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    Why is everyone so negative?

    I admit I get ticked off too, and sometimes a Jerk. I should know better, but at that moment, either after reading a post on this board, or the comments during battle talk, or just the situation while in battle mode, I become a Horses Behind. I am sorry afterwards, but I know I'll repeat my performance.

    HP Points After Captain Pointed Out?

    Thank you for the answers. I had converted points before for Doubloons, but was hoping there was another way that those prolific in WofW knew about. Thanks again. Chuck

    Look of Ships????

    Yes tcbaker777, I have over 2000 battles, and I just asked this question. I apologize for the fact that I apparently lack your abundance of ego. To the others who answered, thank you for your posts.

    Why is everyone so negative?

    I believe that the negativity, actual, or perceived, is a result of the players interest in the game, as related to their intensity of gameplay. Hey, 10.5 years in University has allowed me some insight on the behavior patterns of Nerdlingers.

    Look of Ships????

    I've noticed that several ships do not resemble their actual counterparts. I looked up Hindenburg, and the actual German ship looks nothing like the game ship. The most obvious difference is that the real ship has two stacks, while the game ship has one, and definitely resembles a more modern vessel. Just a question, not trying to cause grief.

    Their are a lot of tired players

    I played Forge of Empires for two years, and finally got sick of it (developer greed killed it). I've been playing WOW since may, and I like the fact that you can play a scenario for fifteen to twenty minutes, or as many that day. A lot of Jerks, and I don't like Clans, but nice game. I do have an issue with Containers at 2000, 12000, and 37000, with no "Bonus" if you play all the way to 37000. There needs to be an Incentive for 3rd Containers to waste all those Flags, Signals, and Time. I also hate the Ships that throw that "Hot White Stuff" at you in a constant rain, while I wait for my guns to reload (but that's just a peeve). I do like the Carriers, as my AI on "Hindy" is great at shooting them down. I'll wait to comment on Subs. But overall, best game I've played since they had Star Wars: Tie Fighter vs X-Wing over twenty years ago (why Lucas, now those money grabbing idiots at Disney, didn't upgrade and bring that back for Windows 10, I'll never "Fathom" (yes, PU, 2/3rds of a Pun).
  7. I have a Captain where I've accumulated (so far) 3,961,439 HP, but his points to use to improve a Tier X ship have max'd out. Where and how do I (?), or can I (?), transfer these points to other captains? I just can't locate method (if allowed) in directions (or missed it). Thank you.

    Spotting after sinking?

    I've had this "Spotted" appear at least twice following my sinking, and continued viewing from destroyed position. It even happened the other evening after I changed view to another team ship. Glitch must be related to "It's A Leash Wound" and "Burning Kills" following your demise. They way I play (awful) I can use all the extras I can get.

    Unable to view post battle results

    Sorry for delay. I 'm referring to COMCAST/IXFINITY Modem Box. I've now had three issues following MS Upgrades. I find that unplugging, letting sit (without cable or power connected) for five minutes cured issue each time. It may be my HP Gamer Desktop, not reading update correctly, or game issue. But as I posted, it cured three different issues for me.


    Thanks Crucis, you comment was very helpful.

    Penalty system is a joke...

    I do have an issue with the BB operators just plowing through you if you are using a DD or Cruiser. I've encountered this several times, where they hit you, and exhibit no course or speed correction pre or following the collision. Bad enough they sit back and let the smaller ships take the punishment, then only move in near the end of the game. I'm not asking them to be penalized. Just asking for some respect.

    Finally reached the breaking point.

    Well, I'm first to admit that I really stink at this game. I usually play about 8 to 10 times a day to get the third set of containers (I'm retired, so have time to kill). I'm lucky to get three kills a day. I usually use a Hindy X, but sometimes a Yorck. Odd thing, I can get three to four, sometimes (once) five kills with the Yorck, but struggle with the Hindy as it's targeted in the first 5 minutes. Yes, I've seen some tough matches (all Xs), but not everyone is a good player (I have a beef with BBs running me over, especially when I'm down to a couple thousand HP, and trying to heal). And of course, the Jerks (but what can you do). To close, not everyone is good at this, but it's just for fun, isn't it?

    1 ship has ruined 3 tiers of play

    I'm more tired of the BBs hanging back until the DVDs and Cruisers get pounded to death, then taking out the ships who "we've" reduced their HP. Plus one more BB runs into me because they think they own sea lanes, and I'll not protect them. Too many "Me's" in game.

    Has anyone ever seen something like this?

    I've seen this twice now (over last five months). The first time I thought I was seeing things. Both times, the ship was at shoreline or aground. can't remember which battle scene?

    Hindenburg — German Tier X cruiser.

    Thanks AnlolairGhorm for that information (I appreciate it). I had been trying to locate an upgrade for a while. Thanks again for your input. GEOCHUCKGEO.