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  1. Incomitatus

    Understand this Wargaming

    Yep. It's almost like it takes time to figure things out after a major change. Fancy that!
  2. Give us a manual *option*, but leave it possible to automate, like another Russian made game does.
  3. Most CCs I've seen have been critical of the Rework and other things. Often quite stridently. Yet they're still CCs. Everyone thinking Flamu was ditched for criticism needs a reality check. As for myself, I say "About damn time."
  4. Incomitatus

    previous dockyard ships

    Why, when discussing Dockyard ships, only the PR, Odin, and Hizen get mentioned. I have an Anchorage in my port. I remember building it in the Dockyard. Right? Am I crazy? Do I misremember?
  5. It makes perfect sense. The designs assume a post-Pearl Harbor refit like the historic ships mostly got. The US philosophy for those refits was "bolt AA on to the ship in any available space". Think of USS Texas. Larger hulls means more space for AA mounts.
  6. Incomitatus

    BBs super heavy AP skill

    It would be a small hedge against bad luck. Regarding fires and floods... most matches I don't flood with DCP on cooldown. That's just not a major factor. Fires are the real deal, but it's far from 100% of games where I have fires I can't put out or directly counter with RP. Maybe 50% of matches, usually with CVs in play. I also have a near-lifetime supply of fire duration signals, and it's easy enough to farm more. But it is fires that give me pause, and the trade-off of taking some other skill. I doubt I'll ever take it, but I don't think the case is quite as clear as you do.
  7. Incomitatus

    BBs super heavy AP skill

    I don't take the skill, but I've thought about it. In three games last night, each game had 1-2 red ships survive a salvo of mine with 150-600 HP. That's common enough to be typical. An extra 5% damage per salvo would have secured me more kills and allowed me to switch targets 30 seconds sooner in a couple cases. A 5% increase in damage output can mean red ships guns silenced sooner, which has a snowballing effect vis-a-vis Lancaster's Laws. It might be worth it in closely balanced matches. So far, though, I've prioritized my own ship's durability.
  8. Incomitatus

    Torpedoes Destroyed!

    Imagine my Mutsu playing the world's tinniest sad violin.
  9. Incomitatus

    BBs super heavy AP skill

    Heavier shells have more stability in flight and greater momentum. Given the skill name it ought to increase damage, increase penetration, improve penetration angles, and reduce dispersion. THEN it might be worth the negatives, but might be OP.
  10. Next year, TRIREMES! RAMMING SPEED!!!
  11. Right, but if I'm not interested in the rest of the line, it's not a critical acquisition. It'd be nice if I got it, but I'm not going to prioritize it.
  12. Fair enough, then. I've decided I'm not currently interested in the Pan-Asian DD playstyle. So my enthusiasm is... lacking. Best of luck to you, though!
  13. Incomitatus

    Must have missed the bulletin.......

    There's been an inordinate amount of salt in Co-op chat the last couple days in my experience. Probably half my games had someone going off about reporting other players in chat.
  14. Do you really want the Lunar New Year rewards? I was looking at the requirements and the reward and decided, "You know what? Nope." I'm grinding the last directives for the Dockyard for the steel and RPs, and I'm trying to get my first 21-pointer trained up (currently 20points@300000/700000). If I happen to complete the Lunar New Year in the process, great, but I'm not stressing it.
  15. The only thing that first part of the video proves is that if you let yourself get paddled while YOLO'ing a battleship, what little hull points you have left are yummy snacks for a CV. Those players tried to Win Harder and the paid for the bad play. Also, the salt. Oh my god, the salt...