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  1. yinzer_1

    Let’s hear Your Planes Shot Down records!

    This was in CoOp in the West Virginia
  2. yinzer_1

    Birthday disappointment

    Happy Birthday 66 here, hope to hook up with the older players
  3. yinzer_1

    Export ship and captain list.

    I bit the bullet and created my own nothing fancy. I have my captains and what ships they are on and captain skills for each ship. I sort them so it is easy to find and what ships are simular in skills.
  4. yinzer_1

    Help claiming mission reward

    I am having the same problem< I would guess if you do not have the boats you can not get the captains
  5. yinzer_1

    Best Nautical-Themed Songs to Kill Ships To...

    This is old school
  6. Do Doubloons go on sale at Christmas ?
  7. yinzer_1

    BB Mass rental

    I have a 19pt commander I share between the Mass & Georgia. The Mass is a lot of fun when DD's get to close.
  8. I used the Mass in Ranked I used it more in support, taking chunks out when I got the opportunity. I kept DD at bay if they get within 11km they got hurt. You have o be patient in the girl she is a lot of fun.
  9. I looked at the article it seems to me you can get these containers for completing directives and not by purchasing I could be wrong
  10. yinzer_1

    Ranked Battle frustration

    I have mostly been playing Coop to work on my aim and map skills, I played this rank season with a goal to reach rank 10. It was good for me I learned a lot worked on my aim came out on top a few times. and did some stupid stuff. I did make it to rank 10 in my Mass won some steel and some flags had fun. My win rate was 50% which is good for me I will continue in CoOp for a while longer and move to random at lower tiers to improve my skills.
  11. Has anyone else been getting this when trying to getting into the game "waiting for Authorization" I get this on two separate accounts. I put a ticket in the Wargaming tried again and went right in. Tried to get in just now problem is back I am on NA server. I have tried safe mode same error.
  12. yinzer_1

    What BB line to play in random

    Thanks for the comments game mates, I will work on T5 BB stick to one nation to get the hang of it then work another
  13. I have been playing over a year my win rate is terrible, I started to really study the came watch videos and get all the advice I can. I want to restart at tier 5 BB in random and get my win rate up. What line of BB is good to work on? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I am an older player, I will retire in September I play mostly co op and operations the mm in random is a killer sometimes. I have ground a couple of lines bust went back to BB inthe lower tiers to work on my skills and shooting. I am not adverse to help or comments, everyone has a story, I play for the fun but would have more fun if I was better I will get there Great post