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  1. So someone reported me even though I never swore at anyone or intended any malice or was flaming anyone. It could only have come from this thread. Thank you for being so juvenile. It's this kind of thing that has made me absolutely hate game forums in general and the WOW game forum specifically. I've only had one conversation thread on these forums where I didn't catch grief for just voicing my opinion like everyone else. I get your message loud and clear children. You won't see me on here ever again. Could an admin or moderator please remove every single post of mine on this thread? Including this one. I want nothing to do with this any longer. I don't want to see any replies or comments. The majority of this thread has been ridiculous and I'd delete my comments myself if I could. Thank you in advance.
  2. For the record, I’m not disparaging Wargaming at all with these posts. This is their game, and they can do what they want. If their decision is to force the player to change their name, so be it. That is their right. I very much like this game and enjoy playing it. My issue is with the premise that started this thread to begin with.
  3. I understand your point about the rules. I understand why those rules are in place. I am trying very hard not to flame anyone. That’s not my point here. If I have come across that way, please accept my sincerest apologies. That is not my intent here. What I don’t understand is how one man’s name is considered that offensive. Yes, I totally understand what he did and the associations. What I don’t understand is why people today are so emotionally fragile to lose their minds at the mere mention of a man’s name from 74 years ago. That's the premise behind the request to have that name removed, because someone finds it offensive. It was the man's actions that were offensive, not his name. And he died 74 years ago. It's all history now. There could be a thousand ‘Adolph Hitler’s’ and not one of them will remotely be as evil as THE Adolph Hitler. They could save millions of lives and do great things for humanity. Yet the ignorant will forever broad brush them all for the actions of just one man. Isn’t this the very definition of negative stereotyping, discrimination and prejudice? Yes, Hitler was the leader and leaders are ultimately responsible. But he did not act alone. He gave the orders, but he did not pull all the triggers. There were thousands of evil men responsible for the atrocities committed by the Nazi’s. Why are there not thousands of other men’s names treated with just as much derision and horror as Adolph Hitler’s? I think my point here is still being completely missed. Far too many are reacting in an emotional knee jerk fashion when critical thinking is what is required. The cognitive dissonance in obliterating a man’s name for the actions of just one man is staggering and ridiculous. It’s prejudice and discrimination. It’s just a game and it’s just a name.
  4. "...the man who started it." Yes, he did say it.
  5. Thanks Squib. It is a social tragedy, in my opinion, that people loss their minds over a persons name. I also feel bad for anyone who happens to be named "Charles Mansion" or "Jeffery Dahmer" or "Ted Bundy" etc. Talk about extreme intolerance. Entire groups of men have been unfairly painted by the evil actions of just one man who happened to share the same name with them. Yet so many others judge all the rest as if they somehow had something to do with the evil one. I simply cannot wrap my head around the mental gymnastics involved with this kind of thinking. I've watched my own wife do something similar. The first time she saw Robert De Niro act was in Cape Fear. Since he played the part of the bad guy so well, my wife literally did not care for him as a person for years. She could not separate the acting from the real person. This kind of thinking blows my mind.
  6. Thank you so very much for proving the overall point of my post so perfectly. Great job.
  7. You are correct, 'Hitler' never was a common name. I was in a hurry when I wrote my post and did not edit and check it well enough. I meant that 'Adolph' was and still is, relatively speaking, common. That was a mistake on my part. I stand corrected. However, I cannot find any information that the name 'Hitler' is now illegal in Germany. I'm not saying you're wrong, but I haven't been able to find anything that proves your statement so far. Yes, you're right, Hitler was number 55. I missed the part where the party inflated the number to make it appear larger. I stand corrected on this point. But that still does not disprove anything in my original post other than I put the wrong number. Yes, I understand that it is important to have the right facts. In this case however, having the wrong number isn't that critical to the points of my original post. Whether he was 55 or 555 doesn't matter one bit, Hitler still did NOT start the Nazi Party. That is a verifiable proven fact. Here is an excerpt on this matter, part of which is Anton Drexler's own words. Hitler later claimed to be the seventh party member (he was in fact the seventh executive member of the party's central committee and he would later wear the Golden Party Badge number one. Anton Drexler drafted a letter to Hitler in 1940—which was never sent—that contradicts Hitler's later claim:
  8. There is so much wrong on this thread that it’s an insult to history. Please for the love of humanity, read more than just what your high school history teacher made you read about Germany, the Nazi party, and Adolph Hitler. Hitler did NOT start the Nazi party. Anton Drexler started it at the end of World War One. Hitler’s party number was 55. Meaning he was the 55th person to become a Nazi Party member. (I edited this number because it was pointed out to me that I was wrong. I stand corrected. The party inflated the number to 555 to make it appear as if there were more members than there really were.) I completely understand everything that is associated with the name Adolph Hitler, trust me I get it. But examples like this thread take those associations to absurd and unfair extremes. It’s just a name. If you’re offended by someone’s name, then you’re the one with the problem. The names “Adolph” and “Hitler” were both relatively common names in Germany. Not so much now because of Adolph Hitler’s evil. For obvious reasons it’s not a name most would want now. But it is still just a name. You are the ones stereotyping someone today using that name. Is it not unfair to judge people because of their race? Then why are you judging someone because of their name? They are obviously not THE Adolph Hitler. Get a grip on yourselves! As was mentioned above, what if this is that persons real name? Most likely it's not, but the possibility exists. Personally, I feel bad for all the other ‘Adolph Hitler’s’ that have existed during and after the 1940’s. They were most likely good men who did nothing wrong but be unlucky enough to have the same name as a mad man. Wargaming can obviously do what they want, it’s their game. If the name Adolph Hitler gets banned, so be it. However, I find this entire attitude here to be incredibly childish and ignorant. Please use a little critical thought and stop with the knee jerk emotional reactions.
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    Thank you!
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    OK, thanks for that info. But, shouldn't there at least be some info on the ship somewhere? Where do I find that? While the Kamikaze is a promo ship and not available to buy, it's still listed as one of the Japanese destroyers and I can read about them. I can't find the Grem anywhere. I'm probably not looking in the right place... :)
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    Cool! Thank you very much Gyphon!
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    Interesting info, thanks for sharing Xero Snake. :)
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    Yes, it would have been dangerous to be a rear gunner on that ship. The design actually was built, I looked it up. All I got was a little info on the years in service and some statistics on the ship. The above schematics I never saw until here and now. There was nothing on how this ship handled in real life or how dangerous it was to be a rear gunner. As for in game, I only play co-op so this ship is very fun to play and does well there. I can see where it would be less fun to play in random. For the reasons you pointed out. Thank you for your feedback Sabot. I appreciate it.
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    This is awesome! Thank you for posting this. Very cool!