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  1. I have this same issue. I turned off the replay-related items in Aslain's but nothing changed.
  2. Glarus

    Since I suck in DDs...

    I am watching it now, will add things as I see them. But I have a quick question first: why does your replay have all the info overlays, while mine have none? Mine are just the ship driving around, with no context. 1. Up to where you kill the DD in smoke, looking good. 2. Capping B with the planes attacking you, use smoke to hide and secure the cap. No sense in having to spend minutes capping while getting reset by planes. At this point in the game, your team is on track to win. 3. Heading WNW out of B to hunt Andrea Doria, good choice. You spot him, he spots you. You smoke too late and he takes a big chunk from your HP. While watching you and two teammates finish him, I lost sight of how things tilted to where your team is -1 on ships. Red Izmail and Ryujo together were a juicy target, and perhaps your Gaede didn't realize just how hard it is to take even one of those with a DD at that tier. But by this time, Gaede is dead, and your Icarus is in that neighborhood now against four ships, a patrol fighter, and rocket planes. But none of that is on you. 4. Your CV dies. At this point, defending the two caps your team has should be the goal. That kind of patience is perhaps uncommon among newer players, which is likely most of the players in the low-to-mid tiers. 5. In both of your encounters with DDs (Farragut, Icarus,) I notice you don't emphasize putting out as many shells as you can. DD fights are short battles of attrition. Fight like your ship's life depends on it. I know my enemy's ship's capabilities, and because I run WoWs Monitor, I also know the player's stats. Even if you're not running Monitor, you can figure a tech tree DD with no camo is probably a less able player. Toying with him gives him chances to get lucky with his torps. If your DD is a gunboat, don't give him that chance; gun him down and look for your next target. Once I get into a knife fight, I'm zoomed in. If my torps are available, I'll zoom out and fire them off in some "not stupid direction," meaning somewhere he might be when they get there. Then I return to my guns. I'm not a great DD gunner, so if I win, it's often at the expense of many of my HP. My gunnery improved once I shortened the list of ships I was using. Seeing you zoom in and out suggests to me that 1) it's a habit (and generally speaking not a bad one,) or 2) you didn't have total situational awareness based on the info the minimap is giving you. Yes, you could hit an island if you're not paying attention, or you could get killed by another ship. Against Icarus there were no other ships. Replay is closed now, but I think this was in open water, too. Zooming out there wasn't giving you information you needed to win the encounter, and it was reducing your rate of fire. If you know who and what is around, zoom in and shoot. You killed both, so I'm not saying you did a bad job. So your only 'mistake' was not smoking as soon as the Andrea Doria spotted you. You do not suck at DDs (and your DD stats definitely don't say 'suck.') Your choices of where to go and whom to engage all seem sound. Your teammates, on the other hand, made bad choices, and that's why this game was a loss. I didn't see any point where you should have gone to help someone and didn't. You killed, capped, and didn't go off on long hunting expeditions when there were caps to secure. When I was at your point in my WoWs experience, I did suck at everything. You are WAY ahead of where I was then, and you will likely be WAY ahead of where I am now when you're 3,200 DD games in.
  3. Glarus

    Classes you just SUCK in

    My worst class is the Stalingrad-class battlecruiser, represented in-game by the third hull laid down: I'm terrible at all ships of that type.
  4. Glarus

    Simple fix to deadeye

    "Locking on to a target for a specific period of time, or doing so with moving or turning your own ship should allow for greater accuracy." I assume you meant without moving or turning, and I really like this idea. It would be a skill that only shows positives on the commander skills screen, but has a baked-in drawback when actually used: you become an easier target. Sometimes it forces the player to choose whether to take a benefit at a cost, and sometimes it rewards players who've done a good job of positioning their ship such that the enemy doesn't really have a good shot at them. While this isn't a simulation game, I imagine it also brings a small element of realism as well. I've never been a WWII naval gunner, but I imagine firing from a stationary ship is more accurate than from one that's zig-zagging in short lines, or in a hard turn at speed.
  5. Glarus


    I agree. There are skills you're always going to take. It's silly to go without Concealment Expert and Last Stand on your DD, for example, because you can't decide whether you want to take one of the new gimmick skills or a more traditional build with points 17 through 21.
  6. Glarus


