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  1. Captain_Cavemn

    Ranked Battles: the Seventeenth Season

    I love ranked but the only thing that bothers me is the back and forward of winning battles! I mean you have to rely on other captains and some are just starting. I have flopped between 9 and 11 many times so far ggrrrr hahaha. I realize it is just random players any nonsarcastic tips?
  2. Captain_Cavemn

    Myoko prices off

    Oh well i just bought something else
  3. Captain_Cavemn

    Myoko prices off

    Prices different. I know it shows A sale but will not let me buy for sale price
  4. Captain_Cavemn

    The real problem is radar

    It is very tough on DD's when there are too many radars
  5. Captain_Cavemn

    Server down?

    NA server lag so bad. Everyone complaining about it. They need to reset the server or something! What a waste of flags and camo
  6. Yes, I did so I used what tokens I had. Sad
  7. Captain_Cavemn

    No instructions for using radio location

    Great information! Thank You to all that responded...
  8. I have watched videos and read everything I can find on radiolocation but there is no clear set of instructions! Does anyone have an idea of where I can find them or is it aa wing and a prayer captain's skill?
  9. Captain_Cavemn

    Clan chat missing

    I have been searching for quite a while to find out how to fix my clan chat. I logged on and it was just gone? Any ideas?
  10. I received an email with the link for compensation for server outage. I clicked the link and logged in but no compensation received. How do you tell if you received something for the server outage?
  11. Captain_Cavemn

    Located before i move

    Thank you all for responding, I get it now! Thanks again
  12. Captain_Cavemn

    Located before i move

    I have been noticing lately that I am located before I even move in a random. At the start of the battle? Is it a hack or is it something I do not know about? Just wondering
  13. Captain_Cavemn

    Player compliment / rag

    I am learning how to play a dd. We were in a battle where we take the base of the enemy. I was fighting the ship and all of a sudden no-one was shooting at me. I was close to the base so I snuck in. I got spotted and ended up getting destroyed but, It occurred to me that if I popped smoke and stayed put we might have won. Being the person that I am; I called myself out on it in chat. What a mistake! A player who "I will not put his name" saw that started ragging on me. Lol calling myself out on it was not the thing to do! But I wanted to respond. Foolishly I typed in chat "There is always one [edited] in the bunch"! The guy right-clicked my name and chose something and I lost one of my Compliment points. All that tells me is... Never call yourself out and the complement system can be used as a weapon by babies! As a rule, if I do not have anything good to say I do not say anything... Funny thing is the guy ragging me was one of the first to die. "Just a game no need to get your panties in a bunch"! Lol
  14. Captain_Cavemn

    Am I missing something?

    I have never been AFK before so it shocked me i guess
  15. Captain_Cavemn

    Am I missing something?

    It just feels like I am being punished. Makes me just not want to spend money on this game! If I wanted to be abused I would just spend the money on my wife!