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  1. Jcubx

    Ships I want so bad and missed out on

    You could be right, I thought it was just the tier 5’s.
  2. Jcubx

    Ships I want so bad and missed out on

    Benham and Belfast. wasn’t around when they were out unfortunately. just gotta keep whaling satan crates. ( I spelled that right).
  3. 12 containers 1 Monty camo 1 Repub camo 1 Mvr camo 2 shockwaves 1 starscream 1 ecxp 5 dragon flag apparently I took most of the luck from everyone else. Sorry. To be fair, I didn’t want any of those camos lol! Would’ve preferred Gearing and Khaba camos but I can’t complain.
  4. Jcubx

    So... next Destroyer Line?

    lmbo! Because the totally real German and Russian CV’s right?!?
  5. Jcubx

    So... next Destroyer Line?

    Japanese CL would be cool.
  6. Jcubx

    Your most FUN ship in the game?

    lmbo! We know yours def isn’t the Shima anyways…
  7. Loot boxes and the way they are being employed by WG all tie back to Christmas. Christmas must be an extraordinary profit, because WG will continue to spam loot boxes at us in various forms with various prizes, until they are able to replicate Christmas every single event WITHOUT ruining the current Christmas.
  8. Jcubx

    Weekend Players

    It’s a warning I’m coming.
  9. Jcubx

    Weekend Players

    It’s that time Captains, the weekend. I haven’t played since the night before the Captain Rework, anyone willing to fill me in on all the great and amazing changes and quality of life additions by WarGaming since? also, how’s the Rework?
  10. Jcubx

    Finally enough RB Points

    There is enough good things about the Ohio that it won’t be “bad” after the captain rework even though it’s secondaries won’t be as good.
  11. Jcubx

    Do CVs Belong in WoWS?

    I’m a player leans more towards CV is pretty unbalanced but they definitely have a place in the game. So naturally both sides of the argument call me an apologist or hater. Having said that, I really enjoy PQ’s videos but his opening arguments/statements are grossly naive. To not just assume but truly believe that only players who are superior to the general populous are the only people who understand balance shows an extreme lack understanding of, well pretty much anything. The best mechanic in the world is almost assuredly not the worlds best race car driver. The best driver certainly has a very good understanding, but to assume that if you can’t do it well than you must not understand it is flat wrong. Look at professional sports, the best coaches and strategists are very rarely Hall of Fame athletes in their respective sports. Of course some are, but the vast majority are not. The same goes with game design and balance, look no further than the most balanced and competitive Esport games currently. Those games are not designed nor balanced by the best players, input is taken from all levels of play. Because a game that only caters to 1 level is soon to be a dead game. Balance isn’t a concept owned by the best players.
  12. So enough games to come to your conclusions?
  13. Jcubx

    DD tactics against Smaland

    Bruh, that’s what a counter is. You’re best bet is to outlast him or have more help with cruisers than he does. If you’re expecting to be able to beat any DD with any DD you will be sorely disappointed.
  14. Jcubx

    On the topic of Fires

    Sounds like you got it all figured out and nothing anyone says is correct. As you said, any dissenters from your opinions are hostile and rude. Why don’t you play your GK and when that OP fire burns you down, you post the replay to show us?