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  1. HMS_NoComprende

    Friendly Super Ship Reminder

    gunboat yamagiri (8/12/20 km torps & 14 km guns) is quite fun & effective since it does not suffer from shima's slow turrets..speed is decent on boost & swift & silent..
  2. HMS_NoComprende

    Friendly Super Ship Reminder

    Maybe not roo related to ur post, but it's official, superships are Tier 11. If u put Survivabiliy Expert on a DD or CA, u get 11 times the per tier value health: 4950 for a CA, 3850 with a DD
  3. HMS_NoComprende

    Update 0.11.3: Italian Destroyers. Part 2

    Okhotnik is also totally ASW (anti-sub) weapon free i think..
  4. HMS_NoComprende

    Premium Ship Review - Marlborough

    Good one..was playing along a marlboro in my T7 Hood in a T9 game, i tanked far better than the nicotine boat..
  5. HMS_NoComprende

    Who have you seen in game

    @LadyTorpida on 2 Brothers T6-T8, we won thanks to her in her Z-31, I just managed to survive in my Endracht playing to cautiously
  6. HMS_NoComprende

    Where is Notser?

    Regarding Smolensk, with IFHE pen is 27 mm which is useful vs. some cruisers. Fire change goes down from 8% to 4%. With IFHE, fire capt sill & both fire flags, u go back up to 6%. Base pen w/o IFHE is 22mm, so IFHE is useless vs. BB's. But cruisers, they can damage Con quickly, so some more Pen damage can be useful. Plus it annoys people less if the fires only come later, so they're less likely to shoot back..
  7. HMS_NoComprende

    Who have you seen in game

    WG Europe seems to be on a punishment expedition as seen in your average stomp.. 2 staffers (Crysantos in Azuma & Mr.Conway in a Pz Rupprecht (Prinz, not Panzer, T9 German Battlecruiser) GJ Maerker's pop guns even did some damage on mr. Conway.. was killed once before by Hapa Fodder