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  1. yinzer_1

    What is the best Teir V BB and why?

    I am a CoOp player and dabble in brawls, I have a Giulio Cesare and used in in brawls and won both matches she is tanky and has great guns.
  2. I got an FR25 Italian DD on 10-28-22 not a DD player took it out in CoOp was to of the board like the smoke generator at full speed.
  3. yinzer_1

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Kurfurst with a 21pt Cap and a secondary build.
  4. yinzer_1

    Help me understand

    Thanks N5
  5. yinzer_1

    Help me understand

    I got my birthday coupon today and get a 100% return in doubloons. So, I have to spend cash to get the 100% return to use the coupon I cannot buy a ship for 25,00 doubloons and get 25,000 back or I have to buy doubloons and I will get 2 for one only if I spend money. do I have my head wrapped around the concept?
  6. yinzer_1

    Ship for ranked battles

    I started using Figi, I do good damage and it is fun to play. The single torp launches can be interesting.
  7. yinzer_1

    In praise of WeeGee.

    I have enjoyed the mode, just keep the Blimp moving and watch for the 15 torps when you round the island from all the Shimy's enjoy it is just a game
  8. yinzer_1

    Karma - Whats your number?

    IMO Karma seems to be something that a player uses if his team loses they blame they blame someone else. If you do well and it's a win and you may or may not get positive. If you lose it will always be negative have to blame someone. I try not to let it dictate just keep quiet.
  9. yinzer_1

    Ship Upgrades

    I have around 380 million Credits. I could get some modules on the ones I play sometimes. There are a few boats that no one likes, and I have pretty good success. Thanks
  10. yinzer_1

    Ship Upgrades

    Thanks for the response
  11. yinzer_1

    Ship Upgrades

    After going thru my port, I found that I have over 40 Ships that do not have any upgrades installed most of them are premium received thru containers and a few from a line reset. A lot of them are port queens and I only play for Snowflakes or change of pace. My question is leave as is or mount the upgrades as needed?
  12. yinzer_1

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and smooth sailing in the coming year.
  13. yinzer_1

    Did anyone actually get 180 days premium?

    I got 180 days from Santa this year and last year, I have over 880 days
  14. yinzer_1

    Mega Crate Haul

    I got the typical Flags & Camo not a bad haul 5000 Dubs 25,000 coal 180 days premium Mysore
  15. yinzer_1

    Let’s hear Your Planes Shot Down records!

    This was in CoOp in the West Virginia