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  1. Options: 1) Torp them and then say "Talk , get hit." 2) Just say "Since you don't want me to play I won't" and just stop. "Good luck holding your star!" is a nice bonus in ranked. 3) Hide your stats and mock anybody who's looking at them. "You know, if you spent your time studying gameplay rather than stats, you might not be losing this battle." 4) "DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES."
  2. User_the_n00b

    (Some of) the upcoming submarines (WIP!)

    I wonder how much damage a sub will be able to take before it can no longer dive without sinking. Oh, that would be reality, we can't have that. Just as the US Tier X boats are early/mid war boats (first Gato in commission in 1941, before US entry into WWII, and the first Balao in 1943.) and the German Tier X is either a late war or a never rebuilt post war boat. Let's hope that we'll get the GUPPY improvements or the stupidest thing ever will be to invest in the USN submarine line. And, hey, I think the USN Tier X should be able to fire the Mark 45 Torpedo.
  3. Careful, or WG will sell it as a tier -2 premium.
  4. I don't like the 14" at t7, but it's worth noting that, like the Pepsicola Pensacola, they would have had the triples in the super firing turrets, not the deck turrets. An advantage of the 8 16" guns is it provides an interesting tradeoff with the tier T7 USN BB, the Colorado. Both would have 8 16"s, but the Constitution would trade armor for speed and slightly faster shell velocity (given the 16"/50 Mk2, over the 16"/45 Mk1 on the Colorado.) You'd have to image a WWII refit, as built, there's no AA to speak of and that's not going to work at T7, but modeling such after the Colorado's in-game AA suite would work, since they would have been refitted at about the same intervals.
  5. In 1943-44, the rule was when any Pacific combatant came into port for more than three days, they'd bolt as many 20mm on as they could (or had!) It wasn't until the Kamikaze threat became apparent that they really started removing 20mms in favor of 40mm (and in some cases, 3"/70s") for the knockdown power. Plus, the 20mm didn't have directors, making installing them basically a matter of finding space on a deck strong enough and bolting them down, rather than having to deal with power/comm feeds and space for the directors as well as the gun mount. So it doesn't surprise me they found a California with 90 of them. (I said they didn't have directors simply so someone will post an example where they were under director control, because I'm honestly wondering if they ever did. Most of them were manually trained and aimed.) What this does do is end the ideal of a 1944 West Virgina, because this is basically just that. (A 1944 Nevada would be interesting...if they haven't already done it, I don't recall.) They could also probably drop the 1941 from the West Virgina.
  6. Shame me? What a crock. You think I'm wearing a Scarlet L if you don't like my play? You think I'm putting my WinRate% on my resume. You think I'm going to have relationship problems if I don't have a "good" win rate? There is literally no reason to be ashamed of not matching anybody's standard in a game. It's meaningless. Plus, when you do that? All I do is make sure you lose, because you're salty. Why should I do anything to make you feel better when you're a flaming in chat? Why should I help your precious win rate? Your attack is posited on me actually caring about a stat in a game. Your attack fails because I simply don't. And seriously, folks: When they're salty at you? Just tell them you don't care, it's only a game, it's more important that we all have fun. And, of course, report them and send in the replay.
  7. User_the_n00b

    Full Speed Ahead

  8. User_the_n00b

    This is a Test

  9. If they're worse than you, they're n00bs ruining your win rate If they're better than you, they're cheaters ruining your win rate
  10. User_the_n00b

    A case for Nevada and Pennsylvania 1944 refits

    Less paper than the Montanas. The Montanas were designed, ordered, but never laid down, the 1920s SoDaks were designed, ordered, and under construction when they were scrapped on the ways due to the WNT. You'd need to posit what modifications would have been made - would they have been rebuilt with 5"/38s? How much AA would be crammed on the hulls? Would the guns haven been changed to fire the ~1100kg superheavy AP shells? (The Colorado-class didn't change the main guns and fired the ~1000kg AP shell.) You certainly wouldn't want the 1920 SoDak at Tier 10 without upgrading to WWII level AA and fire control. I suspect they wouldn't have gotten the 5"/54s, the upgrades would have happened before then. Plus, don't forget the Lexington as CCs rather than CVs. (I'd call that ship the Constellation to avoid name conflict with the Lex/Sara CVs, but Constitution or United States would works as well. We already have a Ranger as a CV.)
  11. User_the_n00b

    The Case for IJN Long Lance

    Oh, we tried to get the 20mm (the Hispano-Suiza HS.404) working in WWII, heck, the program started in 1941, before the war. But we screwed up the design and they were never reliable - the firing pin was hitting too lightly and couldn't reliably fire the round. The Brits sent us a few, we found they had a slightly shorter chamber. You'd think this would have clued the US in, but nope...and we didn't have a reliable version until well after WWII. Both the USAAC/USAAF and the USN wanted to go to 20mm guns as soon as possible, but the reliability issues made it impossible. The fact that the M1 version couldn't be re-cocked in flight after a misfire made it basically useless. The M2 in the P38 was still very unreliable, but they had at least put a control in to allow the pilot to cycle the weapon after a misfire.
  12. User_the_n00b

    When you hear "you are our last hope"

    I just post “kiss your star goodbye” in chat and YOLO!
  13. User_the_n00b

    The Case for IJN Long Lance

    To be more particular, the Mk14 was the submarine torpedo, the Mk15 was the surface launched version. They were similar, but not entirely so, including the fact that the Mk15 had a collar around the gyro to prevent a tumbled gyro from causing a circular run. Why the USN though that the Mk15 needed this and the Mk14 didn't, when DDs could get out of the way quickly and submerged subs couldn't? I don't know, but VERY LITTLE about the initial design of the Mk14/15 and the Mk6 exploder makes sense. "Let's test the torpedo with a dummy explosive that weighs less than the actual warhead!" "Let's dial in the magnetic trigger on the exploder in the Chesapeake Bay, because the Earth's magnetic field is completely uniform!" The Mk14/15 were not exactly BuOrd at its best.
  14. User_the_n00b

    The Case for IJN Long Lance

    It was also incredibly dangerous to have on your ship if you were taking fire. Japanese DD and CA captains had to make a hard choice - jettison the Type 93s or risk them detonating in the launchers. In the Battle of Samar, Chōkai took a 5" hit from a CVE, it detonated the torps and wrecked the ship, it was scuttled the next morning. Suzuya took a near miss from a GP bomb in the same battle, one that should have done little damage, but the Type 93 torps didn't like the nasty loud boom and detonated, which set fires that detonated more torpedos, which ended up sinking the ship. The fact that IJN commanders were observed dumping torps when under attack proves that they knew there was a risk to having them on board when under attack, and while players complain about detonations, how do you think the commander of Chōkai felt when he lost his ship thanks to ONE 5"/38 shell hitting? Worse, it was probably Anti-Aircraft Common, a CVE wasn't supposed to be anywhere near something that AP would be a better choice to shoot at (indeed, if you CVE was shooting at anything, something had already gone wrong.)