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  1. Hey everyone! As I progress further in the game I have some questions about mechanics. I've done some reading on the forums but a lot of the posts on the subject are old and in some cases I don't fully understand them. Just wondering if someone can offer some advice/clarification and/or check my understanding is correct. Sigma: a value not shown in the game's ship stats the determines how likely shells/salvos are to land towards the middle of the dispersion circle/ellipse. If we think of horizontal dispersion (shown in-game) as the x axis and vertical dispersion (estimated based on shell speed and firing arc) as the y axis, this shows how likely a shell is to land in the middle of that ellipse vs towards the edges. This concept I feel like I have a fairly good grasp of. Angling: I understand that you want to angle your ship. The simple part of this is that by angling yourself towards/away from incoming fire you make yourself a thinner target and reduce the exposure of your broadside, making your ship harder to hit. This makes the wider dispersion of larger enemy ships like BB's work more in your favour. Where things start to get hairy is.... Autobounce angle: I understand that shells fired from a narrow angle are more likely to ricochet. If we call the bow 0°, what exactly defines a narrow angle? Something like +/-15-30°? What is this mythical autobounce angle where every shell that hits you will supposedly ricochet, and what are some tips to put this to practical use when playing? Is there something in the user interface to help with this? I've found I can occasionally bounce shells, but want to know how to do it predictably and repeatably. Overmatch: As I understand it this is related to autobounce but I don't fully understand the relationship. From what I can tell it seems to be that really large guns (like many BB guns) can penetrate clean through thin armour (like bow armour on a CA) without arming, then arm when they hit the citadel armour, fully penetrate the citadel armour, and then get citadel hits. I've heard this is why you don't want to drive straight at anything with big guns, because these shots hit your deck/bow armour and go right through, but I don't know if that's true. Can I somehow use angling to stop these hits? If so how, and what's the relation to the autobounce angle? On the flip side, if I'm driving a BB how do I know when I can overmatch another ship? For context, I'm mostly a DD and CL/CA player and have decent situational awareness so I've found at lower tiers (III-VI) I can often go dark and kite my way out of trouble. At higher tiers not so much, and as I experiment with KM BB's this becomes even more evident. In the BB's I find I'm taking a lot of pen damage even if the turtleback saves me from citadels. It seems I'm either lagging behind and as a result causing little damage, or that I get focus-fired and eat a bunch of pen and fire damage when I push forward to try to get in the action and make myself useful. Any help/advice/clarification is greatly appreciated!
  2. FreyasMight

    Share your favourite WOWS battle stories!!!

    That's awesome! Can't say I've ever heard of a "Double Strike" with secondaries. I love deleting DD's as a BB and watching the secondaries light everything up and that must have been a rush! I love it when teams come together like that. Those rare games where everyone just knows what to do and can make it happen are the best! That's just plain brilliant! I would have loved to see the look on the face of that Bayern captain. Funny, I have a story about that too but in a Ranger. I was just as surprised as everyone else when it happened. I had cleaned up a flank with a couple low-health BB's earlier in the game, caused some other damage and took out a couple DD's didn't think too much of it, and then sealed the deal by dropping the final bomb on the enemy carrier to finish the game. Didn't even realize I'd get one either, I was just thinking about what I could do to best help the team and that game it happened to be cleaning up the mess.
  3. FreyasMight

    Share your favourite WOWS battle stories!!!

    Also, 7 kills in anything is super impressive, my congrats to you on that!
  4. FreyasMight

    Share your favourite WOWS battle stories!!!

    Damn, I didn't even realize you could save replays. There are some games I wish I had done that for in retrospect. The two above would have been quite funny to watch.
  5. I'd love to hear some of everyone's favourite WOWS moments because I know there's people with 10k+ battles out there and if I've got some stories from my approx. 800, I can only imagine what you've seen. Entertaining blunders, exemplary teamwork, daring gambles, or a combination of all three. Anything goes! A couple from me to get started: I was playing the USN Nicholas last night in a game of Domination on Ring and scouted area B. I managed to outgun an enemy DD relatively quickly and wound up all alone in the cap. We won the first couple knife fights of the battle, capped A and C, and then all hell broke loose for the reds. A lone Okt. Revolutsiya made the bold if not questionable decision to straight-line into B completely unsupported. At 5km I hit the engine boost from behind an island and at 2.5km delivered a full broadside of torps from the left tubes, saw the PT indicator go up like a thermometer, and promptly popped smoke. His division-mate in a Pytor Velikiy then made the equally questionable decision to charge my smoke, also unsupported. That was the day we all learned discretion is the better part of valour, or in other words that a Nicholas has torpedo tubes on BOTH sides of the ship. The game didn't last much longer after that. Another good one happened in the Furutaka. It was the best game I ever played in it (although absolutely not how you're supposed to Furutaka) and it all began with me taking out a DD while supporting a cap at C on Fault Line. Not atypical, but it went so well that our DD and USN CA sailed right on through chasing down a retreating enemy CL. In all our glory it failed to occur to us that half the enemy fleet was still steaming full speed ahead towards C. We got caught with our pants down and the lead enemy BB (a Sinop) sent our CA running and shredded our DD. At this point I was 7km from it and on an intersect course. Knowing I was too close to run, I charged it, narrowly missed an accidental ram, and broadsided it with torps, sinking it. More or less the exact opposite of how you're supposed to play the Furutaka. Before the rest of the enemy fleet could get close enough I turned up towards B and our fleet and tried to redeem myself and play this ship properly. That lasted all of about 30 seconds before a German BB popped out from an island near the channel at C. With a combination of lousy KM dispersion and likely a nervous trigger finger it managed to miss an otherwise un-missable point blank salvo and, with all my guns pointing the wrong way, I did the only thing I could: turn and give it the other broadside of torps. By this point, a Pheonix had caught up with me on my left. My left-hand torps reloaded moments after I saw it drop fish in the water and, knowing it was the end, I fired the last broadside of torps, sinking both of us in the scuffle. So that's the story of my comedy of errors turned best game ever in the Furutaka, with 3 torp kills (out of 4), a "High Caliber", and a lot of bewildered teammates.
  6. FreyasMight

