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  1. Maddau

    Japanese Carrier Submarines

    Typhoon is the NATO code name. The name of the Class in Russian is Akula or "Shark". It is confusing because NATO used Akula for a code name for a contemporary Russian fast attack class.
  2. Drake is a good ship as well. Actually the entire bunch of them were pretty good performers, and I've seen a good number of Surrey's in ranked. The exception is Albemarle which is not a fun ship to play (good AA, though). I fear Cheshire suffered because she is an up-gunned Albemarle. Hope WG will address that with some fine tuning in the near future.
  3. Hoping for California for Memorial Day. They previewed a camo being available, so....we'll see.
  4. Interesting. I know these were not considered very good premiums as released. For those of you who have played Cheshire (there has to be a few), what buffs would make her a solid premium? My own opinion is only based on what I read, my play in Albemarle, and what I enjoy about Exeter (also a thin skinned heavy cruiser sporting 6 barrels). Give her UK super light cruiser acceleration, improve her rudder shift to ~9 s, and lower her citadel (maybe just lower her hull in the water). That would get me to open my wallet.
  5. Alot of Warspite, Nelson and Thunderer fans out there. I'd say they got at least 3 right.
  6. They could make it competetive (replace the 3" turrets with more 6" ones, add torpedo launchers, etc.) but it would only be superficially like what really put to sea. I believe they have done this with other ships in the game.
  7. Right! I was hoping for a T8 Exeter, but instead it looks like a crappier Albemarle. No thanks!
  8. Haven't played her, but hated the Albemarle. Probably the worst T8 premium if what I have read is true. Baffling how they can be so hit or miss when it comes to premiums/special ships.
  9. Didn't the Tiger class only have 2 (one fore and one aft) of the double 6" turrets that are modelled in the game on the Minotaur? I believe her other turrets all housed 3" rifles. Even with HE, that battery doesn't stand up at tier 9 or 10. Maybe if they gave her heavy cruiser armor, smoke, super heal, radar, DFAA, and hydro all in their own consumable slots?
  10. Maddau

    Cruiser and BB ASW possible option.

    Nope.....or at least not yet. Sub battles are a separate mode starting in a week or so. Tier 6 only for now. Hope that makes you feel better!
  11. Looks cool, great name, but how would this be substantially different from Goliath?
  12. Maddau

    Cruiser and BB ASW possible option.

    Ummm....that is what they are doing.
  13. Maddau

    Cruiser and BB ASW possible option.

    Another realistic options is if a Cruiser or Battleship (really any surface ship) rams a sub at periscope depth, they are instantly sunk or forced to the surface (permanently) with no damage to the surface ship. If a sub's periscope gets snapped off while they are submerged, there is no way to stop the flooding except to immediately surface. This is not the case with the new photonics masts, which is one of their many advantages.
  14. Maddau

    Premium Ship Review #144 - Cheshire

    Albemarle was the worst ship in the UK CA tech tree by a wide margin in my opinion (though it does have great AA). I was hopeful that Cheshire could be a T8 Exeter (my favorite ship at T5), but they forgot a couple of key ingredients: the UK CL/DD acceleration, the sub 9 s rudder shift, the small citadel, and the good torpedoes for the tier. They could easily add the prior 2, lower the ship's waterline (they should for the tech tree CAs as well), and swap back to the Albemarle's torpedoes (maybe decrease to 3 tubes per side, or increase the reload). They also could have added in some more utility (Exeter has good utility for a T5): add Edinburg's radar, but also swap in the Lightning's hydro. Or at least give DFAA and hydro separate consumable slots. However, doing all this would reveal how many changes were necessary to make Albemarle into a desirable or interesting premium. My conclusion is that Cheshire is garbage because Albemarle is one of the worst T8 CAs in the game right now.
  15. Maddau

    Mouse's Catalog of Ship Reviews

    Of course I'd be happier with the promised agility (a highlight of all other UK BBs that come to mind), but I'll take accurate port statistics as a consolation prize.