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  1. Maddau

    Wrong Text for Gun Reload

    I saw this as well. Was wondering if it was a problem with one of my mods, though. Can someone with a vanilla install check to see if this is also showing up for them?
  2. Maddau

    Jingles out as CC

    And you took it personally and went ad hominem at the same time. I doubt you will enjoy your little crusade against the WoWs CCers, and I can't wish you well. They are people, as are WoWs employees also. Maybe if we took a step back and actually had a in person conversation instead of yelling on message boards and YouTube all the time, this entire situation wouldn't have started in the first place. Oh well. A wise man once said: grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Off to attempt change the things I can....
  3. Maddau

    Jingles out as CC

    Don't take the personally, but you lack the exact perspective that I was referring to earlier. This is a video game. If you are choosing to shun or embrace anyone (who you don't actually know outside of YouTube, Twitch or a message board) based on a game, then you are taking it way too seriously. The world needs people who actually care about their neighbors, not a bunch of wannabe FBI agents trying to "save" a game by guilt tripping other players. WoWs will sink or swim based on how good of a game it is. WG controls that. Not me or you or anyone else. If the CC program and this board went away tomorrow, people would still make the decision to play or not based on if they are having fun. So, if you enjoy the game: keep playing. If you don't for whatever reason, find something better to do with your time. But again, once you try brow beat others who are still having fun to quit, you are playing the part of a petty villain, not a hero in any sense of the word.
  4. Maddau

    Jingles out as CC

    Really? You're going to make a moral judgement about someone based solely on if they decide to quit the CC program because one person you also haven't met got offended at something that was typed into a message board you haven't seen. Perspective. Let's let individuals in the CC program decide for themselves based on their personal experience in that program instead of jumping to a conclusion based only on emotion. This is a game people. If you aren't having fun, find something else to do. But if other people are, don't virtue signal by dumping on them for continuing to play. Think about it this way: once you try to ruin the game for someone else who is still enjoying it, you have become the villain. I know how much millennials like to boil everything down to a binary good vs evil, so try that one on for size!
  5. For those two to give up World of Warships content, they'd have to actually get real jobs that require skills beyond playing a video game and making videos full of profanity and childish rants. Based on everything I've seen from them, I'd say they really don't have any other marketable skills. Frankly it is a shame that ranting and cussing about A GAME is a marketable skill at all, but that is YouTube and Twitch for ya.
  6. Maddau

    ST 0.10.8, new ships

    Which was then removed from the game with no warning. Still want one in my port.
  7. Maddau

    ST 0.10.7, changes to test ships and skills

    Agreed. They just turned the Rochester from a mildly interesting CA/CL hybrid into a boring Anchorage clone with no torpedoes but better AA. Fortunately, they announced the USS Tulsa yesterday, which is what I've been wanting all along in an Oregon City class cruiser (she sits at T9). I'll pass on Rochester, but am definitely interested in Tulsa.
  8. Maddau

    ST 0.10.8, new ships

    These are some of the more interesting ships that WG has in development. Gibraltar looks a bit like the proposed Churchill class design and I enjoy the Goliath. The Bearn is a historical ship and the Tulsa is at least quasi-historical. My concern with Gibraltar is she is another ship with smoke but with neither torpedoes nor HE. So far this combination has been underwhelming in game (e.g. Mysore and Tiger '59). Also no sign of "Advanced Repair Party", so I'm assuming a normal cruiser heal. I'm hoping this means she has improved armor or at least a lower citadel than Goliath (they could swap the Goliath citadel for something more like the Drake's)....but I'm guessing that is unlikely since she gets smoke. I would still be interested if she had the option of changing out her smoke for radar like the tech tree CLs do. Maybe they will add that in testing? Tulsa is interesting for a few reasons. This will be the first T9 premium non-super cruiser. That alone makes her worth considering, especially if she comes with the usual US CA consumable suite. I was hoping this is what the upcoming USS Rochester would be (which WG in testing just turned from a Baltimore clone into an Anchorage clone), so I'm glad to see this ship will soon enter testing. USS Tulsa was ordered during late WWII, but cancelled before she was laid down. I suspect her 3 by 2 main battery have the Des Moines' autoloaders as there was a plan to use the late Oregon City class hulls to test these loaders in this configuration: meaning an in game reload ~5.5 s stock, so she should have decent DPM. Tulsa is likely to add something unique to T9, which is always a good thing for a premium ship. Bearn....well, I love the Ark Royale, and this is a historical ship and a carrier. I'll wait to see what her air wing consists of before I make any decisions, but I'm definitely intrigued.
  9. Maddau

    Detected By Ship Indicator Bugged?

    So, thanks for the suggestion. I watched the replay....the indicator shows up properly there. I may have just missed it. Hope so. That would be an annoying bug.
  10. So I was sunk by a secret mission Shima this afternoon. I got the indication that my Midway was detected by an enemy ship. I went into the map to change my position, selected a course, and closed the map. When I closed the map, the detected by ship indication was gone. I assumed that something got a brief glimpse of my hull before getting sunk or moving off, cancelled the new course, and went back to bombing things. The next I knew I had incoming Shima torps. No indication I was detected. I survived the first rack, was trying to figure out where they came from when the second rack arrived and sank my Midway. Am I misunderstanding how the indication is supposed to work? It seems to me that it is supposed to stay active the entire time you are detected by a ship, like the situational awareness icon (!). Has anyone else noticed this sort of bug?
  11. There are a few I really like: the UUs for Des Moines, Worcester, Audacious and Midway are all must haves in my opinion. I also use the UU for Montana, but that depends on your preferred play style. The Gearing UU is more situational and I don't equip it, though I could see doing that for competitive modes. I also have the Minotaur UU and I don't think it is very good, so I don't equip it. I haven't obtained the Daring UU since it looks like a very poor tradeoff, and I also haven't gotten the Kleber's, though that one looks interesting and potentially very fun.
  12. Update 0.9.7 was our last time unique upgrades were added to any T10 ships. This was almost a year ago. We've had a lot of new tech tree lines added since them, and no news or even rumors of new unique upgrades that I can remember. If/when will we see some more added to the game? Update 0.9.7 – German Carriers: Part 2 | World of Warships
  13. Maddau

    Petropavlovsk vs Moskva

    And her radar lasts twice as long.
  14. Maddau

    Missouri nerfed

    It would be nice if this was a policy, but it is not. For example, Midway (and probably Lexington as well) dive bomb reticle was nerfed a few patches ago. Doesn't close down now when you maneuver like it used to. Nothing was announced when this occurred. I'd love to report it as a bug and have it changed back to the way it used to be, but I know it was intentional. At the time, it didn't seem like that big of a deal until the rocket delay was introduced, but combined it made reliably hitting smaller maneuverable targets very difficult and/or RNG dependent. Most changes are announced. Some are not. Whether that is intentional or not I'm not sure.
  15. Maddau

    Autopilot Astern

    So are you confirming they made a change? I never heard of the complaints you mention, which I guess I can understand to some extent. Backing straight up just is not as useful as backing while angling to keep your bow toward the threat axis. Just hitting W doesn't work for that.