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  1. That's nice, I have 239 extras.

    So how far did you get?

    Had the kids playing more than12 hours a day over the Holidays accumulating ship building credits. I have been playing WofW since last April, and only worked up to Hindenburg Cruiser, so had plenty of Doubloons (very frugal, with only about thirteen ships, and fourteen empty port spaces). Used nine months accumulated Doubloons (bought when I got deal on Premium Days plus Doubloons) for the three extra jumps, and ship building credits for several other time jumps. It wasn't all that difficult, but I would have never accumulated enough ship building credits by myself (primarily used X Hindenburg, V Destroyer, and IX Alaska B I got in a lucky container) without my stash of Doubloons. I find PR to be a good ship (B+ to A-), but shot pattern is way too disbursed for a Cruiser. Just don't appreciate the flack from the whinners (too many "no-other-life" players) who lost out.

    How Good is the Puerto Rico?

    I had kids over holiday break playing 12 hours a day for two weeks to gain enough boosts to get the PR. Slow turret rotation has you plan ahead your route. The shot dispersion should be altered by WofW (please-please-please) as you waste 60% unless you chance side to side against your opponent. Slow reload is compensated by selective turret fire. Definitely spend Game Coin and Commander Points to upgrade. I find it's a good killer against all, but if you don't keep track of opponents, you're toast. I'd give this Barge an B+.

    This is getting out of hand and is childish

    I have a PR, but experienced no problems. I do bump into other ships now and then, but not on purpose (eyes elsewhere, not checking map). I also try to post "sorry" if it was my fault or theirs, and "ty" if they avoid me. However, I find more are uncouth on weekends (and I myself have been rude at times) .

    Bracing myself for my PR

    I have the PR and I like it. You will have to up-grade it with about 6 million credits. Hit dispersion really is a pain. But you can compensate if you hold ship at 45 degree angle to target. Not easy, but you can devastate a Cruiser or BB in a few volleys.

    Alaska, Yoshino , Azuma which one(s)?

    I'd pick Alaska. I have one, and I do like it. The mains pack a wallop. But gun loading is slow, and turret rotation is slower. You have to plan gun direction and route taken before any turns, if you want to survive.

    So who is going have to buy the Payto Rico?

    I didn't have a Gorizia (whatever) but I was lucky enough to use my Destroyers and Cruisers to advance through several difficulty levels. I took advantage of the 50%, 100%, and 200% HP when available, plus camo and pennants. Yes, I purchased some Doubloons, but my total out of pocket didn't exceed a Jackson (not even that if I had an extra day or three tops) toward the PR cruiser. Anyways, if you put your mind to it, you can manipulate system to your goal (also helped to have the kids play my ships during Christmas break for hours upon end). What I couldn't figure out is how Base HP was calculated or received? Really, if you think WofW is screwing you, take a look at other online games (FOE, Space Operas, etc.). This is almost free when compared to them.

    So who is going have to buy the Payto Rico?

    First of all I save my pennies (Doubloons, Steel, and Coal) and I don't have many ships in my armada. I just finished the PR today. I calculated that I would be about one day short for finishing according to the tasks. I had the Doubloons (almost) so I made a tiny investment to equal 15,000 and finish it off (needed Premium days anyways). As with the Alaska B (that was free-sort of), after obtaining the ship, it takes about 6 million credits to get it sea worthy. Again, as like the Alaska B, the reload time is fairly long, and turret rotation speed is slow. I've played the PR three times now, and with it's high HP count, it is a good survivor, and a good killer. The Alaska B took me a couple of weeks to learn and not get burned. I would guess the same with the PR. Overall, I'd give this Barge a satisfactory rating of close to 85% (I'd say the Alaska B was more in the high 70s). Not as versatile as the Hindenburg, but with 20K more HP, a good boat. And yes, WoW are sort of taking us to the cleaners, but the game is top rate, very good support, and they're in it to make money, so no complaints from me.
  9. Today I see an Orange notice that I have been banned from text messages due to content and provocations. Yes, I posted a Job Summary related to a couple of Player's Mothers' salary requirements. I was just tired of the constant text messages received related to my supposed lack of competence regarding gameplay (it's a game you Morons). After a while, and trying to removed these individuals from my allowed list, it appears they just have their Clan buddies continue the harassment. So now I'm banned from messaging until December 14th, at 17:15 (oh dear, how will I survive?). I find the phony indignation of the administrators somewhat charming. You may not text, yet you may play, and hopefully purchase items. Thank you for your contribution. Right. As a Ph.D. who plays the game as a break during study and/or research, I have other obligations for my time. Well, how about I don't play until December 16th, or longer? I may even find that the amount of time I have dedicated to WofW gameplay is excessive, and find an alternate venue to waste my time (and oh yes, MONEY). If the administrators cannot consider both sides of an issue, so be it. As for myself, I will be exploring alternate pursuits.

    Why is everyone so negative?

    I admit I get ticked off too, and sometimes a Jerk. I should know better, but at that moment, either after reading a post on this board, or the comments during battle talk, or just the situation while in battle mode, I become a Horses Behind. I am sorry afterwards, but I know I'll repeat my performance.

    HP Points After Captain Pointed Out?

    Thank you for the answers. I had converted points before for Doubloons, but was hoping there was another way that those prolific in WofW knew about. Thanks again. Chuck

    Look of Ships????

    Yes tcbaker777, I have over 2000 battles, and I just asked this question. I apologize for the fact that I apparently lack your abundance of ego. To the others who answered, thank you for your posts.

    Why is everyone so negative?

    I believe that the negativity, actual, or perceived, is a result of the players interest in the game, as related to their intensity of gameplay. Hey, 10.5 years in University has allowed me some insight on the behavior patterns of Nerdlingers.

    Look of Ships????

    I've noticed that several ships do not resemble their actual counterparts. I looked up Hindenburg, and the actual German ship looks nothing like the game ship. The most obvious difference is that the real ship has two stacks, while the game ship has one, and definitely resembles a more modern vessel. Just a question, not trying to cause grief.

    Their are a lot of tired players

    I played Forge of Empires for two years, and finally got sick of it (developer greed killed it). I've been playing WOW since may, and I like the fact that you can play a scenario for fifteen to twenty minutes, or as many that day. A lot of Jerks, and I don't like Clans, but nice game. I do have an issue with Containers at 2000, 12000, and 37000, with no "Bonus" if you play all the way to 37000. There needs to be an Incentive for 3rd Containers to waste all those Flags, Signals, and Time. I also hate the Ships that throw that "Hot White Stuff" at you in a constant rain, while I wait for my guns to reload (but that's just a peeve). I do like the Carriers, as my AI on "Hindy" is great at shooting them down. I'll wait to comment on Subs. But overall, best game I've played since they had Star Wars: Tie Fighter vs X-Wing over twenty years ago (why Lucas, now those money grabbing idiots at Disney, didn't upgrade and bring that back for Windows 10, I'll never "Fathom" (yes, PU, 2/3rds of a Pun).