    German BB Commander Skills 2019

    Totally second this, if I've got dd's on both sides of me, I'm up sh*t creek big time. I've gotten in the habit of assigning secondaries before I need to too
  7. FreyasMight

    German BB Commander Skills 2019

    Thanks guys! The skills I can see myself using are: -PT (self-explanatory) -AR (because you're going to spend a lot of the game at lower health if brawling) -HA (because I can be a little less conservative with damage control) -SI (because of those extra heals, and at higher tiers hydro or other consumables) -Vigilance (because avoiding torps and minimizing fire are my two main priorities survivability-wise) -AFT (because of the increased secondaries range and damage) -Manual Fire Secondaries (because of the much better dispersion, therefore landing more hits) -FP (because fire is a big concern of mine if brawling because I know I'm going to get lit up) I see a lot of people take EM but it seems a strange choice on BB's due to the long reload times and slow turret traverse that already forces you to think about where you want your guns. I also see a lot of people recommending BFT but it seems like a small increase since the KM secondaries already feel like they have a decent reload time to me, and the AA boost isn't much. Am I missing something here? Also what do you guys run for mods/consumables? (e.g. Damage Control Party II seems like it would negate HA, freeing up the points for something else, hydro renders Vigilance kind of obsolete, etc.)
  8. I just started grinding the German BB line the other night as something different (I play mostly IJN CA's) and have been reading up on what people take as commander skills, but a lot of it seems outdated. Any recommendations for the current meta?
  9. Hey guys, coming back to this after a couple weeks of testing out PT on a captain I recruited more or less for this sole purpose, stuck him in my Furutaka and Aoba, and oh man does it make a difference. Probably something I couldn't play without now. Thanks for the great advice and pushing me out of my comfort zone, I think it's made me a better player all in all! Footnote: I tired a few games in my Tenryu and Kuma for the hell of it which are still running IFA and while I do miss PT, I've noticed it gets more useful as you go up the tiers and you're facing better opponents with better ships *EDIT* footnote 2: situational awareness is still king though and I find I'm not playing much differently tactics-wise, I'm just given much more information to make decisions with PT than with IFA and it's made self-preservation much easier.
  10. Basically what I do. When I go into a contested area of the map I assume everyone is targeting me, or most of the time I don't seriously contest part of the map until late in the game when I can pick and choose my engagements a little more on my terms. Same with capturing an area. If the enemy team still has DD's and they aren't spotted on the map I assume they're near me and use hydro if I've got any left. I look for turret directions, count seconds between shots, watch for whether people fire full salvos or just one set of guns, etc. IFA is just my safety to let me know when I screwed up and to dodge shells at range (those IJN CA's are surprisingly maneuverable).
  11. Maybe I'm just a noob, but this went right over my head... to catch what? Good point, I've definitely learned that the hard way. I tend to take out new ships in co-op for a while first because the stakes are lower and it has less effect on someone's team. The transition from IJN CL's to CA's was a learning experience, oh man. But I found I improved as a player by the end of it for sure. Good call, that might be something I discover as I get higher in the tiers or play other ships. So far if I start dodging right as it's fired I've had good results, but I also play maneuverable ships. I wouldn't try the same thing with a BB.
  12. I've been reading what commander skills people like on their captains (mostly for CL's and CA's) and a majority of people seem to like PT. I've tried both and I've always liked IFA, which seems to make me the odd one out. My reasoning and experience with both are as follows: I tend to be pretty aware of my surroundings, so if the IFA indicator goes off and catches me by surprise it tells me I've missed something and need to take evasive action RIGHT NOW and figure out where the shells came from. Since the game auto-locks on targets, and because larger ships have a longer turret traverse, I found PT a little misleading since I may be targeted by the enemy but may not be under a real threat for another 20-40 seconds if at all. Knowing when the threat is immediate vs not would change how I maneuver. Early in the game IFA tells me when BB's have fired at me from range, allowing me time to dodge the incoming shells AFTER they're already in the air. With PT I might know someone is targeting me, but if I don't know who or where they are I could be turning directly into their path in an attempt to make myself harder to hit. IFA will also let me know shells are coming before I can see them. I see the main asset of PT as telling you when you're about to be focus fired by the enemy. I play a lot of IJN CA's and tend to hunt DD's and fill support roles earlier in the game, and cap late in the game when I can leverage my speed/maneuverability. Therefore, I'm rarely the target of focussed fire from multiple ships, and if I am I'm likely WAY out of position and that's my own fault. In keeping with the previous point, if I'm engaging someone at under 4km or so (the range where IFA stops becoming effective) there's either a big problem/it's a desperation move, or it's a DD away from the herd and I'm more worried about getting a good firing angle and watching for torps. Maybe a dumb reason, but I tend to see the "detected" icon but in the heat of the moment usually miss the numbers beside it when using PT because of the text size and colour, rendering the investment in that commander skill useless. I also have a little routine for myself when I see the IFA indicator, which involves zoom out if I'm scoped in, identify where the shells are coming from, identify their trajectory, and then figure out the best course of action (e.g. single evasive maneuver, it's just a ship I'm targeting already so no problem, I don't have much data on the area of the map they came from and should give it a wide berth, etc). This could be a large part of it. Am I the odd one out here or are there other people that think like me? Do you prefer IFA or PT and why? How does your play style impact your choice?
  13. FreyasMight

