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  1. Glarus

    HMCS Huron

    This was a decent game. It was just me against Colorado, Furious, Helena and Akatsuki. Now 1-5. It's still a very sluggish ship, I think I just wasn't facing top-caliber opponents. I'll give it at least twenty games, then reassess. (I don't use Vauquelin anymore, just wanted to compare to Haida and smokeless Tier 7 DDs)
  2. Glarus

    HMCS Huron

    Just five games in, but I'm finding it absolutely dreadful. I am a DD main. The most noticeable issue for me is that Propulsion Modification 1 is not available. With Steering Gears Mod 1, it's somewhat amusing to watch it swivel like it's on ball bearings, but at the same time, it's going nowhere. "Run and gun" isn't an option when you can't break detection, and you can't get away. I hope we get something, anything, to help it, including PM1, Haida's hydro, faster firing guns, something. Right now, I can't see ever choosing it over Haida or Skane for Random. I've even had better results with FR25. I will say sometimes I rediscover ships when I bring them into other modes. For Huron, I can only hope, though we don't see Tier 7 vs Tier 7 in the other modes, and when 7 is an option, it's coupled with Tier 8 (WG gotta appease the CV and SS crowds, I guess.)
  3. Glarus

    For one night, I am perfect!

    I don't recall asking for losses to be converted to wins. I said it's reasonable to expect that you'll win more than 0% of the time when you are playing at a high level. If superior play isn't correlated with winning, then good, smart players will find other motivations in their matches, like personal achievements, or just screwing around with meme ships. If you were committed to winning a basketball video game, would you enjoy playing with players who were incompetent or who just shot the ball from under their own basket every time they got the ball? I wouldn't, and I don't think that would be good for the game and the WoWs community. Random is the game's "main" mode, and if it's unhealthy, then players will look for something else. Co-op? For most players, 'pass.' Ranked? I like Ranked, but would I play it as much as Random? Not nearly, and I think the community of Ranked devotees is fairly small.
  4. Glarus

    For one night, I am perfect!

    Part of the issue last night is attributable to chance, which I accept. That will always be a part of MM and the game. The more concerning issue, the thing that will eventually drive away me from the game however, is how MM works and how it affects solo players. Game after game, night after night, my teams look like this: And the other teams are something better. It's getting old, fast. I don't find CVs as much of a problem anymore, I think WG has "balanced" them successfully. Subs are the new distortion, because even a bad player in a sub can end your game, if not with torps then by detecting you in the middle of your great-to-that-point-by-playing-according-to-how-the-game-was-designed game. What's worse is how MM handles divisions. It just balances the number of divisions as closely as possible, without regard to quality or number of players in the division. If there's three divisions in the pool, you'll get one on one side, and two on the other. MM cares not about WR, and I often find myself in games like this: MM thinks that's fine. When you're six minutes into a game and it's 3 against 11, it just isn't much fun. I am not going to say divisions ruin Random, because they don't. Divving up with good players and kicking butt is a lot of fun. It's MM that makes the game not fun for the solos who end up on the wrong side. (And again, there's that chance factor - 80-90% of the time, I just happen to be on the wrong side.) I don't think MM should try to match like-skilled players, but once the players for a game are chosen, it should attempt to balance the teams. Just balancing the WRs of divisions would level the teams much more often.
  5. Glarus

    For one night, I am perfect!

    Automatic? No. After eight games of unicum-caliber play? I think it's reasonable to expect a WR greater than 0%.
  6. That's right, I lost them all. This game sometimes...
  7. Aha! Le Fantasque does have the bonus package applied, while it appears I can link one more package to any Tier 8 ship. Nice! Thanks for your kind replies! You guys could have flamed me for asking a question, and chose not to. I have a feeling there will be more than a few questions today.
  8. I wish that was true. (But I do understand that the devaluation is because the bonuses (old) were converted to bonuses (new.)) 60,000 187,500 300,000 400,000 93,750 45,000 45,000 (Mars) (62,500) And ugh, my awesome For Meritorious Service camos! 75,000 45,000 The list goes on... :(
  9. I had one of these camos installed on Le Fantasque (and numerous other ships) before the conversion, and I have this: This morning I realized I had one left, and applied it to Vladivostok, giving me this:
  10. Glarus

    Main Batteries Not Firing!

