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  1. Glarus

    The frustrating mystery of MM

    Oh, I didn't say MM is anything but random. (And the only thing a conspiracy theorist could point to here is that "Player 1" on my table is a prominent Twitch streamer, and I am not. I suppose WG would benefit from putting him on winning teams, but I don't think MM has such a bias. I do believe it's random, and in a large sample size (I have played over 12,000 random games,) you are going to see good and bad streaks that don't look like the product of chance, but they are.) (Also, I can confirm that dumping a ton of money into WG's coffers does not buy you better MM or gun accuracy or anything else people sometimes claim after getting sunk. Unlike in Vegas casinos, high rollers in WG games don't get comped anything.) "The only constant, is you." - this is often thrown at 43% players who complain about losing as a backhanded way of saying "you're the problem," but I've shown that with this ship, I appear to not be the problem. And I think I came to Jager with enough experiencing in Tier 9 torp boats to play it to victory a bit more than 41% of the time. I think, however, that "the only constant being me" actually does offer some insight into the MM. The other night, game after game, the other team had unicum divisions, and my team was OK, or bad. If the composition of those divisions is right (wrong,) and your ship lines up against theirs, you are going to face those divisions at what seems like an improbable rate. Now sure, some other solo tier 9 DD could have been the DD opposite that division, but if there's enough of "those" (unicum) divisions active at the same time, you're going to be that unlucky guy, losing 9 minute stomps, over and over and over. You can't see what MM is looking at, but after a bunch of games, you start to get an idea of who is playing. And at certain times, like right after clan battles end, you know there's a heightened chance of running into a division of Hurricane/Typhoon clan players in Random matches. If you don't like the match-ups, the only thing you can try is another tier and type (or find good players to div with.) So yes, in an odd way, I was the problem. There were two constants in MM: the unicum divisions, and me. I needed to recognize that, and become the variable. If, months down the road, I've played Jager 200-300 times, and my stats all stay about the same, then something weird is going on. I don't think that will be the case. I believe this to be accurate because the last ship this happened with was Velos, and for me it was the same situation: I got the ship right away, was really excited to play it a ton, and refused to switch to lower tiers for the night even though MM was brutal and I kept losing. My WR with that ship was also horrible for a while, despite ranking high on the server for damage, kills and XP. I don't think it's a coincidence.
  2. Glarus

    The frustrating mystery of MM

    Why would people complain about winning?
  3. You ever find yourself losing game after game, and wondering if it's you, the ship or something else? Recently I've found myself playing game after with Jager, and losing almost every game, so I took a look at some numbers. There are 12 players with 40+ games with Jager, so I looked at each of their/our solo stats. One player has only played 1 solo game, so I dropped them. Two players have performance numbers similar to mine: n = 11 (APR is PR without the 50% bonus for wins) By XP ( which tells you more about the quality of the player's contribution to winning than PR,) I'm playing a comparable game to player 1, and a much better game than player 3, and I'm winning 22-24% less than they are. What's left? MM, which I track in my spreadsheet: Not only am I on the worse team more than twice as often as the better team, but the weaker teams are worse than the stronger teams are better! What I do I'm just left wondering, "Why, RNGesus, why? What have I done to anger you? I have made so many offerings to you, including to acquire Jager on day one, and you treat me this way. Why?!"
  4. Glarus

    Dusty Rodes

    I believe if you already have the Dusty Rhodes captain, the second instance will be Andre the Giant.
  5. Glarus

    Jager in Armory question.

    I think of it as a "super Vasteras," but with Harekaze's concealment.
  6. Glarus

    Summer Sale Not Looking Promising

    I don't even play Atlanta and I regret not getting that one. Most amusing camo in the game.
  7. Glarus

    Operation Titanic

  8. Glarus

    Game Server crash???

    I can't get into any battle mode. Well, my cigar is done and it's late o'clock. Time for bed. -1 Goodnight and good luck, captains.
  9. Glarus

