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  1. Jcubx

    Anniversary and odds of ship from supercontainer

    Haha, you’re going to be very disappointed. If your satisfaction in this game comes from getting the “forbidden” ships, Better drop hundreds of dollars at Christmas.
  2. The salty tears in this thread are delicious! I spent money! I deserve things! LOL!
  3. Georgia, no brainer. If you REALLY want a cruiser, get the Moskva. Superior to the Salem.
  4. Jcubx

    Any ranked 3v3 updates?

    You keep track of your Karma? LOL!
  5. Jcubx

    “Summer Sale” 2020

    Ya, 1 thing I’ve never understood is why WoWs doesn’t have these crates for sale, pretty much 24/7. Then during Christmas, Black Friday etc have different crates and specials. Weird to me that they don’t always sell special crates like this.
  6. Jcubx

    “Summer Sale” 2020

    Game balance.
  7. Another good episode, too bad @Synpax had to depart early. Didn’t get to hear him say “let me ask you a question” enough. Big sad.
  8. Jcubx

    Changes to Submarines, EU Community Stream

    Subs are coming, to randoms, ranked and clan battles. Not to every mode immediately, but they will be there. Get use to the idea ladies. Sub_O said it himself in the podcast, they want every PvP mode to mirror each other.
  9. Does it matter? LOL! Not everyone Is trying to hoard FXP just in case another subpar IJN DD comes out.
  10. I fully agree, I thought this was a really great episode. I was as surprised as you two about his answer being the Khabarovsk, I thought for sure it would be something else. I really enjoyed one of your previous episodes where you brought a very proficient LoYang player to talk about strategy and how to play it. Hoping you do more like that.
  11. I agree that this isn’t elite interviewing, everyone starts somewhere. They have the most important aspect down though, they get very relevant people to interview.
  12. They won’t and shouldn’t add a transcript. It’s a Podcast uploaded to YT. They want views and hits. Thanks for this, I’ve really enjoyed your last few interviews!