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  1. legendarydaveftw

    Will Siroco return?

    Will WG re-release the Siroco again? I made a mistake and didnt realize I sold it months ago. I miss it and would like to buy it back.
  2. legendarydaveftw

    Public Test: Autumn Season

    You want us to test? M.I.S.S.O.U.R.I.
  3. I feel I have been ripped off a bit. I almost had enough tokens to get the 4th legion bundle in the armory. I was less than 70 tokens short and was unable to afford a Bayard. Thinking that I would not be able to obtain the remaining needed tokens, I spent what I had on other items. Now I have a camo that I didn't really want and still have no chance at getting that Mogador until it's released in 088. Too late now and I'm sure I'd get a response of something like "sorry you feel that way" or "too bad so sad" from wg. I feel it's important to say something though. Fem, if you read this, understand that there are more like me. WG missing some pretty tiny details that are leading to some very disappointed gamers. I'm sure it's no skin off WG's back, after all the money's in the bank now. On to the next event, even it is a bit of a lame-o. what really stinks is the fact that players who spend money don't get treated better for their loyalty and expenditures.