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  1. Feldo357

    Error Directive 1 : Earn 2200 base XP

    No his screenshot is base xp What is the statistical prob of getting exactly 2200 base xp? Math wizzes, lets see some numbers
  2. So I got 4 whitish boxes the same size as standard containers. I didn't know this was wrong. Everyone is saying that we should be getting the new squarish Soviet Containers that have tokens in them? (Is it bad that I would rather have the coal than the 20 tokens?)
  3. Feldo357

    the mighty jingles lies!

    "Actually, Jingles ... " *heading back to the salt mines
  4. Feldo357

    Shopping Cart

    Why are you paying fees to pay in russian money, use USD on the US website? Coupons, dude. If you can use a coupon, like an anniversary coupon, that provides say 30% off, and you could apply it to a whole cart... They are in business and need to make money to stay that way.
  5. Feldo357

    Manual secondary fire control advice

    Ctrl + mouse click the target In order to change target, same process
  6. Feldo357

    Regrinding Lines questions

    Thanks all, still probably a month away from finishing the fourth and fifth lines, but good info to go forward with.
  7. Feldo357

    Regrinding Lines questions

    I was grinding out Shchors, and the Ovechkin thing gave me Chapy. I have since finished grinding out Shchors (thanks Narai and 200%) but DID NOT have to grind out Chapy since I had her in port. Shchors is now elite (fwtw). Do I get points for Shchors or Chapy or both?
  8. Feldo357

    Regrinding Lines questions

    Yeah so for Italian Cruisers I got the 5 and just started there. So I am going to miss out because I didn't grind 1-4? (never owned them, never played them)
  9. Feldo357

    Regrinding Lines questions

    Thanks for the quick answers, that was my understanding that I needed the tier X is all.
  10. So I am not to the point that I have the research bureau, but will soon. When I reset a line, do I have to have all the ships researched? What if I got the ship in early access? For instance, Italian Cruisers, I got the Tier 5 in early access which means I never played Tiers 1-4. So do I get less points for not having played those ships? Is it worth my time to quick like grind those out?
  11. Details 1st screen - Cleveland 36k damage spread over three ships, nothing spectacular 2nd screen - Cleveland credits earned $68k (with premium) 3rd screen - N Carolina 85k damage spread over three ships, at least 2 citadels in the mix 4th screen - N Carolina $66k credits earned (with premium) Even though I did SIGNIFICANTLY more damage to each target with the North Carolina I got paid less. I understand that they were Tier 6s instead of Tier 8s, but that was more than twice the damage. The pay rate drops off that sharply? Anyone understand this better than I? (rhetorical question) Please explain. Use small words, been stuck at home with the kiddos for going on 5 days straight.
  12. Feldo357

    Unknown Perma Camo

    So while waiting for my ship to come off cooldown I was in my inventory and saw this. I unlocked the Three Crowns on Visby, Vasteras, and Skane, and also the Smalland and Halland (someday, i'll have time to grind this out, maybe 2025 will be my year ) But I have an unaccounted for Three Crowns Camo. So I dug further. No idea what this is for, the rest of the camos indicate which ship it mounts on, or in some cases it says that it can be linked to a T8 ship for instance. But not this one. Would like to put it on my Oland if possible. Anyone?
  13. Feldo357

    Smoke Gen Mod 1 and Creeping Smoke

    They also work on the Huanghe, same effect. Probably the single best upgrade in the game.
  14. Feldo357

    PTS Questions

    Thanks all for the responses. Us n00bs gotta learn somehow. :)