Win. The two big hitters are Fuso and Arizona/New Mex with their massive broadside and long range. Then you've got the Warspite, Queen Elizabeth and Bayern for the 380mm club. In fact THE most powerful ship at tier 6 only would be the Ryujo which is entirely able to grind. I'm not sure where the pay2win arguments are coming from unless they mean like the Graf Spee is somehow pay2win despite having wonky accuracy. So yeah I think it's basically the clans going "but muh tier 10s!". Tier 10 is NOT well balanced, if it was you'd see ships like the Montana, the Currywurst etc. turning up in matches...but ya don't...it's always the SAME set of ships. The very same set of ships that every 'high tier' clan player already owns, Stalingrad, Kremlin and like 2 others...
  15. Yandere_Roon

    DD vs CV Change to be tested from Dev Blog

    At this stage, even as a CV player and supporter I actually AGREE with people saying to get rid of rocket planes. The old RTS mode didn't have them, in fact put that firepower into adding +1 or +2 to the attacking squadrons of the OTHER planes and vastly increasing their reserves by splitting 50/50 of what would have been the rocket plane reserves between the two different types of Bombers. Good CV players with the increased number of Torps or bombs would be able to use those to deal with rushing DDs. I mean the Midway, fully upgraded would have 10 torps in the water (6 stock, I know a lot of people prefer the stock torp bombers) and a large spread of them or it would have 9 HE bombs (IIRC). This would also help the RN CVs, their sole problem below tier 10 is that their bomb squadron doesn't drop enough bombs, adding in an additional attacking plane helps solve a LOT of problems with them. In short, remove Rocket planes, buff up bomber squadrons...yush!