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  1. Shadow_Woof

    Black friday mixed bag

    You ask why so I’ll explain it. People may have one of the ships but not the others and be tempted to gamble on getting containers for the ones they don’t have. Offering compensation for those that own the regular version of the ship increases the number of such people willing to do that, because they will get something more than just a clone of a ship they already have should that ship be what they end up getting. It also helps in getting more to buy the ship outright should they really like the regular ship and want to have 2 different builds on it, or just really really like the black look, but not at such a high price. Of course just reducing the price or throwing in the doubloons for everyone would also mean the many players who would buy it anyway would save money instead of just those being compensated for having already paid for the regular ship, so naturally they have the mission be for the regular ship. You can agree or disagree with the quality of the execution of the different disclaimers on the subject in the news article, the big pop up, and the store page, just saying what some of the reasons are since you asked why they would include the mission.
  2. Shadow_Woof

    ARP Kirishima Combat Missions and Reward

    A lot of the times they give away premiums for free you can buy them as well. Even last ARP event they sold the same ships you could get for free (as well as others of course). WG likes money, so it makes sense.
  3. Shadow_Woof

    Lost Key Halloween Camo Expiration Date?

    If it helps reassure you, I literally still have last year’s T8 and T9 Infernal camouflages in my inventory ready to be put on ships. They don’t expire.
  4. Shadow_Woof

    Halsey Question

    Alaska is a good option. The improved EM and EL are extremely well suited to it. Georgia/Massachusetts would probably be my second choice from your list for the same reason. Also Black being a coal ship in the future is not just a rumor, WG confirmed it will be for coal in the future.
  5. Shadow_Woof

    Reset and Research

    Took a while to get any understanding of what you’re trying to say. I’m guessing you meant free xp, not hp. That option was removed because it was SUPER unpopular and not even close to the main point of the RB. The main goal is to get the ships, other stuff was just a side thing, mostly for if people give up part way through, though they then later added UUs as well. If your goal was the free xp, sorry but almost nobody else was doing it for that, and while I find it odd they would bother to remove it as people can (and did) just ignore it, most will not miss it. In fact a lot of people actually use free xp to speed up the grind after resetting a line. Not saying you can’t be mad about it but know you’re one of a very small number of people missing it.
  6. Well actually you probably have been reported plenty of times in the past, you just weren’t looking at your karma score and remembering the number it had been the match before. It only tells you that you have been reported with the little pop up if you get 2 reports in the same match. People feeling mad that you messed up may give a report easily, but unless you make a division mad it’s probably never going to be more than 1 player reporting you if you’re not actively trying to make them mad in chat... unless you’re playing a CV, because then there’s a high chance 1 player on your team or the other team is just going to report all CV players they see, and then it only takes one more such player or someone reporting you for messing up, or for saying something they find toxic in chat, for you to get a second or third report to trigger the you have been reported message. If you really care about karma points then CV is probably not a class for you, because there’s people who will just see a CV and report.
  7. Shadow_Woof

    No American Tokens In Missions.

    They stay till the end of this patch so people have time to consider what to get with them, or buy more with real money/doubloons. It’s how WG does just about every token event currency. It was advertised from the beginning that they were for part 1 of the event, aka last patch.
  8. Shadow_Woof

    Siegfried - First Impressions.

    Nice! Happy to hear it’s still fun for you without the full secondary build that almost everyone uses and may not be available when they do the rework. It looked like it’s still good on paper with a more normal build, but it’s always hard to really know till you actually try it yourself (especially if you’re not a numbers guy).
  9. Shadow_Woof

    Siegfried - First Impressions.

    Just FYI don’t count on having the secondary guns be that good for long as that build may not be possible after the captain skill rework if it goes as planed.
  10. Shadow_Woof

    Did ways to purchase Infernal Camo change?

    The ones you could buy with doubloons were removed, there was a timer on the armory page, but it was definitely an odd choice to remove them before the actual holiday. As for Black Friday they said on stream to wait till Black Friday, though you can see the 4 ships they will offer on the dev blog.
  11. Shadow_Woof

    TST always uses my secondary account.

    Are you sure it’s really using your alternate account? If it’s just your user name followed by _EU then that’s what should show up as your TST name for your main account, and your NA account would have _NA at the end. It puts _ and then your server abbreviation after your name on the TST server.
  12. Shadow_Woof

    Same ships in P.Test why ???

    Public Test server intentionally copied your ships from the associated live server account in the past. This is 100% an ACCOUNT thing, you could play from a totally different computer and it would still happen, just like you can log into your main account and play your normal ships from a different computer. Changing files will not help you transfer stuff between accounts because that information is server side, and from the sound of how they responded on stream I wouldn’t expect a server transfer anytime soon.
  13. No idea on the Unsinkable Sam camos, but since you mentioned ARP ships at the end I should say that those returning is highly likely since ARP Maya and ARP Yamato were just revealed on the dev blog.
  14. That’s actually not the one the OP is talking about. It’s the other one that article describes, the one you get by using the bonus code.
  15. Shadow_Woof

    MM Does NOT Mirror the Placement

    MM try’s whenever practical without making players wait a crazy amount of time to put the same ship classes and tires against each other. That is the fair part. It doesn’t care about quality of the players. Your whole team could be below 40% win rate vs a team of all 60%+ players (in theory), and the game will see no problem with that (to be fair you say that it was a random battle, and this is the random part).