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  1. Some people don't like change want everything to stay the same or small additions to the game. But more of keeping it the same it was when they started playing.
  2. Hel_Diver142

    New Code

    Thanks for the code.
  3. Hel_Diver142

    NA Server Issues

    Didn't have any problems or issues with the game or logging in played from 4:30 to 6:00 a.m. West Coast.
  4. Hel_Diver142

    Web Server Unavailable

    It's a Cyber attack.
  5. Hel_Diver142

    The Proper Lineup For Randoms

    Nice joke 😄
  6. Hel_Diver142

    Leipzig in 12.1?

    Yes you will find in patch notes and Dev blogs of any ships being released.
  7. Hel_Diver142


  8. Hel_Diver142

    How to Dodge Homing Torpedoes

    They're fine there's nothing wrong with them. I've been able to dodge strings of guided torpedoes.
  9. Hel_Diver142

    Emblems bugged?

    You need 100 battles with a average of 113000 dmg. You only have 5 battles.
  10. Hel_Diver142

    Superships everywhere!

  11. Hel_Diver142

    How many hours a week do you spend gaming?

    I play about 15 to 18 hours a week mainly early mornings before work.
  12. All the dock yards are this way, you have to pay to finish the final stages.
  13. Hel_Diver142

    Bonus Error in Naval Battles?

    It was an error by the system.
  14. Hel_Diver142

    Submarines in the Armory

    Cool Fonzie.