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  1. What if I don't play at all for a sprint, will I drop back then, or still restart at Silver 10?
  2. I hit rank 1 in the first sprint, but had some unexpected travel and did not qualify for Silver. I just hit rank 1 again in Bronze last night. Rereading the rules it seems that if I qualify for Silver I am going to be stuck in Silver (or Gold) for the rest of the season (2 more months) It seems that I cannot get back to Bronze once I qualify up. Am I reading that right? The only reason I ask is I have a lot of Tier 8s that I like playing and that I am regrinding, and I generally DON'T like Tier X gameplay.
  3. So from the stream today I should* have gotten the twitch mission, the twitch container and the Token Mission 1. I claimed all three, but nothing is in game tonight when I got home. I even got kicked and relogged into the game a second time tonight and still nothing. Am I missing something or just techno-illiterate or what? @Hapa_Fodder
  4. @Hapa_Fodder @foodprinter Here are screenshots of 20.9 without plane and 21.3 with plane, same game, seconds apart
  5. Feldo357

    Ships & Fates campaign - is this a joke?

    seriously, pay the 9800 doubloons, get the ship and win a battle, then when you complete the strasbourg campaign you get 9500 doubloons compensation, a port slot and commander, and in the meantime you only paid 300 doubloons for all the santa commanders and the camos and in my case the extra portslots cause i have all those tier 5 ships
  6. Feldo357

    Would It Make Sense To Wait To Buy Santas?

    NOT going to happen, there have been short lists on these since they started. In my case I have all the mega short list except for Yudachi, so I will LIKELY get Yudachi, but If I roll anything else, I get a super container and all the ships are (theoretically) available on the reroll. Exact same story as last year, and the year before. In contrast, I don't particularly want California and I don't have Orkan (nor care) so I probably want to avoid the Big Gifts unless I am OK with getting those two ships first.
  7. Guess I'll celebrate with a turkey feast. I have been hovering about 10 games negative for the last 6ish months to maybe even longer.
  8. Feldo357

    Don't lose hope. They still exist.

    I have been keeping track since Sept 10th, so basically 65 days, I play to at least 2 containers a day, 95% of days, 3 super containers in that time I have a running average of 517 and change coal per container
  9. also tried, it just randomly shuffles the carousel, no rhyme or reason Ran WG check and submitted a ticket, hopefully they are working on it
  10. Mine actually puts the most recent to the RIGHT now, and I used to have it set to the left like you did, and am unable to change it back. No idea why the change, but I tried to alert WG two different ways, hopefully they are working on this. @Hapa_Fodder
  11. Feldo357

    Carousel Sort Functions

    the carousel filter, bottom right corner lets you sort by tier, nation, type (dd, cruiser, BB), or by most recent battle It is supposed to sort from the top first, then sort from the bottom on a second selection of the same
  12. I am trying to sort my carousel so the most recent battle ships are on the Left hand side of my screen, but I cannot. When I sort by nation, the IJN is on the Left, when I sort by Tier, Tier1 is on the left. But when sorting by recent battle, the most recent is on the Right side of the screen, for both primary ships and nonprimary. When i click the sort by recent battles again, it just randomly shuffles the carousel and it does not reset when I play a battle.
  13. Bump to the top. Back to the topic at hand, does anyone know what the compensation for Florida if you get the bundle and already have Florida in port? @Hapa_Fodder
  14. Nope, right now the only way to get the flag is the bundle, thus the question
  15. Back to the topic at hand...