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  1. Draws are rare, but can happen in randoms.
  2. Shadow_Woof

    How do I view Win Rate for each ship (PS4)?

    Given you say PS4 in your title, you’re on the wrong forum. PS4 has World of Warships Legends, a separate game from World of Warships (by the same company), that accordingly has a different user interface.
  3. The problem is likely the premium time since he mentioned WG containers and not needing the rewards right now. He most likely wanted to use it when playing more, or when grinding a new line, but because he pressed the wrong button he has it now. It is rather annoying that the open all button doesn’t have a confirmation button for precisely that reason. I have 20 something days of premium time saved up just in those containers myself.
  4. If you submit a customer support ticket then the WG employees who handle such things can give you an answer. We random players can’t really help you.
  5. Shadow_Woof

    Ship XP

    Technically in addition to missions there’s also the 3 daily containers that you get once you get set amounts of xp, but I wouldn’t use bonuses just for those. Maybe when in combination with doing it for a xp mission you really want to do (like others have said), but even then I try to use a line I haven’t finished yet.
  6. Shadow_Woof

    MOD issues

    It happens because mods are made by fans, not the devs. Game files are going to change when they update the game, so naturally anything that changed in the programming that a mod used could screw up that mod, even if it’s a tiny change. This is normal for games that have mods, and is to be expected. It’s one of the main reasons some people don’t mod games.
  7. Shadow_Woof

    Is there a problem with San Diego SAP?

    You probably oversaturated where you were hitting.
  8. I like the free ARP ships even though I haven’t seen that anime. Since I got some of them I can actually play in a Kongo class BB with my Yamamoto who I don’t want to retrain from my Yamato. I also really liked the colab where I could get a Yamato perma camo for free, even though I again hadn’t seen the anime. I can’t recall a colab off the top of my head where I really had much interest in the franchise other than Transformers, but if I can get something decent for free I’m generally happy enough with them. Ironically the one that comes to mind as a bit annoying is actually said Transformers colab, precisely BECAUSE I am familiar with enough of it to be disappointed (there ARE a few Transformers who can transform into warships, not many, but still they completely ignored them). The stuff where I don’t know the source material, I don’t know enough to be disappointed unless they don’t give anything noteworthy for free.
  9. Shadow_Woof

    Is This a "Good Game"????

    There’s multiple reasons why people may do it aside from taunting. For many people it would be rude NOT to say it. It’s a matter of upbringing, some are raised to be polite and say it even if it was one sided (this can happen in sports, TCG leagues, ect), others aren’t. If you aren’t raised that way you may take it wrong, but that doesn’t mean they are taunting you. It could also be someone who just doesn’t want to single out the 1 sole player who put up a good fight, since saying he did well while leaving out the rest of his team would be implying that the rest sucked. There’s also on rare occasion just someone who ment to say it in team chat to congratulate them, but left all chat on by mistake (like the people who give away information by mistake after saying something in all chat earlier).
  10. Shadow_Woof

    Did I report this correctly?

    Depends on how insulting it was/how much you care. If you want an actual human to review it then send in a customer support ticket with a screenshot. I PERSONALLY normally just find such things amusing because I normally do far better than whoever is all upset, but if it really makes you upset, or it’s really bad like a certain very… discriminatory person I had the displeasure of seeing in chat recently, absolutely submit a customer support ticket for WG to take more serious action.
  11. Shadow_Woof

    How to get black??

    WG said it will be around the same price as Neustrashimy.
  12. Shadow_Woof

    Is Random or Ranked worth getting into?

    If you want to be rushing in an IJN ship, no.
  13. Shadow_Woof

    HE Blast

    Yes, and for some ships it’s not even rare. Thunderer has incredibly good HE for disabling things on DDs even if you miss (and I have sadly also even detonated ships with misses).
  14. Shadow_Woof

    Ships leaving shop?

    No. The official dev blog is the place to look to be in the know about that kind of thing, so if you want to check right before making a purchase that’s the go to place to look.
  15. Shadow_Woof

    Leningrad Gone

    A LOT of people wanted the containers back. Many were quite upset when they were previously removed. They provide a lot more variety, should the tiny number of individual ships they offered not be to a given players liking. Some also wanted to use them for doubloons, as before you could get all the available ships from them and then get doubloon compensation for duplicate ships (I think they changed the containers before adding them back to remove that option). Also in the future it may help if you’re making plans for using in game currency to follow the official dev blog, as such things are often announced in advance there (this change was revealed like 40ish days ago).