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  1. kriegsmarine_gaming

    Russian Carriers

    USSR CV's are stupid broken So, if you've been in a game with a Super tester on the enemy team, you probably encountered Nahkimov or one of the USSR CV's. After having a few games with/against them, as a normal player, they're broken as [edited]. You might look at my stats and think I don't know jack, but that's ignoring the problem. These damn Cv's can remove a stupid amount of Hit Points on a lot of ships. Their rockets can remove cruisers, bombs can severely hurt destroyers, cruisers and battleships, and the torps are something else entirely. I'd rather leave this open to discussion but at least get WG to see that their idea for these russian carriers should be pushed back, retested, and nerfed to no tomorrow.
  2. kriegsmarine_gaming

    Submarines - revised

    @SeaDog1979 Thanks for the input! Honestly there is still a lot to be done to submarines for the game to be balanced, as many of us have said, each class has a counter to one another, BB>CL, DD>BB, CL>DD, CV>All. Considering that subs were just kind of thrown in without warning and had next to no balancing, it's difficult for people to enjoy them right now.
  3. kriegsmarine_gaming

    Submarines - revised

    All good mate. And yeah, the problem here is a lot of people are forgetting this is still the test phase i quite like what you're suggesting and i really hope this is the case.
  4. kriegsmarine_gaming

    Submarines - revised

    Agreed, hence why the dive time for 6m+ should take longer than 1 second, once you're up, you're up for a bit, you go back down
  5. So I know this topic is very controversial as of the implementation of subs. But as of right now, the Subs don't exactly have many counters. Keeping in mind that submarines have been relatively scaled up to meet standards of the game, like destroyers being upscaled due to them being hard to hit. Submarines are fine in size, damage and range, where the problem is coming from is the "C-tapping", when players sit at 5.9m and simply tap C to sink when under fire, there is also the issue of Spotting enemy warships, but i'm here to talk about balancing the submarines, not the spotting issue. These are concept ideas so feel free to suggest better balancing or concept ideas; 1. Underwater mines (specific to submarines) for Heavy cruisers Or Battleships 2. EMP for magnetic torpedoes (disengages magnetic lock but lets the torps run smooth) 3. Depth charges should take no less than 3-6 seconds to recharge 4. Spotting a submarine should only be possible if they are >6m (As any Ship) 4.1. spotting a submarine as a submarine should be possible at any depth 4.2. spotting a ship as a submarine should only be possible at 6m+ 5. Depth charges should get a buff/nerf in damage (10-30%) 6. Submarine AA should be possible when surfaced at 0m 7. Torpedoes get sent all at once or with a 2 second interval as a submarine 8. AP should hit a submarine and flood it when 'surfaced' (regardless of range, it's a submarine, not a dd) In other regards, submarines are fine as is, nothing else (apart from spotting) needs to be changed. Again, feel free to criticize and reccomend ideas