    When was this added? After hitting the "reset all" button recently, I went into the first three battles of the day with no-skill 21-pt captains and never got such an alert. Only on the third game did I notice my detection range was higher, and exclaim, "so that's why my first two games were so bad!" I even commented in chat that there should be a warning about having a captain with no skills. (On another topic, there should also be one that says, "Enter battle without camo?")
  7. I know one of them was HE from a Lion, and I think you guys are right. I know it's not about HP lost to the ship, just that the odds of it happening so early, twice, have to be quite low. I have seen more of this lately, but for these two games, just a weird, weird pair! Thanks.
  8. With a 21 pt captain and running PM (-30%,) Main Armament Mod 1 (-50%), Torp mod 1 (-40%) and Torp mod 2 (+50%,) I am noticing a dramatic increase in the instances of my launchers being destroyed with Ostergotland. Has the ship changed, or something to torp launchers in general? I lost my first launcher when I had lost about 1,000 HP, and my second at about 4,000. After running with no torps for a few minutes, I was sunk as the game became a stomp. Finished with this damage taken: I never used to see this kind of thing with the same skills and equipment. Now it's become rather common. Next game, same equipment and captain skills on Halland, lost both launchers in the first encounter (inside 3:00,) survived the match.
  9. Glarus

    Research Bureau points question

    I have read that, just want to be sure that buying and playing all the RB points-eligible ships except the 10 doesn't somehow trigger some "the player is playing through this line this time and therefore must play the 10 for those points" logic versus Free XP'ing through the whole thing and resetting. I'm confident that's not how it works, but I was hoping to get a yes/no answer from someone who has done it before I hit the button. In the Wiki example, the player gets 20,400 and 10,200 and 20,400. He's either FXP'ing through or playing through, every time. In my example, I'm asking if I'd get 26,400 on the next reset. I think the answer is yes.
  10. Before I hit 'reset' I just want to make sure I'm not going to mess this up. In this scenario, Halland would get 6,000 points if I buy and play it. If I reset the line without buying Halland now, then on my next run through this line, Halland will get 18,000 points. Is that correct? Just making sure I don't leave 6k points on the table. Thanks!
  11. Glarus

    Holy Cow, this game SURE IS FUN! WOW!!!

    Intel plays an important role in everything from war to sports to business. Do we mock those communities for wanting to know what the competition is doing / can do?
  12. Glarus

    Holy Cow, this game SURE IS FUN! WOW!!!

