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  1. pauls_972

    Anyone else have this experience?

    You also forgot to add these frustrating items: The players that yolo into caps complaining about the lack of support Your top of the score table but lose karma
  2. pauls_972

    Anybody else missing Arms race?

    I'd really love to see it in an "alternative" mode rotation along with asymetric, brawls, convoy, and others.
  3. pauls_972

    Depth charge bombers are really painful

    I've used this tactic since hearing about it. It doesn't spot the ship, but due to the AA tracers, you are able to get a good idea about the position of the ship either in smoke or behind an island. It's similar to watching for shells in smoke to "blind" kill a DD. I've also used it to support my CV or Cruiser attacks by flooding an area with planes and reducing the amount of AA fire against the planes actually involved in an attack. I can't say how useful it is, but it does cause some confusion on the part of the player being attacked or when used against me. Since I tend to play DD's or light cruisers in ranked, I always start with the AA/Secondaries off to avoid detection - it should be standard gameplay. I hope that it doesn't get changed - shooting down ASW aircraft is a way to protect subs on your team and a means to gather intelligence against your opponent.
  4. pauls_972

    CVs good Subs bad?

    If a CV has you in their sights you can be harassed and killed, but it takes several squadrons (excluding surface ship fire) to ultimately kill you. Plus, when new squadrons are heading over to you, you have some time when you are unspotted. Once a good sub captain has you in their sights, you are dead. You can "dodge" 1 salvo of torps but now you have used your damage con so if the torps don't kill you, the floods do. You are detected the entire time.
  5. pauls_972


    All the best companies know that you have to drop projects that are not successful, regardless of the sunk costs.
  6. pauls_972

    PTS Convoy Mode... Funtimes!

    I agree, this mode is fun! I'm still trying different ships and will have to try the Mainz!
  7. pauls_972

    New Brawl Is Stupid

    What was surprising to us was the lack of divisions in the brawl. A group of us played all night and didn't run into any other divisions. We had a huge advantage in coordinating our play using Discord. We tried many different combinations but found the T61-Nuremburg-Bayern/Dunerque combination suited us the best. We noticed that that matchmaker put either a DD or CV into the match and didn't see a DD-CV combo all night. Only in 1 game did we come up against a CV player that was really able to dominate the game. We had fun - quick games and a different format.
  8. pauls_972

    After Battle, Kicks Me To Port

    I keep on opening support tickets - the most annoying is when you get the error "Detailed battle stats are only available in the current session" not even allowing you to go back and view the stats.
  9. pauls_972

    What's the best AA ships for their tier?

    With most ships, it feels like the XO has climbed up the mast with a pistol trying to stop the planes.
  10. pauls_972

    Any chance WG will add new Operations?

    More T6 and T7 operations may drive the purchase of additional premium ships that those levels. I for one would like to see some of the old operations return or new ones added into the game. We have an "operations" night in the clan and it's some of the most fun I have playing the game each week. We play, drink, win, lose, and simply have fun playing the game as a group.
  11. pauls_972

    Thread to find co-op division partners

    Our clan has a regular scheduled "operations" night and quite honestly, it's the most fun we have playing the game!! We play on Friday nights around 9pm CST time so if you are looking to division up, PM me in the game - clan membership not required, but we would prefer if you can join us on Discord! What makes the event so fun is that we are all mature players, typically drinking and indulging in self-loathing, complaining about the events of the last week and simply making good fun of each other and the situations we find ourselves in - both good and bad! The only rule we have is that we don't discuss politics. We could care less about your skill level and help each other out. Depending on the numbers we run 1 or even 2 divisions. When we have enough players we can select any operation sometimes even playing a boat or 2 short to see if we can survive!