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  1. Derfburger1

    Premium Ship Review - Agincourt

    Just opened my 2 free crates from Prime gaming and got a free Agincourt. Only played a few matches in PVE but averaging 3 kills and 50k damage. Not too shabby. Like most BB at tier V slow as Christmas but the secondaries are glorious. Eats destroyers.
  2. Derfburger1

    Secret Santa 2020!

    @PaleoFrank Thank you so much I was camping and just got back to civilization. I very much appreciate the kind gift!
  3. Derfburger1

    Secret Santa 2020!

    Merry Christmas @ZARDOZ_II Hope you get something nice!
  4. I only got camos and flags from the free or containers you can earn or are gifted. Did the 11 for 2750 dubloons and got somewhere around 2 weeks premium, flags, camos, coal, and a Sims B!
  5. Derfburger1

    Returning player

    LOL long story, many moons ago I was trying to set up a hotmail account and couldn't get anything to be accepted because all names were used up. I asked my wife for ideas and she said Derfburger (my first name is Fred so Derf is Fred backwards). I used it and it was accepted. In most online games I find this name is almost never used so it stuck for almost everything. As you can see here I had to use Derfburger1 so there was at least one other Derfburger out there.
  6. Derfburger1

    Returning player

    Hi everyone, Quick question. Do they still do the returning player referrals? If so can someone PM me a referral? Thanks,
  7. Derfburger1

    2019 Secret Santa !

    I don't have much to give but... @Tekina_ @UraraShiraishi I sent a little Christmas Cheer to you both...
  8. Derfburger1

    2019 Secret Santa !

    tcbaker777 - sent you something - sorry its not more times are pretty tight this year, but I love to participate in these nice community events.
  9. Lol yeah I heard it called the Huang Meh, but it seems workable (just not top of the line), or maybe I am just crazy...
  10. Great stuff thank you to each and everyone who contributed to this thread. I really do appreciate all the advice and I have read each and every post. I think I will run pretty much with what I got and just work on grinding and getting better for awhile. But I am intrigued by the Huang He for only 9.99 seems a bargain for a tier 6 cruiser...
  11. Wow lots a great stuff really didn't expect so many response so quick. There is a lot of really great posts and I ran out of thumbs up (guess they are limited lol). A lot to digest here. I will look in depth and check out some of the links and such when I get home from work and check on any new posts. Great community A+
  12. Hi Everyone, 1st post here so please be gentle ;). I am a basically a new player. I noticed last night I finally passed the 500 game mark. Yay me! So that said I feel I am ready to dip my toes into the PvP (Random) aspect of the game. I really want to get into the Random battles before I develop too many bad habits from CoOp. I have tried a very few Random battles in the past, mostly just messing around or completing a mission and most were very early on so not very good results. I really enjoy running tier IV-VI ships, and definitely know better than to try jumping into anything higher as I would be slaughtered and drag the team down. Tier V and VI seem to be a nice spot for me so far in CoOp. I tried looking for Random games in tier II and III to practice, but at the times I am available to play (NA server late night) the wait time is rough in those low level ships. So enough about me and on to the meat… 1. I am considering getting a new ship so I am looking for some premium ship ideas that might be good in tier V or VI. The kicker is money is an issue (I know I am in the wrong game with money as an issue lol, but I do love warships) so I really don’t want to drop 50-60 dollars on a ship, but I do enjoy the benefits of a premium ship. I generally run premium time when I am playing heavily so the double dip with a premium ship and premium time is nice. I lean towards BB as they are more forgiving when I get stupid, but I like CL/CA too and just recently after getting a Guepard drop am starting to enjoy DD too (never touched CVs yet). I do already have some premium ships (either super cheap ones or free for missions or signing up etc). Tachibana Lima II Smith II Diana Lima II Charleston III Yubari IV Murmansk V Texas V Warspite VI- favorite so far got it as a sign up bonus Graf Zepplin VIII (got from a mission crate last month haven’t touched it – sure looks purty in my port tho) So any advice regarding premiums ships would be great. 2. General advice any for a new Random player will be appreciated. Not asking for a huge long response as I know there are a lot of youtubers, twitch streamers, how to posts, and all that. I watch and read what I can, but I work a good bit and have a family so quite often it boils down to watching twitch or actually getting to play a game. How about just some I wish I knew type tidbits. I wish I knew before I jumped in to Random… Anyway thanks in advance and I hope everyone has a great day! Derfburger PS Semper Fi to my fellow Marines I see posting on the board from time to time!