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  1. Nav999

    USS Kitty Hawk off to the scrappers

    Any update on her expected arrival time in Brownsville?
  2. I was happy to see a test of CVE's in WOWs but shocked by the munitions and lack of overall concept for incorporating CVE's in game play. The CVE's were the air protection of the fleet during naval engagements and provided close in air support for the landing of troops during ground operations. They used the same munitions as the CV's because one of their functions was to resupply the CV's. Should a CV become severely damaged or sunk it's planes could be landed on the CVE and then thrown over the side, depending on space and condition, the idea being to save the air crews. Since WOW's is not an attempt to recreate real battles nor fleet operations perhaps the focus should be on the distance the planes fly from the CVE and the total number of both CVE's and/or CV's in a battle. By limiting the distance the planes fly from the CVE and the number of planes in a flight I think the fit and utility of the CVE may provide a better game play experience.
  3. Nav999

    Co-Op Update!

    IMHO I think AdmiralThunder about covers it. I am partial to the 1, 2, or 3 human player VS. 9 Bot matches though.
  4. Nav999

    Co-Op Update!

    Sorry, to clarify my post questions are about the last 2-3 months.
  5. Nav999

    Co-Op Update!

    When was the last time your team lost a Coop game? When was the last time your Coop team battled until time ran out? How many of your newly acquired ships have 100% win rates in Coop?
  6. Nav999

    PTS 0.10.6

    I am interested in the "skill based" MM for the 3v3 brawls. I experienced relatively long que times (2 1/2 minute shortest, 13 minutes longest about 6 minutes on average) and assumed the MM may be the cause. Since PTS is on the Russian server and the players are world wide however the MM was being calculated would take some time. The question is what were they using to determine your "skill base" and does that base change based on brawl performance? The brawls being T7 was fun. The PTS rewards are credited to your main account prior to the start of the new test season (now 10.6 next 10.7 as an example).
  7. Yesterday in co-op a Minnesota drove under the raised up bow of my sinking JB-B, then the bow broke off my JB-B and fell on the front of the Minnesota.
  8. Nav999

    PTS 0.10.1

    I played my GK in the 1v1 brawls and found they are a great place to check out your builds and develop tactics to fight specific ships. That being said I played 2 games against carriers with mixed results. In one battle I was able to get the caps and win, while in the other I couldn't even reach the caps or find the carrier with my spotter before being sunk. I also played my GK in the 3v3 brawls and had a great time with the random players I was partnered with. Playing the GK in the ranked battles is different because of all the bots. Rarely did I even have 2 real players per side in Silver League. The wait times in Bronze were in the 2 to 5 minute range while in Silver I waited over 32 minutes once. It was late in the day and there were very few players playing. I wasn't able to try qualifying for the Gold League because the session ended.
  9. In my opinion I find Mass to be a good mid range ship that functions best when accompanied by another ship. I am a Coop main and only play her outside of Coop in Ranked. I also prefer to brawl and focus on caps. That being said I would suggest you spend some time in Coop and develop a little different playstyle with her that will translate into random play.
  10. Why not add Escort carriers at lower tiers with a fixed number of aircraft and up-tier the existing carriers?
  11. I am a relatively new player (4-2019). I have 1,300 battles in Random and 1,300 in Co-op. I am going to retire this year and plan on spending a lot of time playing WOWs after I do. I am a bad player trying to get better and learn all the variables of the game. Trying to learn in Random battles is too big of a challenge especially if you've never played any game before and have limited time to devote to it. After 1,300 Random battles I went to Co-op to speed things up a bit. I have found Co-op good and bad. I have learned a lot about the game mechanics, maps and ship/captain builds, In my opinion, the problem is that it's hard to turn the knowledge into meaningful stats in the Co-op environment when the mercy rule is constantly invoked (except when a bot on the red team is on one side of a small island and a green bot, as the last green team member, is on the other and they proceed to back up then go forward to crash into the island for 700 points worth of entertainment ?). Carriers, over powered BBs, CAs, DDs aren't the issue in Co-op they just force you to adjust your play style.
  12. My father served on CVE-77 USS Marcus Island during WWII.