    Armory Exchange. Incredible

    Decision-maker: "Team, people have long requested a way to dispose of resources they don't want, and we're planning to finally offer it. What are our options?" Presenter: "I've developed two possible COAs for this promotion. We can offer really bad exchange rates for content that players really want and can no longer get, like the Ovechkins and OP ships, or new content that's similarly awesome, or we can offer fair exchange rates for a broad, if not unlimited selection of the mostly mediocre content that's currently available in the armory." Decision-maker: "Hmmph. Sorry, what? I fell asleep for most of that. All I heard was, 'we can offer really bad exchange rates for' and, 'limited selection of the mostly mediocre content that's currently available in the armory' So, uhh, yeah, good work tovarish, let's go with that." You can never have too much FXP or CXP. There is nothing on offer here that is that much more fun and effective than what's in the tech tree for free, or in the armory/premium shop for much less in coal or cash. The only "resource" I would overpay with is premium days, because I have enough for the next 13 years. ETA: Also port slots. I mistakenly bought a lot a few years ago for ships I didn't have yet, not realizing you get free ones from time to time, and now have over 100 unused. I would love to clear those from my account for something, anything useful.
  10. Glarus

    a bug Concerning secondary builds

    If you equip Halland's ultimate upgrade, the speed boost in port will still say 8%, but when you play it, the boosted speed will be +16%, as it is supposed to be. So it seems possible other modules have the same lack of consistency between port and game.
  11. Just happened to me, too. Couldn't fire from mid-game on. Ran a co-op, and it would come and go. It seems to be random. (A "me too" button would be helpful in the bug forum, btw. My employer has that, and from that help desk can get an idea of whether it's one user or the system.) (I tried switching to RMB and MMB, and same thing. No fire.)
  12. Yes, the subs, and all the other new ships from the recent period, were added on 21 April. It's the past two days that looks very strange. My only guess right now is that: 1. WG is doing a purge of the stats of inactive accounts, causing most ships to lose games, (hitting old, popular ships* hardest,) and 2. The dataset or the query for subs changed, maybe to include the period from 10 May 22 to the end of the rental period (that preceded early access.) * in the first few years, certain ships were "popular" because there were very few ships for any type and tier. The only way to know which ones were genuinely popular would be to know how many ships they were for vying against for players' attention during each day of their existence, and how many games were played each day. Ships introduced in the past few years will provide a much better sense of whether people like them, because after years of the game, there was a bunch of ships saying "ooh, ooh, pick me!" at every type and tier. The old ships, however, have a big head start on the new ones. The biggest surprise I see is Halland, which was introduced in 2020, and has been run over 2,000 times per day, good for 6th among all ships in the game. I'm a DD main, Euro boats are my thing, and even I don't like Halland that much. Oster is my favorite ship but Halland just doesn't excite me the same way. The only theory I have is that Halland's popularity is a reflection of how players feel about CVs. The only other ship released 2020-23 that's in the top 20 is Schlieffen, 1,559 games per day, 19th in the game overall. So if inactive accounts are being purged, it makes the dataset less accurate, but more meaningful, because it's getting rid of a lot of accounts from when ships that aren't real popular today were popular then because players didn't have much else to choose from.
  13. First, HUGE thanks to WG for updating the API. It means a lot to me, and I'm sure other spreadsheet nerds who play this game as well. And Dev Blog said it would be done in summer, and here it is done in April! I have, however, a question. Why are games played for many ships going down? The total number of games played for some ships is lower today than it was on 21 April, and for some, it's much higher (to the extent that the numbers aren't realistic.) New Mexico - (21 Apr: 6,623,439) (23 Apr: 6,421,463) Shimakaze - (21 Apr: 7,563,083) (23 Apr: 7,425,766) It affects the oldest ships in game most (100k-200k games lost,) but the effect can be seen up to ship intro dates some time in 2021. My theory is that wows-numbers is totaling ship stats based on player stats, and I've noticed some old (inactive) player accounts no longer have stats on the site, so as accounts are deleted, so too are the stats. Am I right? If so, it doesn't explain this: Obviously the subs numbers are wrong, for two reasons: they've been out a while, and Cachalot, for example, was not played 12k times in its entire existence until 21 Apr, then played 32k times in two days. Bismarck is the most popular ship of all time, being run an average of almost 3,100 times per day in the entirety of her existence in the game. The stats say U-69 was run 22,615 times per day in the past two days. That is not correct, especially when over 90% of ships are reporting "negative games played" in the same span. So....what happened?
  14. So much for my idea that they should introduce a "points denied" stat, which is the time you spend in a red cap, thus denying the other team those points for that time. Sometimes those points denied are the difference between a win and a loss, and they aren't even recognized, let alone rewarded.
  15. Glarus

    Stop bullying and stupid reporting.

    That I understand, of course. I'm reminded of one Akizuki who drive his ship straight into the island, so he had no shot at, or line of sight on, anything. Then, just to be sure, he popped smoke. He stayed that way all game, only coming out when one of the last friendly ships, an Edinburgh, was facing two BBs and some other ships. He emerged, and both he and the Edinburgh immediately sank. Then there are the "parallel parkers," who also cannot see or shoot at anything.