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  1. Captain_Cavemn

    Clan chat missing

    I have been searching for quite a while to find out how to fix my clan chat. I logged on and it was just gone? Any ideas?
  2. I received an email with the link for compensation for server outage. I clicked the link and logged in but no compensation received. How do you tell if you received something for the server outage?
  3. Captain_Cavemn

    Located before i move

    Thank you all for responding, I get it now! Thanks again
  4. Captain_Cavemn

    Located before i move

    I have been noticing lately that I am located before I even move in a random. At the start of the battle? Is it a hack or is it something I do not know about? Just wondering
  5. Captain_Cavemn

    Player compliment / rag

    I am learning how to play a dd. We were in a battle where we take the base of the enemy. I was fighting the ship and all of a sudden no-one was shooting at me. I was close to the base so I snuck in. I got spotted and ended up getting destroyed but, It occurred to me that if I popped smoke and stayed put we might have won. Being the person that I am; I called myself out on it in chat. What a mistake! A player who "I will not put his name" saw that started ragging on me. Lol calling myself out on it was not the thing to do! But I wanted to respond. Foolishly I typed in chat "There is always one [edited] in the bunch"! The guy right-clicked my name and chose something and I lost one of my Compliment points. All that tells me is... Never call yourself out and the complement system can be used as a weapon by babies! As a rule, if I do not have anything good to say I do not say anything... Funny thing is the guy ragging me was one of the first to die. "Just a game no need to get your panties in a bunch"! Lol
  6. Captain_Cavemn

    Am I missing something?

    I have never been AFK before so it shocked me i guess
  7. Captain_Cavemn

    Am I missing something?

    It just feels like I am being punished. Makes me just not want to spend money on this game! If I wanted to be abused I would just spend the money on my wife!
  8. Captain_Cavemn

    Am I missing something?

    Today I received the Wows update. I started a battle and my computer froze. After waiting 5 min I had to restart my computer. When I log back in I received a message saying you have been fined for unsportsmanlike conduct! I have never, not joined in the battle before! Even though I see many AFK. SO I guess I had to restart the frikken game before I entered any battle? They gave me a 3 battle frikken pink name now. WTH The game works fine now but damn. Anyone have this happen to them before?
  9. Captain_Cavemn

    Random Battles

    I am new and have been doing Random Battles. We win when everyone stays together and all fires on the same ship. But in the last few days, there has been so much blaming going on. You cannot blame someone else if you charge into "A" without any support! It would be nice to win but, no one seems to work together or at the first incoming salvo they run and hide without helping! Is this normal for randoms? Kind of makes me wonder if it is worth the effort?
  10. Captain_Cavemn

    Savage Battle opinions.

    I love the Savage Battle but I keep running out of credits lol
  11. Captain_Cavemn

    Am I missing something?

    I guess so but that just seems strange to me. He was so close and disappeared. Chalk it up to a learning moment. Thanks for responding
  12. Captain_Cavemn

    Am I missing something?

    I was in my Mahan. I was in a teammates smoke and popped my own there too. This Izmail killed my teammate. I was not detected. There were no cyclones or land masses to get in the way and the Izmail just disappears as I am going in for the kill at less than 5km. How can a BB just disappear when I am right on him? So I decided to scram because something was funny and he popped up at point blank and killed me with a broadside. That is one stealthy BB huh? So, am I missing something or is it just a fluke?
  13. Captain_Cavemn

    In a rut "Nothing but Co-Op's".

    Thank you! I did try random battles and was shell shocked. Great advice here. :)
  14. Captain_Cavemn

    In a rut "Nothing but Co-Op's".

    As I am a noob "Haha" I am still learning so much. That's all I have been doing since I started playing was Co-Op's lol thanks
  15. Just received my Sinop. It seems to be 1 Co-Op after another. Was wondering if you guys do all your ships with the +50% exp every day?