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  1. It should be priced at 236k coal considering that’s what the Marceau is priced at. Neustrashimy is a rare exception in price because of being previously sold for Steel.
  2. iMary_Poppins

    Did anyone actually get 180 days premium?

    I got it 3 times in 40 Megas.
  3. iMary_Poppins

    Free XP Ships

    WG said during a stream a few weeks back they have no plans to release any FXP ships anytime in the “near future”. The Research Bureau is their desired FXP dump for the foreseeable future.
  4. Obvious Satan crate shortlist ship.
  5. iMary_Poppins

    Why was team damage eliminated?

    “ I want to be able to shoot my teammates because I know best and they deserve it, any opposition to my opinion is from shills and snowflakes “ Fixed that for you.
  6. iMary_Poppins

    Research Bureau

    If you’re flush with Free Experience and or Dragon flags, using them to reset the Harugumo line (Ijn gunboat DD) is the fastest and most efficient. It’s 680,000 FXP. Followed by the Ijn torpedo boat dd line in terms of least amount of FXP needed to completely reset.
  7. iMary_Poppins

    Profanity in Game Chat

    lmbo, my bad.
  8. iMary_Poppins

    Profanity in Game Chat

    That’s European, has no basis nor authority in North America. You can always move there though. In North America we use ESRB, which gave this game a T for Teen rating.
  9. iMary_Poppins

    Profanity in Game Chat

    Now you’re going to change your argument to “won’t someone think of the children?” Pfff. Turn off voice chat if you’re that fragile. Free will and personal responsibility matter more than others actions.
  10. iMary_Poppins

    Ragnar is love, Ragnar is life

    Have over 30k steel, just waiting for my coupon to refresh before I purchase it.
  11. iMary_Poppins

    How did your bids go?

    Keep the bar low and that’s all they’ll keep meeting. Doing a few things better than absolutely awful for 2 months, with this companies track record, isn’t enough for me to praise the low bar. My opinion, ymmv.
  12. iMary_Poppins

    How did your bids go?

    YUCK! This shouldn’t be praised. This should be required, even though it’s not currently it should’ve been freely offered to begin with. Praising them for this is such a low bar it’s gross.
  13. iMary_Poppins

    How did your bids go?

    I’ve seen names who said their wallets are closed mention how much they bid. In before “ I HaD tHeM dUbS lYiNg ArOuNd”.
  14. iMary_Poppins

    How did your bids go?

    $89 mil for coal wasn’t enough.