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  1. Shadow_Woof

    (Massive?) Failed Game Connection

    It’s been disconnecting me repeatedly for around a half hour now. Fortunately I was in port every time, but it’s still really annoying.
  2. Shadow_Woof


    You mean exactly the way it is in game already? If the DD can see them it’s because something ELSE is spotting them for the DD, just like how if the planes can see the DD in smoke something else is spotting the DD for them.
  3. Shadow_Woof

    I got a question for yall

    I’ve answered many WG surveys over the years, and the one’s that are actually asking a question in the game itself rather than being a link to a website to take a survey on, have just been 1 question every time for me regardless of if it was a positive or negative answer. Unlike the others they haven’t said they would take 10 minutes, so I’ve always assumed it was just meant to be a single question, hence not bothering to use an external site. If that’s a bug, they have been bugged for years.
  4. Shadow_Woof

    Chat Issues

    I’ve seen you in chat. I will say at least some people who started it with you did seem to be baiting you and did get misbehavior in chat reports from me. That said, don’t fall for their provocations, it’s literally what they want and you gave it to them. If you really want to respond, be nice in responding to them. Some trolls just lose it when you are nice back to them, and if it’s a decent person just having a bad day they will likely not get upset at it, and will probably apologize.
  5. Shadow_Woof

    surveys need more.

    Ironically I’ve almost never had them after a fun match. WG probably wonder why I even keep playing with how constantly bad my responses have been.
  6. You are probably getting your events mixed up, super containers are for the ANNIVERSARY event, not the Christmas event. We had the anniversary event this year already, and did get super containers for our T10s from it like normal (I even got a ship from one for my first time ever, so it was very memorable for me… that and a TON of coal).
  7. Shadow_Woof

    USS Black No longer Available, Steel ship

    Well yes they did say that a few times, but they have also said a long time ago now that it may never return since it’s a “problematic” ship on the official EU stream. oddly it was literally the same employees who had months before been reassuring players by telling us explicitly (without the technically ambiguous language of the article) that it WILL return for coal. Basically, what WG says about it doesn’t really mean anything because they can’t get their story straight.
  8. Shadow_Woof

    How is this not a Devastating Strike?

    Dev strike has been horribly buggy for a long time now. I’ve had many times when I didn’t get it but should have, and many times when I got it but totally shouldn’t have.
  9. Shadow_Woof

    XP calculations

    Why would you think getting more kills somehow automatically means you did better? A kill is just a part of the calculation (worth the same as 10% of the ships hp as I recall). If a player does a lot more damage, and/or a lot of damage is only possible because they were the one spotting the ship, or they get caps, ect. why would they not be rewarded for that? If kills were all that mattered people would just constantly be holding their fire waiting to try and be the one to get the last shot.
  10. Since you asked, in my opinion no ship should be almost completely helpless vs subs unless it gets a huge buff to make it better vs the ships it CAN fight effectively, especially since subs TAKE UP SLOTS that would previously have been occupied by ships that things that are horrible vs subs could fight better. That’s the fundamental problem, they massively mess up all pre existing balance by being EXTREME counters to some ships that were already balanced, and as such ships mostly need a 50/50 chance at beating a sub or they need to be far better at what they do fight (and then the ships those ships counter need a buff to be good at something still unless they are getting an indirect buff by being very good vs subs). It’s not as much the sub gameplay that I find problematic, it’s that all balance in the game was made without them in mind. If they had been properly accounted for when balancing all the other ships then subs may not be nearly as problematic (not to say they wouldn’t still need tweaks, but they would be a lot closer to balanced). Now it’s basically go back and rebalance a LOT of ships on a huge scale, or trash the game balance with the submarine implementation being very unfair to some ships (in my opinion).
  11. Technically it’s an EULA violation, so be warned that WG could sanction you for doing so.
  12. Shadow_Woof

    Need a dockyard event clarification

    You get the steel for stages that you earn after getting the ship, as in you get enough stages to get the ship by buying doubloons, then earn more from the missions and those would take you BEYOND the stages that get you the ship, and accordingly the extra stages don’t get you a normal reward, so you get a bit of steel. It’s a kind of consolation prize so those who buy it early don’t feel like they wasted money if they later earn more stages than they thought they would (and also to get some big spenders who desperately want steel to spend as much as possible).
  13. Shadow_Woof

    Why Exchange Friesland for Groningen>

    The stats are (at least supposed to be) identical actually, so you’re probably comparing Friesland with a buff from a skill, concealment mod, or even just the permanent camouflage, to a stock Groningen. The reasons to switch are if you want it to be a captain trainer for the new line (now that captains have different skill trees for each class), or to use with the special captain that has an improved skill for setting fires.
  14. Shadow_Woof

    Research Points?? RESETS

    X2 is just what it says, 2 times what is normal. It’s a multiplier of the base number. You get 2 times the normal points only on the first reset of the season, all other resets give the base amount of points.
  15. Shadow_Woof

    Why is it Canada don't have a tree and polish do

    To add to this, the Kearsarge is going to be a US premium even though it’s based on a Gibbs and Cox plan made in the US for Russia. I’m open to a Canadian tree, and would happily play it if it was interesting, but I don’t imagine it’s a super high priority for WG yet.