    This. I recently changed my right mouse button to function the same as shift (zoom in/out,) and somehow when I did that, the LMB stopped being associated with firing weapons. For that one game I was able to fire them somehow (I can't remember what it was, but it was awkward and unexpected,) and then I went back into settings and fixed it. I think you can change your key settings in-match by hitting ESC and accessing settings there. Just make sure your ship is in a safe place first.
  11. I would like to see a few things added to the carousel filter, too. OP, I apologize to you if this comes off as hijacking of your thread, but since you're talking about the carousel, and I appreciate that you are, I hope this is OK to add: 1) A boolean "AND/OR switch" for the last group of criteria (primary / tech tree / elite TT / premium / reward / commander / no commander, et al.) Right now the last group operates only as OR, and sometimes I want it to be AND. What I mean is that if I tick the "primary ship" and "premium ship" boxes it performs this: if ship=premium OR if ship=primary, then display ship=yes and I want the option have it do if ship=premium AND ship=primary, then display ship=yes The other groups also operate as OR, but that's because the boxes are mutually exclusive traits. Either it's a US ship or a France ship, a tier VII or a tier X, etc. The last group is the only one that needs this change. Like the poster above mentions, there's a lot of clicking and scrolling when you have a lot of ships, and reducing time hunting for the ship you want starts with good filters. 2) more tags similar to "primary ship" so I can have different degrees of "show some of my ships." (nerd alert) For example in a spreadsheet I keep, I have my ships in 6 groups: -Active (Hi) - these are my go-to ships, my daily drivers -Active (Lo) - these are ships I use, maybe weekly, or when I'm in a division or CB and it's the ship for the mission -Evaluating - new ships I haven't used enough to classify -Reserve - ships I will very rarely use, but which I haven't decided are total garbage. Some of these are actually good ships, they're just not my forte. -Mothball - ships not worth playing or showing on my carousel, because they only thing they'll be used for, if they're tier V+, is snowflakes -Limited - ships that I think of as "active," but which I use only in modes that I don't play often, like Operations. I'm not saying I need the game to give that many tagging options, but 3 tags (high-medium-low,) effectively creating four groups (the 4th being no tag,) would be nicer than the two we have now. It may like a trivial request, but it's about "quality of in-game life." Right now I keep my "active (hi)" and "active (lo)" ships as "primary ships" in the game. When I'm pulled into a division and need to find and ready a ship fast, I just want to see my active (hi) ships. Right now I can't do that without putting other ships I use less often back into the same pool with ships I will never use.
  12. +=? I knew I'd seen those patterns somewhere.
  13. I agree it's trivial and doesn't affect the actual gameplay, but there should not be such lack of attention to a simple (and easily fixed) detail. With the ongoing disputes in the East and South China Seas, there is also the potential for some players to take offense at having their nation's ships commanded by Chinese characters. I would, BTW, also like to see the list of given and family names expanded for the countries already in there. The gene pool among WoWs ship captains is notably small.
  14. As the game expands into new corners of the world, I understand there are decisions to be made (for example, a real WWII-era ship (Mysore) that served post-war, post-independence India to the Commonwealth group, but a WWII-era ship (Dido-class) that never served with Malaysia, with a post-war, post-independence Malaysian ensign to the Pan-Asia group,) but the names of captains should be fixed. In the Europe nation group, the Swedish, Polish, Dutch (Friesland) and Austro-Hungarian ships all recruit a captain with an appropriate name, so we know the game can distinguish countries within a nation group. In the Commonwealth group, Mysore, however, recruits an Anglo captain. In the Pan-American group, two of the three ships are Brazilian and one is Argentinian, but the captain names for all three are Spanish. Pan-Asia is in the worst shape. Eight ships from Indonesia (3,) Thailand (2,) Republic of Korea (2,) and Malaysia (1) get captains with Chinese names. It would be nice to see all of them recruiting captains with appropriate names.
  15. Glarus

    Warning about Birthday Coupon

    If that happened to everyone, it may help explain why I never saw the coupon, because I do look at them fairly regularly.