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  1. Ado1fCarsar

    Change name of game to...

    this game attracts some of the lowest IQ people in the general population.
  2. Ado1fCarsar

    Simple fix to deadeye

    No one is gonna focus you from 20km or more. Once you commit, and are able to disengage and survive and then pop someone with a single volley, you deserve the kill.
  3. Ado1fCarsar

    Simple fix to deadeye

    why would that be a problem? increase the accuracy by x% for each unique hit on you by the enemy for the next salvo.
  4. Ado1fCarsar

    Simple fix to deadeye

    another idea would be a dispersion boost based on how many enemies are shooting at you. the more focus fire you are under, the more accurate your guns.
  5. Ado1fCarsar

    Simple fix to deadeye

    Rather than it being more accurate when there are no ships detected within base detection range. Make it have more long range accuracy only when ships are spotted within base detection range. So pushing bbs get a dispersion boost vs far away targets but no boost vs short range targets.
  6. most CV players aren't good at dodging flak. low hp planes like MvR dodges flak well but gets shredded by continuous aa when you have dfaa and priority sector on. FDR planes can't really dodge flak, you need them to kill planes because continuous aa isn't enough vs their planes.
  7. the point isn't to scatter, it's to blow them up with flak and aa dmg multiplier.
  8. get both expert AA and AA gunner. when planes come for you turn into the planes and set priority sector and DFAA. ap planes won't do that much damage unless you give flat broadside. they won't survive a 2nd run.
  9. AA spec the cruisers and watch planes get shreaded.
  10. Ado1fCarsar

    Is Anyone Else Holding Off on Making 21-Point Captains?

    promoted 4 to 21, one to 20. still got 1.1m left. captain xp is pretty easy to come by with flags and camo.
  11. Just finished Kansas grind and fxp passed Minnesota to Vermont. So far it’s mediocre at best, it’s too reliant on the enemy being dumb and giving you broadsides to punish. It can’t dodge, can’t tank, can’t reposition, has horrendous he dpm. It’s too gimmicky of a ship to carry games with.
  12. Ado1fCarsar

    What's the new Petro/Moskva/Stalin build?

    Stalin is obsolete
  13. the new interface is confusing, where do I find the commander reserve so I can choose captains to dismiss?