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  1. gebert906

    Ranked Battles: Season 8

    Doesn’t look like it. That’s lame. It’s one of the things that incentivized me to play ranked.
  2. gebert906

    From Stream British BB Split (BC's)

    Yes true, good call!
  3. gebert906

    From Stream British BB Split (BC's)

    Wonder if these means we’ll finally get Hood with her planned refit (I’m assuming she’d be named “Admiral” in the tech tree if so).
  4. gebert906

    Roadmap for 2022

    Some of IJN DDs could really use it. Not sure if this will extend to glaring modeling inaccuracies like Iron Duke, but I’d like to see those at some point.
  5. gebert906

    Super Ships

    Same. I don’t even like the alt-history concept of them, of which the newly-announced Super CVs now laughably fly in the face of (no pun intended). I don’t know what WG is thinking. They’re not even done implementing the subs abomination and now they’re shoehorning in a whole new tier of these fantasy ships.
  6. gebert906

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.1

    Super CVs Hahaha this is an early April Fool’s, right?
  7. gebert906

    Khabarovsk for FXP Worth It?

    Thanks for the insight, all
  8. Just wondering before she moves to the armory for coal with 0.11.1. I have plenty of credits, but 1.85M FXP. I have T6 Gveny, so would have to FXP T7 Minsk-T10 Khabarovsk (haven’t calculated how much it would cost but I know I have enough). Haven’t played a lot of Russian DDs but if she’s a good ship, I may rather FXP her and potentially save coal down the line. I have Agir and none of the other available FXP ships are very appealing to me at the moment as well. But I also don’t want to waste FXP if she’s a meh ship.
  9. Would love some camos with just IJN gray (and for applicable premiums, IJN gray with the painted ship name in Japanese characters). Basically, they would look like in-game IJN ships with no camo, except with a fresh paint job. It’s a pretty iconic look imo.
  10. gebert906

    USS Washington or USS New Jersey

    Johnston is THE ship I would like to see added the most (along with Evans as commander if possible, of course ). I’ll save that for another discussion though, haha.
  11. gebert906

    USS Washington or USS New Jersey

    I have no hard data on this, but just going off the amount of player comments I’ve seen about both over the years, these could be the two most sought after BBs among the NA player base. There’s not a NC premium yet either.
  12. gebert906

    USS Washington or USS New Jersey

    If NJ would be T10, that could sway me. Edit: changed “would” to “could” because I’m a flip flopping jerk
  13. You have one choice to add as a premium: which do you choose and why? Edit: to add to the discussion, propose tier as well. For a myriad of reasons, including MM, avoiding of power creep, already existing premiums/non-premiums, prestige, and more, I think both should be +1 tier of their tech tree sister. How they would be buffed is up in the air. And for many other reasons, I can’t make up my mind on which I’d choose!
  14. SSIA. Once your rental period is over, do you get reimbursed in full or only half of the purchase price like when you demount regular modules. Or do they stay mounted throughout the event? Not sure you have to spend credits on them to begin with since you can’t keep the ships?
  15. Naval ships lost a lot of their beauty after the 1950 as well imo