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  1. Please end Torpedo Notifications/Alerts when Torpedo is fired by an Allied Ship. They do no harm to Allied Ships, but are a distraction when in Battle. Thank you.
  2. I've had a PR for some time. Nice Battle Cruiser.

    USCG Representation in WOW ???

    Thanks for all your comments. Happy COAST GUARD DAY.
  4. On August 4, 1790, the Revenue Marine was established. This was the First Seafaring unit of the United States Military authorized by Congress. The name was changed to the United States Coast Guard, with duties administered by the US Treasury Department, then the US Department of Transportation, and most recently, US Office of Homeland Security. During wartime, the USCG operates as an arm of the US Navy. Aside from the pretty white boats, the USCG is a Law Enforcement Agency tasked with duties which include Coastal Security, Life Saving, and Aid to Navigation. I would like to see some ships of the USCG incorporated into the game. The standard vessel, referred to as Cutters, range from small Rescue Craft, to Corvette (light Destroyer) size ships. As WOW primarily supports WWI through WWII vessels, USCG ships could be modeled as light Escorts, for Convoy Protection, and ASW Warfare. Just a suggestion to Game Administrators. Thank you.


    Konception, thanks for the explanation. I thought that was the case, but with the (an example: 90,000 for each expendable camo use) it really confused me, so I thought that there had to be some type of hidden benefit I missed? Thaks again.


    Can we at least have some Description of Benefits of the individual Camos? I can't remember what each and every Camo does, or if it is useful? It would help to have a Pop-Up on the selection page. Thank you.

    Currents and Rogue Waves?

    I appreciate your comment, and I understand your reasoning. Thank you.
  8. Probably discussed before, but what do you think about the Game Developers adding strong directional currents between some of the island channels? Even a Rogue Wave now and then. It could change the dynamics when you are negotiating a transit through closely grouped islands and sand spits present in the topography. They could be identified by small "arrows" on the surface, or a verbal warning. I would add some realism, and make it more difficult to "camp" awaiting a target, or achieving a desired path to navigate. Currents and rogue waves would impact a ship, with severity depending on ships tonnage. I was a Coast Guard Officer, and strong currents, tidal cycles, and rogue waves certainly impacted our Search & Rescue capabilities. Thanks.

    Really Tired of these Tie-Ins

    Thank you all for your posts.

    Anyone get a triple Coal drop recently?

    One about a week ago. But I had noticed, a long period since last Tripple.
  11. Just would like to say that I'm really tired of these Amazon Prime Tie-Ins to World of Warships. You are annoying a lot of your loyal customers. Just stick with Bonuses that don't require a commitment to Bezo's bank account, and a lot of us will be happier. I love the Game, but some of the promotions go way too far. What's next, allegiance to a political party? My 2 cents.
  12. Bought (not what Webster's defines as a "GIFT") one of the most expensive (5 credits) and got 5 lousy flags.


    I've seen some battles were NMKJT M-Scarlet has participated, so "it" shouldn't judge.


    True, the Walrus pounded my BB with his Ragnar, because I brought to fight to him (or at least his area) with a BB, and didn't straddle the edges (or hid in smoke, or behind islands, like some constantly do). And like most Junior High Schoolers, he's good at computer games as well.


    I totally agree with you. It's now proven with your own comments that you "Great Players" must be the reason why we lost, as some of us are so lacking of skill?