    I can give you a few examples from a DD-driver's perspective. 1. If the opposing CV is bad/inexperienced, I will be more aggressive about the cap from the get-go. A red CV might spot me and isn't going to hit me if he attacks. A purple CV knows where to look for DDs, and if he wants to, he will hit me. 2. Two BBs in front of me, I can put torps at either, both or neither. If it's two inexperienced/bad players, I might send one launcher at each, aimed to intercept their current course and speed, knowing there's a good chance they're not zig-zagging or changing speeds. If one is very good but the other is bad, I can send all my torps at the bad one to increase the chance of eliminating an enemy ship. If both are very good and my detection, torp range and other factors aren't favorable, I can sneak away having fired nothing. 3. One BB in front of me, and I'm going to send torps at him. If he's very good, the chance of me scoring a hit is lower. One launcher is going to put him on notice, the other one needs to intercept where he actually will be when my torps arrive. I might be able to figure which way he'll turn, or I might not. I'm not good enough to be confident about which way he'll turn, so I pick a vector and fire. If it's a bad player, I send one using the aiming indicator, then a second one not too far off to account for his '"oh no, I'm getting torped" but I'm going to do too little, too late,' maneuver. Without knowledge of the other captain's ability, I would waste torps on ships that I was never going to hit. 4. This one isn't DD-specific - MMM tells you which players you need to fear the most or be your best against, every game. But in Tier 5 matches, that knowledge can be the difference in a win or a loss. Tier 5 is the brackish water between new players and those more experienced, and very good players do play at that tier. You can't just assume that the Kamikaze R is the best player on their team, or the only good player on their team, though that may be true. I have seen mediocre Kami/Fujin/Gremy/Giulio players, though most of them are their team's best player. I enjoy scoring citadels on Omahas with my Gremy, but some of those Omahas are seal clubbers. If I don't have that info, I can be in for a surprise. It helps to know which ship is the biggest threat to you, and which is the biggest threat to your teammates, who might not understand what's about to happen to them. It helps to put the last round into that player's ship, and to then see that your ship matches up very favorably to the ships and players that remain on the other side. 5. I recently was in a match where someone said he didn't want to do something because a particular ship or CV planes would be there, and I wanted to say, "don't worry, the player you fear isn't likely to do what you fear..." but I didn't. I didn't want to say that and then see him sunk by that lesser player. The one thing I will tell others sometimes is which players on the other team are unicum+. 6. If your ship is particularly vulnerable to a ship class on the other side, it's really helpful to have an idea of whether the driver can make that ship do its thing. You might be concerned a firestarting ship on the other side is going to burn your German BB, but if you know he's averaging 6,200 damage and has a 12 PR in 350 games in that ship, you'll play differently when you're in range of his guns. Does one of these scenarios happen every day? No. Every week? Certainly. On the topic of lopsided matches, does my heart sink when I find myself on a 47% team against a 55% team in a tier 9 match? Of course it does, but I always play, and sometimes we win. It's especially rewarding to survive and be on the winning side against of a game we shouldn't have won. WIthout these games I wouldn't have fun memories like the game I dubbed the "Eurobeatdown," in which we won and I finished first against a team featuring a super unicum (account and ship) streamer. He doesn't know who I am, had nothing to feel bad about (he was first on his team, too,) and I rarely tune in to streams, so I only knew who he was because someone mentioned else it. If we lose, I move on, and the only time it really gets to me is when I'm in 8 such matches in a night, and in 7 of them the purple team is the other team. There is almost always something positive to take away from a game, even if it's to laugh again about how bad your team was, but the nights where almost every team is like the D-League versus the Dream Team are tough. One final thinking about matchmaking - I find it humorous when players think the game is out to get them. And I agree with the poster here who a few months ago pointed out that in a large sample of events, winning streaks and losing streaks happen (it even happens to baseball teams where the sample size is in the dozens; here we have thousands of games that can produce streaks.) I do, however, find it odd that on those bad nights, whenever the other team has the purple division, they also have the 1 or 2 purple non-division players, and my team has 1 or 2 teal players and no purples. Maybe it's a sync drop, I don't know. But if it is, some of those purples should have ended up on my team. It never happens. The other thing I've noticed is that when I simply can't win a game or get on the right side of MM, it always happens in 2 or 3 nights in a row. Something has to be producing that effect, maybe it's a small modifier that hits players once in a while, or a hidden small bonus/nerf to certain ship types just to keep stats from getting too out of whack. I don't know. It's not "they're out to get me," but it's like my account is playing 'sick' for a few days. It happens to other players too, so I don't worry about it. And I do have stretches of a few days where I'm Superman as well. Other times, I can figure out what might be happening. With the ranked sprints going right now, I've noticed the teams in random matches have more strong players as the week progresses. Why? Because they've ranked out and have returned to randoms. Do I know that's what happening? Of course not. But I do suspect it. Overall, I believe the truth about MM is nothing like some of the hysterics we see here and in game chat, but it's also not completely randomized.
  13. ...how about making compliments for the top player on either team not count against the max? I know karma "doesn't mean anything," but it's a small thing players can do for each other. It always makes me feel good when someone compliments me for a great game or for some action within the match. To me at least, it means something, even if it's a small thing. I hate finding myself wanting to comp a player who kicked butt, and having none left to give. Making comps to the top (or top 2) player(s) free would be nice. Thanks.
  14. Much as I'd like to have Neustrashimy, I can't see spending 296,000 coal for it. Considering the rationale given for jacking up the coal cost of these two ships, they could have given them normal costs, and offered owners of those ships a one time, 1:10 coal-for-steel exchange up to the original steel costs of those ships. Or maybe sweeten it to make up for the "sorry other people will have these ships now," make it 1:12. I know not everyone with those ships will have 205,000 coal on hand to get their steel back for Neustrashimy, but they could at least exchange whatever they have, if they want. And it would have made Neustrashimy more attainable for more players. When it was removed, the reason given was that it wasn't popular. This is not going to help.
  15. Glarus

    What is poi?

    +1 Every time someone says it, I think of the dish because it's the only definition for it that I know. And that's how it will be, as I have no intention of trying to understand the anime thing. I do love Totoro, though.