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  1. Captain_Cavemn

    Game is decided in first 2-4 minutes

    Totally agree! Just had a game where they said exactly that then everyone at C went camping behind the rocks and could not support me. Doh!!!
  2. Captain_Cavemn

    Ever wish you recorded a battle?

    Ok, here it is on Youtube.
  3. Captain_Cavemn

    Ever wish you recorded a battle?

    Thank You to all that responded! So here is just a clip of the battle. Thanks again Tallinndblstrk.wmv
  4. I usually record every battle I have so I can find out what I did wrong or right but, I did not turn it on this time. I was in a random. In Tallinn and had a double strike on 2 CV's. The only thing is I did not record it. Lol, I could not believe it lol!
  5. Thank you Soshi as always a great explanation :)

  6. Captain_Cavemn

    Are wins just worthless?

    If you play a lot of random battles like I do without teaming up with clanmates "do you think it is just the luck of the draw on getting a good team?" I mean the computer selects random teams. I know that every game relies heavily on focus fire and most losses relate to lone ranger players instead of team players. But have been wondering if the match wins and losses are a statistic worth looking into?
  7. Captain_Cavemn

    Problem I see with the New Penalty System

    Had many BB's cut in front of my torp run so I had to withhold my torps and move on. but as a rule, I only shoot torps when my team is away from me. Unless there is smoke. "Warning this player randomly shoots torps into smoke" LOL
  8. Captain_Cavemn

    WG, it's time to get rid of the Karma system

    As a rule, I live by I only compliment. But I do know players that use it as a weapon. just another shell to dodge
  9. Captain_Cavemn

    Add ons / Mods

    I will now thanks
  10. Captain_Cavemn

    Add ons / Mods

    I have noticed that in World of Tanks they have add-ons Curse Forge but World of Warships does not. Are there any add-ons that can be used easily for World of Warships? What do you think?
  11. Sanzang is the biggest turd ship I have ever spent money on! Not enough planes Heck even the cv tier below it has more planes and they do not get shot down easily like this ship.
  12. Captain_Cavemn

    Saipan/Sanzang Aircraft quantity

    The Sanzang is just the biggest dog of a ship I have ever bought! Not enough planes and They get shot down so easily. This ship no-one should ever buy! I feel like a fool for buying this turd!
  13. Captain_Cavemn

    A CV Torp run

    Was looking at my screenshots and found this ROFL
  14. Captain_Cavemn

    In game browser is playing a video

    Same thing is happening to me
  15. Captain_Cavemn

    kicks me out b4 getting into game

    I fixed this... what I did was run a repair on the game and it fixed it