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    This has probably been discussed before, but I can't find it. In some Battles, a Minelayer(s) can place a couple of dozen mines to keep enemy from access in certain parts of the map. On other Battles, a team deploys their Minsweeper(s) to clear a path to certain areas of the map. They (Minelayers) could be allowed a certain number to place, until those are either swept or made contact with a ship, then the supply replenishes. Armament could duplicate a destroyer, but without torpedoes, or rapid fire. Battles could also be played with both Layers and Sweepers, with Sweepers detecting mines somewhat like how approaching land is warned on the screen. Same system as launching a torpedo, only the mine remains stationary in the position it was deployed. Laying team sees mines, opposing verbal/optical team gets warning they are in general area. Just a thought.
  2. Been everywhere (N/S America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Pacific and Indian Ocean Islands), except Antarctica as a Geophysicist / Geomorphologist, and USCG. Would like to spend a Summer there exploring. With Climate Change and Glacial Recession, rocks not seen for millions of years exposed. I'd have a field day (excuse the pun).

    Can anyone explain right of way?

    Face it, most never check the map for other ships.

    USS Kansas is a bad ship they said.

    I at first trashed KANSAS as I was able to dispatch it very easily with my THUNDERER. However, considering all the time and effort, plus the Doubloons it took to get the ANCHORAGE, which in my opinion is a "Useless Barge with No Healing and a Total Waste of Resources", then finding that I got the KANSAS for just playing the game, I'm very satisficed with it. I believe the Captains operating the KANSAS I fought might have been new with the ship, accounting for it's perceived poor play value. As a Captain, I'm not too good at the game, but I've used my KANSAS once (was sunk and team lost) but it has very tight hit patterns with it's twelve rifles, and good healing (without any enhancements yet). It's a level VIII, so not the power of a X, but a good ship to have. My 2 Cents.

    How to deal with active trolling?

    There are some crazies (the type who shoot at you if you don't follow their game "instructions", and then want to "report" you). I used to get annoyed (what they want), but now, I send compliment on their game-play. Afterwards, I just place them on my Blacklist (and never seem to see them again in gameplay). It's just a game.

    Thunderer or Pommern

    I have a Thunderer, and it is effective at a distance. I can usually get four to six clean hits at 28km, as it has good placement at long range. Best victim is a BB, but I've damaged quite a few Destroyers early in the game. Close in, it is difficult to hit a Cruiser due to the difference in maneuverability (and no torps). It is exceptionally slow at forward/reverse. However, it is solid with five repairs, and a good ship killer. A better fire starter, over AP rounds, which helps in fending off pursuing Cruisers and Destroyers. AA is mediocre at best, even enhanced. I believe it is more than equal to the Pom, and maybe puts more HP on it's target.


    Never sailed mine again after first post. Just a target, that I wish I didn't have. A waste.
  8. Flying Rats and their Nests


    Thanks for the replies. I still believe WOW should have installed a "Heal HP" option, or allow that option to be added (hint hint). I guess I'm comparing it to the PR, which was a bear to acquire, and I only earned it a couple of days before time was up (but it has a couple of faults also, but not as bad as Alaska. LOL). But it just doesn't compare to the other VIII Cruisers (German) which I play. This is a game after all, and a good one, so it was fun (and sort of easy, as compared to other ship-builds) adding this ship.


    Just did two cruises with an Anchorage. In my opinion, it's just a larger DD, but without the speed and agility. It seems to do better in an arena with multiple islands near each other to afford cover. As for open water, it's a larger target. It should have an HP repair module as a Cruiser (I use the term lightly, very lightly), but it doesn't. Torps are rated at 10.5 Km, but you're dead if you can't launch from cover. It carries a Smoke Module (or is that the boat burning???). Main Armament is also weak, as is reload time. I faired better (still was sunk) before I used 9 of the 10 included Captain's Points. For Camo, they should have provided a Target Pattern. Maybe I'll get better after I learn how to pilot this Albatross. I'm a lousy player (I admit that), but this is a barge you should avoid.

    For Game Administers: An Assist

    I like the suggestion that you must score 51% of the HP to be eligible for a Ribbon. Just contributing would only tax the system if multiple Ribbons had to be calculated. But an Assist Ribbon would certainly help to calm down some of the players who are "Over Anxious".
  12. In a majority of battles, who actually received the Flag for the Destruction of a Warship is whoever landed the killing shot. I've seen a few (quite a few) complaints posted alleging theft of a kill, or bad sportsmanship, especially when kills are need for rewards. Is it possible to write into the program an "Assist Flag" (like when you Capture an area) for whoever scores the most HP on that ship, even though you are not the one who placed the final kill shot? This is not a complaint, just a question. Thank you.
  13. If I see that a ship is weaker than the next, and I have it in range, I'll fire at it. One less opponent helps us win.

    Who have you seen in game

    Not who, but what? In a game this morning, I was shocked, as I thought I saw a periscope on my port side. I instantly turned away, as I didn't want to get torped, but now it was on my aft. Then realized it was a tiny insect that had flown onto my screen. So much for playing in the porch enclosure. D'oh.

    Just Watched Star Wars: the Last Jedi on Netflix

    I saw the first STAR WARS when it opened. I do believe the technical aspects of the films have greatly improved, but the first (Episode IV) was the best. Now they write movies on how Disney believes the fans would expect the plots to evolve into. And as a sub-note, BABYLON 5 was a much better concept, both technically, and better written. Less Popcorn is a good thing.