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  1. I had a blast playing 3x3 in Sprint and now going back to randoms it's really lost the fun. Felt I could really make a difference to the outcome in Sprint by how I played. Now going back to Randoms it feels like I'm back to just doing what I can while the random chance of matchmaking determines almost all the outcome. Sigh... Sometimes love this game but it's tough when it's so team dependent (and I'll never be good enough to carry Randoms) Another vote for a smaller more focused game mode like 3x3 where a (below) average player can affect the outcome. Taco...
  2. DarthTacoPhan

    0.9.6 Venezia Nerf

    Yet another reminder why I’m never buying premium camo again I guess.
  3. DarthTacoPhan

    Slava testing is hell on my mind

    Thanks for the info on the new Slava guys. I didn’t know the armor was nerfed that much. To be fair I was in a Venezia and landed lots of shells that did zero damage but I’m learning that’s how SAP rolls. I guess my main point was not so much about any one shop but how these things get tested. Maybe WG should look at giving testers underpowered ships and slowly cranking up the dial rather then sending out OP vessels and then dialing them down? Would seem more fair to player base. Anyway, fair winds...
  4. Is it fair to have Slava being driven by a high level player in normal random battles? The damn thing rolled through the entire map impervious to anything shooting at it a demolishing everything in it's path. Really fun for people in "normal" ships... I can swallow CVs in the game but putting these crazy monster ships in for testing that just kill everything in their path and normal players don't have a chance for a level playing field. Anyway, I may be way off (and currently steamed) but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Ah, well, loggin off for the day and playing something more balanced for awhile. End of rant ;)