    Beginner's Guide to Cruiser Tactics (Tier I-IV)

    I'm more talking really low tiers, like the stuff people get in the first week of playing when they're trying to figure out the basics of the game. But both of you guys are completely correct though as you progress. I'm trying out the Furutaka now and it's definitely an adjustment. I've had it sitting in my port for a while but I just love my Kuma too much to have gotten around to it Also, thanks @Fletcher7_1944 for the super insightful description of different nation's tech trees. I may have to try out the Russian CL's and CA's as they seem like they'd fit my play style well too.
  14. Hey everyone! First post on the forum here. I thought I'd give back a bit and contribute some tactics and general tips for playing low tier cruisers (approximately the I to IV range) to give those starting out a bit of helpful info. The forums have been a huge help to me and this is all stuff I picked up from playing my first 300 battles or so, most of those in cruisers and a significant number of them in the IJN Kuma. Cruiser Lines IJN: my personal favourite thus far. Typically fewer guns but a faster rate of fire and better HE damage/chance of starting a fire. Relatively lightly armoured but more maneuverable than their counterparts. USN: More heavily armoured with an emphasis on AP over HE shells and generally more guns, at the cost of being less maneuverable and slower. There are many other cruiser lines in the game, but these are the ones I started with. I'm sure someone else can speak on the others better than I can. Tactics If you're playing a cruiser (CA) you're usually in a support role. You don't have the speed of a destroyer (DD) to rush ahead and capture areas, but you also don't have the armour of a battleship (BB) to survive an onslaught of enemy fire. Try to stay in the middle of the pack where your consumables can help your team, bigger ships will protect you, and you can take out softer targets like enemy DD's before they reach your fleet. Hang out with BB's when possible. Even better, put them between you and the enemy. When you do this you can angle your ship more aggressively and bring more guns to bear on the enemy because most of their fire will be concentrated on the battleship. Focus on your HE shells. Your high rate of fire compared to other ships means that you can rain hell down on BB's or other CA's from a distance. Your guns are small and won't do the same type of damage that the bigger guns of BB's will, so aim to start multiple fires on enemy ships and be a general nuisance instead, forcing them to use up consumables and throw a wrench in their plans. Don't be afraid to use your Hydroacoustic Search and Fighter consumables if you have them. The tide of battles can turn earlier than you think, so try to resist the urge to save them until the end of the game. Hydroacoustic Search is especially valuable when capturing areas early in the game to see if enemy DD's have gotten there first. Lower tier CA's typically don't have great AA defences, so when possible stick together so that enemy planes have AA fire from multiple ships to contend with as opposed to yours alone. When you're detected, take evasive action early and don't rely on your AA guns to save you. Don't be afraid of a tactical retreat. Sometimes you're simply outnumbered and outgunned when trying to capture an area and it's better to live to fight another day than rush headlong into oncoming fire only to get lit up moments later. When you do this, vary your course and speed to make yourself harder to hit, and return fire as a second priority in the hopes of disabling modules and being one more thing the enemy has to worry about. Make sure to tell your team too. Issue a "get back" command (F9) or tell them in the chat so you don't hang them out to dry and make them an easy target in the process. Choose your commander skills carefully. Some good starting points depending on your play style are Incoming Fire Alert, Priority Target, Last Stand, Expert Marksman, Adrenaline Rush, Demolition Expert, Superintendent, and Concealment Expert. Generally avoid skills like Survivability Expert (doesn't make a meaningful difference to HP at low tiers) and Torpedo Armament Expertise (your torpedo tubes should be a last resort when surprised at close range). Hope this helps some people new to the game get their sea legs!