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  1. Wazaa16

    Hall of Fame

    The Hall of Fame is designed for WG to expose bots and delete them from the game once and for all.
  2. Wazaa16

    can you stop mixing t10 vs t8?

    When being bottom tier patience is key. Try to hug higher tier ships and survive until after half-time. Don't rush to much forward and don't be a lone wolf. Before you know it you are one of the last survivors with around 100k damage and then just pray to RNGesus that you will win the battle.
  3. You are right! Apologies and edited
  4. What do you mean with fantasy; paper ships or real real fantasy Germany only had two BBs during WO2: the bismarck and the Tirpitz and look at the whole line WG came up with for german BBs! This is a compliment to WG not complaining. edited: Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were also in the German real existing WW2 fleet.
  5. Wazaa16

    Any plans to make DD's relevant again?

    Said by a person who's top 3 cruisers are all radar. Your arguments are invalid. Actually where is your argument?
  6. Wazaa16

    Smolensk or Thunderer

    I'd get the Georgia.
  7. Wazaa16

    Iwaki and Arkansas

    Don't count on it. I have the Arkansas Beta on my first account (Europe server) and WG would not help me transfer my beta stuff (CBT flag and Arkansas Beta) to my newer main account (NA server).
  8. Can't wait for my Puerto Rico to turn from a premium in to a tech line ship!
  9. Wazaa16

    Anyone else have this happen to them? Lol.

    I have exactly the same thing! Already finished all directives and spend all my tokens...
  10. Wazaa16

    Halsey campaign, and best ship him?

    I thought EGIRL only accepted girls in their clan
  11. Wazaa16

    Chat ban rules

    This threat's topic went a little offroad. My simple question was; is it justice for a player, when that player misbehaved in the public chat, to also get a ban from the other chats (clan chat, division chat, friend chat)? I don't think so but based on the earlier comments I think there is a big generation gap.
  12. Double CVs allows you to set a record on "planes destroyed" on the leaderboards!
  13. Wazaa16

    New Favorite Ship!

    My favorite ship is the Georgia! Her manoeuvrability and speed allows me to position myself on cheeky spots early on in the game for surprise flanking salvo's. Good USN BB Tier 8+ AA, very accurate highest caliber guns (only 6 though) and last but not least; fun secondaries!