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  1. After being sunk in a battle a few minutes ago on the estuary map, I zoomed the camera all the way out to get an aerial view of the remaining action. Low and behold, I was surprised to see the sky separate from the water at the horizon past the map border as I zoomed out, as visible in the screenshot below. Not sure if it has always been this way, or if it started with one of the recent patches, or if anyone else has already reported it, but I am assuming this is some sort of graphics bug? Never seen anything like it on any other map. How to repeat: join estuary map battle/training room, then pan out in the free camera. Note I do NOT run any mods whatsoever. Tagging @Hapa_Fodder just because, why not I can send in a replay and check report too if needed
  2. 6061T6

    Update 0.9.9 - Bug Reports

    I agree with the previous post above, the changes are giving me motion sickness too LOL, as well as the new rocket reticle causing me to struggle to see the waterline and deck line of ships I am attacking. However, these are not "bugs" per say, more a matter of preference for the old system. My actual bugs do also occur with CV's though, I just took my Midway, and then Wesser, into a training room, and was able to replicate these issues with consistency. 1. Every time a squadron is launched, the camera reverts back to the most zoomed in view of the planes, and does not remember where the player has zoomed to in the previous launch of that type of squadron in the match. I usually like to keep the camera zoomed out one or two ticks, and so this is extremely annoying, but not affecting gameplay in any major way. 2. When beginning an attack run, after circling around for a second pass and therefore coming out of a hard turn, I often find myself having oversteered my planes slightly. Previously, the slight adjustment made by the mouse (with no WASD) back to center would correct my slight oversteer whether I was flying normally or beginning an attack run. Now, it seems that the slight mouse correction STOPS when I click to begin an attack run, and has to be manually restarted by moving the mouse back inside the ellipse-like bars. During normal flight, and during an attack run there is no issue; it is only at the transition from normal flight to attack run that this loss of centering occurs. This affects my aiming significantly, as needing to manually WASD adjust back onto the centerline of my attack run significantly impacts the size of the aiming reticle. 3. With the new bomber attack run path, it seems as if the translational speed of the attack when the reticle is about to hit 0 seconds of aiming time is significantly faster than previously. One unintended consequence of this is that when dropping right before the timer expires, I am no longer able to see the damage dealt number rising from the victim before it disappears out of view of the planes, even when looking as far down as possible. For high drops the number can still be seen well enough, only on low drops is this an issue. I feel like previously there was a pause in the camera to allow for viewing of the damage number, before jumping back to the remaining bombers, but I cannot be sure. I'm not sure about everyone else, but I would very much like to know how effective my attack was, without needing to remember what my total damage had been before the attack. Please note I do NOT use ANY mods whatsoever. Please see the attached replay where I try to briefly demonstrate the issues in a training room, albeit I'm not quite sure how well it demonstrates the point, in a replay where the CV reticles are not always visible. I begin by demonstrated item #1, then move to item #2, and finally #3, before choosing at random. Thank you for the attention @Hapa_Fodder 20200930_165924_PASA110-Midway_04_Archipelago.wowsreplay