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    Seal clubbing journey through RB

    Tell that to tier 3 Charleston that have no effective AA when there are 6 CV in a game. All they are is a pinata.
  2. I'm sorry, but I have absolutely no sympathy for T4 & 5 CVs. Why? Because my T3 Charleston gets sucked up into T4 & 5 battles with 2 and sometimes 3 CVs per side. The Charleston and many other T3s are nothing but punching bags for the CVs to train their skills on, due to the basically non existant AA and slow moving and turning Charleston and other T3 floating brick cruisers. Since this is also the training ground for new players new to the game, I wonder how many just give up because there is nothing they can do to fight back. They can't run, they can't smoke, they can't dodge and they sure has heck can't cause any damage to the plans as one previous poster said he had so much fun beating up on 3 of them since their AA is totally ineffective.