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  1. Ado1fCarsar

    meaningful Kremlin nerfs

    it seems the secondaries hp have been nerfed as well, i just had my first kremlin game in a month or so and I got every single secondary knocked out.
  2. Ado1fCarsar

    Atago Buyers Remorse

    I got atago fo free
  3. Ado1fCarsar

    WG...refund requested afterHenry nerf

    I would like a refund for all the time I spent on this game, tyvm.
  4. Ado1fCarsar

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    why nerf kleber conceal? not only is it vulnerable as hell to CV it now can't really even stealth torp.
  5. Ado1fCarsar

    Smolensk and its relation to Armor

    Smolensk is not even that good at starting fires at range. Stop making it sound like an Uber ship when it isn’t.
  6. Ado1fCarsar

    Wargaming - Your Game is Broken

    I don’t understand people’s [edited] about Smolensk, it does basically no pen damage vs BBs. Sure it keeps lighting fires, guess what? Zao, henri, does monies, Wooster all light fires on you continuously, while doing pen damage.
  7. Ado1fCarsar

    HE Damage Saturation implementation

    This is just needless bitchin, smolensk cant pen any bb it faces. Most games it just racks up alot of fire damage without really doing much to kill ships. Just dont give it broadside, 700k of ap dpm [edited] you up fast.
  8. Ado1fCarsar

    pr grind

    WG doesn't care
  9. Ado1fCarsar

    Gifted ships block account?

    this is just utter garbage excuses by WG. Don't ever believe that ships can't be taken away from an account once purchased/gifted, no competent programmer would ever hard code such a thing. They are refusing to, plain and simple.
  10. Ado1fCarsar

    Isoroku Yamamoto

    you need to complete the campaign for him. musashi is no longer obtainable except from super containers and Christmas boxes.
  11. Ado1fCarsar

    Smolensk and regret?

    just got it, pretty boring ship. This thing is just a glass minigun, has no tank and no maneuverability. Not much skill involved in playing it.
  12. Ado1fCarsar

    Minotaur Eats Smolensk

    kleber [edited] Smolensk hard.
  13. Ado1fCarsar

    Stuck on Authorization?

    server having issues. I'm getting games where shots don't register at all, as in at point blank range they go through ships and don't hit anything and my most recent game in zara the luigi perks for range and 100 hits doesn't activate. theres some desync crapgoing on.