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  1. Admiral_Enigma

    Armory Ships - Summary of Each Ship at T10 and T9

    Bigger fan! ;)
  2. Admiral_Enigma

    I'm done putting up with invisible DDs

    SECONDARY IZUMO leeettttsssss gooooooooooooooooooooooo
  3. Admiral_Enigma

    Petro is Weak

    lol what?
  4. Admiral_Enigma

    Petro is Weak

    I don't understand why so many people say this ship is good when it has really bad HE and AP DPM, the HE has no fire chance and no alpha so you are stuck shooting AP which isnt good either, the long reload and only 220mm guns mean you dont overmatch anything the onbly thing the AP can do is punish red players in randoms that sail broadside and even then a battleship is there to take most of the damage anyway. There is no point in playing this over a stalin which has 305s so can overmatch light cruisers, Moskva has much better HE and a lot better reload. And the turret traverse is so slow on it that it makes the 360 turrets that are supposedly a strength not even noticeable and makes swapping target a lifetime. The radar on it being only 18 even with the radar mod means its not even worth playing for the radar as its over so quickly you dont have time to shoot anything, even the other russian ships i mentioned have much better radars. The long range accuracy on the ship is trash and you cant hit anything at longer ranges coz of the wonky RU dispersion the ship has but really doesnt need, so that means you have to play close so you get A: instantly focused B: you have a 25mm bow that is huge so you take insane amounts of damage. with you playing so close that means you are practically brawling and on a hip with no torps it makes it really hard to pull off so that needs to be looked at. Just seems like a really bad ship and its supposed strengths arent anything a different cant do just better.
  5. Admiral_Enigma

    To Fly The Skies

    just dont play CV and help everyone out
  6. Admiral_Enigma

    When is WG going to rework HE spam/fires?

    Everything you have said here can be easily dealt with by having better positions and understanding positioning better, its not really that hard to still do very well with battleships just seems like a l2p issue. Also if you hate HE spam so much why do you have so many games in the smolensk? One of the most notorious HE spammers
  7. Isn't this a skill in its self to be this bad?