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  1. Would that not just be DDs ambushing anybody that comes around? Like, I'm not trying to be aggressive, I'm trying to think in the sense of all players like WG should. It would be nightmare for BBs and CVs (the only effective counter to DDs are HVAR rocket planes, and you cant launch those when a DD is hugging and island and you're approaching with the island between you and the DD, alternatively, if you approached from the back, you would get focused by CL AA that is bound to be behind the DD. It wouldn't be much fun for radar cruiser players as even if they have radar they can't hit the DDs camping behind islands. The only real beneficiaries are the DD players, especially the torp boat ones, that can pop out, slam torps into BBs that are hemmed in by islands before ducking back under cover.
  2. PrinceOfTheOcean

    CV Hate

    That's right, I have to remember that not everyone hops on to get the 3 containers just to farm up hundreds of Zulus. I struggle a lot in the Hermes and don't like it very much-- it causes very little damage and I'm questioning why I got it.
  3. PrinceOfTheOcean

    CV Hate

    Yeah, I had to apologize to my team in a t6 game because I didn't have the fighter consumable and watched as my allied dds were picked off one at a time :(. I don;t think that the XP for t6 is too high (lower is better though :P). If you get a good game in a CV, with signals you can easily get 4k XP. If you average 4k xp per game, it'll take you less than 20 games to grind it out, about the same for t4 to t5 then to t6. The t6 CV being a challenge reward sounds reasonable though.
  4. PrinceOfTheOcean

    World of Warships Discord – Come have a Chat!

    There's hacking? Like the only bad stuff I've encountered was today a Pensacola yelled at me for sitting in smoke (I was a Fubuki). I told him ok and I was focused as soon as I popped out :). I've never encountered hackers, looks like Wee Gee did a pretty good job supressing them :thumbsup:
  5. PrinceOfTheOcean

    RN CV 10 Point Captain

    So I got Jack Dunkirk the other day and put him on the Danae, but gave up on grinding RN CL/CAs after getting deleted by CVs too many times. So the solution? Grind another CV to t8 :). I am a FTP, and am broke when it comes to doubloons. I also have next to no captain xp (10k). However, I have a completely new 10 point captain from the April Fool's event and am thinking of assigning it to Hermes when I get it early tomorrow. Skill recommendations? Right now I am looking at : 1- Air Supremacy 2- Improved Engines 3- Survivability Expert/Aircraft Armor (Which one do I go for? Probably Aircraft Armor, right, because against stronger AA you negate more damage) 4- Sight Stabilization For ya'll that have played RN CVs before, do you guys usually dump a squadron at the beginning of each attack run if you have a full flight (e.g. dropping bombs on the ocean to save your planes) I do this with IJN and USN CVS as they have lower plane HP pools, but since RN planes are tHiCc is it really necessary to trade off the damage for saved planes?
  6. PrinceOfTheOcean

    CV Hate

    Personally, I think that CVs are fine from tier 6 and up, but the tier 4 CVs are unbalanced as most ships in the tier 3 to 5 range have either no AA, or AA that is next to useless and CVs can drop at their will, with the only fighter cover being the Combat Air Patrol above allied CVs.
  7. PrinceOfTheOcean

    Two 10 point British Captains.

    So I got Jack Dunkirk from the Dunkirk collection a while back and bought Caledon (III) but never really played her, scrapped her for silver to get Lexington. I bought Danae today as I also recently finished the April Fools event that gave me "Cap", another 10 point captain, and I decided to build the British Cruiser line. So on Jack Dunkirk I currently have PM, JoAT, EM, and a 3 point skill (either BoS or SE). With this current setup (as I am an FTP and extremely broke) is this setup good for Goliath or Minotaur, and I have another fresh 10 point captain. So do you guys have any suggestions to what skills I should take for either tree, and how I can make my current 10 point captain build work? I realized that most of the skills I got were redundant, like EM is pretty much useless on the Minotaur and maybe the Goliath (?) Haven't taken a detailed look at the stats for either.
  8. PrinceOfTheOcean

    Hosho Commander gained a skill point last night

    Oops, didn't see the earlier post :P
  9. PrinceOfTheOcean

    Tips for Hosho?

    I just realized, I went from Hosho to Shokaku in 18 days... And even less from Langley to Lexington. The power of premium account :). I feel that I'm pretty good at curved dive bombing runs and I'm gonna put out a Lexington video sometime soon... It's easy to dive bomb in a zig zag manner with Lexington dive bombers (I don't know, I think it's just me) and I haven't tried it as much with the Shokaku dive bombers. One thing to note is that dodging flak lines is a priority. Back even in t6, if you were top tier, you didn't have to worry about many ships as the flak clouds would only deal 100 damage or so. But now, flak clouds can bring down entire squadrons (personal experience) and for some reason, because the dive bombers turn tighter than attack aircraft (at least with Lex), it's easier to zig zag onto a target and successfully drop with all 6 bombs hitting.
  10. PrinceOfTheOcean

    Hosho Commander gained a skill point last night

    I use Demo Expert for my USN Lexington and set 10 fires today hunting DDs with HVARs and bombing battleships. I think that Demo Expert, combined with the signal that gives you increased fire chance, puts forth something around 60% fire chance for a bomb, which is hefty. I haven't built RN CVs yet, but I finished the event and I am wondering if I should use the Captain I got from the April Fools event on CV?
  11. PrinceOfTheOcean

    CV Hate

    Thanks, I got the Shokaku today and I still need to figure everything out; I'm averaging 50k damage bottom tier, which I think is respectable, but I definitely can improve. After all, I still have stock planes.
  12. For me, I have the HVARs equipped to yeet DDs out the window and reserve my HE DBs for battleships and cruisers. I've pulled off 6/6 bomb penetrations on battleships and cruisers. So what I do is I stick to as low as I can possibly go- because it's not AP DBs, where you should drop from a certain height. I go as low as you can, and I try to center the cross of the reticle on the center of the ship, if you're approaching perpendicularly. Don't worry about hitting superstructures.
  13. PrinceOfTheOcean

    Tips for Hosho?

    I'm debating whether or not to hold off on grinding RN CV as they're the easiest and have the least damage potential. The alternative would be getting Shokaku (48k xp away) and then either Midway or Hakruyu. Do you have any tips on where I should go as of now?
  14. PrinceOfTheOcean


    Oof :(. And most people still say they're broken. Was kinda sad today, got judged after someone looked me up and saw I only had 700 battles logged.
  15. PrinceOfTheOcean

    Hosho Commander gained a skill point last night

    I noticed that you don't talk about torpedo acceleration? I personally think that ovearll it is a beneficial skill? What'a are the pros and cons of torpedo acceleration other than the fact that it increases your arming distance?