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    Twilight battle/Halloween ships still in port

    Ok thanks
  2. I still have 4 of these special ships in my port, and I am looking forward to having the port slots. Is the event over and will I have 4 open port slots soon?

    Scorpioid took a port slot I want

    Ok thank you.

    Scorpioid took a port slot I want

    I upgraded the TierX special temp ship to scorpioid for 1 credit. It used my last open port slot, worth 300 dubloons. Any advice on how I can get my port slot back?

    Found it, had it filtered

    I completed the mission, I heard the sound, I saw the notification the my ship had been given elite status - but no ship in port. While looking around trying to figure it out I went to the mission for the Monticello and on that screen the icon for the ship in port appears, as if I can use the ship in battle for that mission, the icon is full color but it does nothing when you click on it. ??? Things that make you go hmmm. Is this an issue?

    Public Test - 0.8.8 - Feedback

    After this PT update my feedback is I'm not enjoying the sound changes. Plane engine sounds are high whirring whining sounds and don't seem realistic to me. I noticed that while I'm flying my plane I can still hear quite a lot of sounds from the ships below, which I think is unrealistic. Ship engine sounds seem out of balance and not what one would actually hear in the engine room or the bridge of the ship. I think its great for that to be the intention though. Its fun to tinker with settings and such, until it isn't. I like better battling bots, if that results in more rewarding coop battles. Coop battles have been too lame and not really fun and with poor rewards. Random and Ranked battles are great, but many players apparently take it quite seriously and since I don't, I would play more coop battles if doing so was rewarding enough to progress through the game. So, 'yes' to more intelligent bots and better rewards for playing coop mode.

    Public Test - 0.8.8 - Feedback

    The sound requires balancing. The engine sounds way too loud. I turned down to about 40% felt it was still too loud. System sounds out of balance. The cash register noise is too loud. Adjusting too tolerable level makes mouse click inaudible. The other system sounds in this category similarly too loud. Ranked sprint always fun, lower levels requested, have had no trouble yet getting a ranked sprint match. I didn't bother waiting for a random after about a minute. I did not notice any difference in the video first time through...