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  1. dusty25

    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    I've given up. Without the amount of gold needed that I don't have it is a non brainer. However let me say that I've been given some free stuff while its building just by letting it build. I never had a real chance as I've only two tier 5 ships an have no clue on how to play a tier 10 ship. So for me its back to the grind and maybe i'll get some more free stuff in the build. dusty
  2. Admiral Bingo I hope you can figure it out how to transfer your ships to me if that is what you want to do. As a newbie here i'm at a loss. Keeping my fingers crossed. thanks anyway however it works out for you sir. dusty
  3. Thanks, shows ya how much I don't know. Fill a bunch of books. Like I said don't want to make someone mad at me. To old for that stuff. However I do admit of being not to smart. :-) dusty
  4. Hello from an Partially disabled U.S. military veteran. Dusty is my name here. I've been watching UTube lately and have seen hundreds of boxes opened and mostly they have been not that great on the ships. I've only two tier V's and am asking if you have opened an received some lower ships you don't want gift them to me. If this is making members mad i'm sorry, if not I thanks anyone who would gift me a ship or two. I've a small government check each month but don't have the extra money to buy all those boxes that everyone seems not to like much. Sorry to ramble on like this, but ya can't find me for just asking. For all those nice folks playing our great game thanks, to those if I've offended sorry. Either way a very Merry Christmas to all...…….. Dusty
  5. dusty25

    Pureto Rico

    Well the game is wait an see. A lot of info here and I thank all of you for the input. So now hope all will be able to get her in the time allowed. Me I dunno if its possible. Played only 300+ games and have not the time each day. But will wait an see. Can't loose for not trying says I. Dusty
  6. dusty25

    Pureto Rico

    Opps!!! My bad spelling, an I've been there an should have done better. Ok waiting is the way to go until the next upgrade, whenever that is. thanks all, dusty
  7. dusty25

    Pureto Rico

    Thanks for the replys. I dont' know much, but it looks like I've nuff to get started. Maybe not finished, but can start it. I'm not that good on missions, but what the heck I can try. Ok so when 8.11 comes out we will all most likely know something. thanks again you serious gamers. dusty
  8. dusty25

    Pureto Rico

    How much gold do I need to complete the building of the Pureto Rico? I've just over 3000 gold mostly given to my here by the users on this game. I dunno if I've nuff to complete the building. Hmm I don't even know when I will be able to build the dern thing. Any help with some of you super players on any info will help this 78 year old navy veteran. I was on destroyers to many years ago and my ship then is a tier 10 here on the game. I ramble on, sorry...…. thanks, dusty
  9. dusty25

    What to buy

    thanks guys appreciate your input. Ok i'll hold off for now. I don't get a daily chance to play, its when the time is available for me. Yup I play the co-op games. to much of a coward to try the random game, and what ship to do it with. I have three BB's to play for now and one DD from a gift, so I'll just play for now and work up my courage to try a real game with real players. To all who answered my question a large thank you dusty
  10. dusty25

    What to buy

    Hello all, a question please. I've about 30,000 coal and am looking to buy a ship for the stuff. What should I buy? Have about 200 games and a gift I've received from a member is a tier 5 Arizona and am playing it kinda of ok. But most of my ships are tier 2 to 4. I don't care about the tier or what kind of ship anything but a carrier. Any help please as I could use some direction from all you serious game players. I hate wasting the coal on a ship I won't like. Thanks for any help. dusty
  11. dusty25

    Gift from a nice person

    Just a final note here, I wanted to say for a newbie I was wowed over with all the help I got. Never got a gift before and everyone was just great with all the help. I finally figured it out and did leave a thank you note to the person who gave me the gifts. But wanted to say a rather large thank you here for all the help. You all stepped up for me and I do appreciate it. Now back to the game..... dusty
  12. dusty25

    Gift from a nice person

    GOT THEM!!!! Finally figured it out. What a dummy am I...……………...thanks for all the help. dusty
  13. dusty25

    Gift from a nice person

    Ok let me explain all this stuff. My outlook account was lockout. I had to redo the email address thing and comfirm it. So upto now I had NO clue my email account here was locked out for me. I think I straighten it out and was able to read all the emails I was unable to before. Got out of the game and relogged in. The log in was automatic and when I got back in the game there was still nothing in the premium shop in the upper right had corner. Just things I could purchase. Should I delete the whole game and start all over again? I think its partically my fault as I didn't know my email here was screwed up. The asked me if I wanted to download the game, but I've been playing it now for about a month or three. I am at my wits end. Whatever that means. Being my email was locked and I didn't know it, ive no clue where the gifts went, where they are and how I can access them. If anyone can figure any of this out, go to the head of my class, because i'm the real dummy here. I did find the emails he sent me, but nothing in the premium shop on the game. Jeez what a mess. dusty
  14. dusty25

    Gift from a nice person

    This is very frustrating. I've no emails and the premium shop don't say anything. You would think wargaming would make it kind of easier to find and get these gifts. I however do appreciate the effort that the giver has done for me. I however would like it to be somewhat easier to get the gift. I am very grateful for all in trying to help me, but so far na-da. Keep the ideas coming as I just might get lucky and get the correct one. Should I log out and re log in to go to the premium shop. Cause there ani't nothing there call claim your gift etc. thanks dusty
  15. Somebody has given me a gift. As a newbie here I've no clue on how to get it. Can someone give me some directions on how to recover a gift please. So much I don't know. Dusty25