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  1. Hel_Diver142

    PSA: Bonus Code (OMEN Gaming Hub HP)

    Thank you.
  2. Hel_Diver142

    Removal of Subs from COOP

    You just don't get it this is co-op it's the way it is always been subs are not a problem.
  3. Hel_Diver142

    Spring Bundles in the Armory

    Show me where the gambling is where do you lose your Dublin's you get something in return go to Vegas don't take your money and you get nothing in return.
  4. Hel_Diver142

    Spring Bundles in the Armory

    There's no gambling involved you can see what you're buying.
  5. Hel_Diver142

    Fix the American and British CVs

    AA does work people who say it doesn't work need to play CV'S and find out how effective it can be.
  6. Submarines are here to stay so play or go away
  7. Hel_Diver142

    Next level CVs

    I want one.
  8. Hel_Diver142


    Do not understand why people complain when they get something for free just for playing the game.
  9. Hel_Diver142

    Something has to be done

    Oh boo hoo.
  10. Just make surface ships destroy all planes and the CV's will go away
  11. Hel_Diver142

    DevBlog 310 - Closed Test 0.11.4, New Ships

    Yes looking forward to them.
  12. Hel_Diver142

    Subs “Balanced by being more vulnerable”

    Flamu just has a big ego who cares what he has to say I don't.
  13. Hel_Diver142

    Naval Battle Nonsense

    I understand you have a small clan that you want to win but naval battles just go for the oil anything you can get to help build your clan and as you add more members the more oil you will collect eventually you will compete against the larger clans.