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  1. That's after - their website recognizes and points you to a Mac download and they display that they're compatible with Mac - so the "PLEASE NOTE" is just [edited].
  2. As for me, I'm actually over it at this point. I'm going on the attack. Aside from my nephew, who has about 40K followers on his gaming blog, I'm going to use every bit of SEO I know to get the truth out - this company cares nothing about playability - just dollars. Their support is non-existent. They leave their players uninformed about anything that's not related to them making money. That after weeks and months of not being able to play the game, after spending money based on their lies, after practically begging them for information - they remain silent. On top of all that they still advertise - and push - that they're Mac ready - which is total [edited]. All the time I was spending playing I'm going to spend warning everyone about this game - pity for them I have lots of time on my hands.
  3. How can we know if it's better in 8.8 if we can't even download it? LOL Been posting here and in the main forums about the inability to download - Femenenly said they're working on it but won't reply any longer. Unreal.
  4. And I'm not even looking for when it will be "playable" just when it will be downloadable! Nobody answer in the main forums, it's rare to get an answer/update here at all. It's going on two months that the game can't be played and a week since I can't even download it to TRY and play it. 60 days of premium out the window and nobody gives a crap - worst customer service possible.
  5. Since the update - the latest update - I've not even been able to download the game. I keep getting "download speed has dropped to zero check your internet connection" - do I have to say it? I'ts not my internet connection. What is going on??? Anyone else having this problem? It's ridiculous at this point.
  6. Any updates on when this download issue will be fixed? Anyone? Am I the only person this impacting because I've posted this in several places and no response.
  7. This is a known problem since the update - at least that's what someone said. No error code, plenty of space. It's a server-side issue that "they're working on." I just wasn't getting answers in the original thread about it - and now I'm still not. Does anyone from the company actually monitor the support forum and answer questions?
  8. I still can't download the game yet I'm seeing that people have completed the upgrade and are playing??? So why is it only some of us can't download the game? Is there update for when it will be fixed and we can all join in again?
  9. Is there any idea when this download issue will be fixed?
  10. Mac Support Thread knows all about it - it's impacting all Mac users. We've not been able to play since the beginning of August. They're saying maybe October there will be a fix. But that doesn't help us who have lost 90 days of premium game time.
  11. Hi Fem, Tried that a couple of times before I posted :) But thank you! Glad to know it's being worked on! I'm not used to getting answer because I'm on a Mac and nothing has worked right since the beginning of August for us on Macs.
  12. So now I can't even download the update to see how they broke it this time. Does anyone know why it keeps saying "Download speed has fallen to zero check your internet connection?" because it's not my internet connection it's on the download server side. And this compnay is profitable? LOL
  13. Trident55

    Will it ever be fixed?!!!!!

    I appreciate your thoughts but my schedule is complicated - I game all the time - and work for myself all the time. I have multiple systems but the Mac is best suited for gaming. I"m just pissed off that nobody seems to give a damn at this company - it's pathetic. They advertise as it works on a mac. Period. I've been in the software/IT business for decades and when you see the symbol for a platform that means it's compatabile. So they lie. They lie and then they take your money and then [edited] you over by not doing anything about it.