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    The game was terrible and I knew it. The gameplay is lumpy and buggy. In franchise mode, the starting cash is too small. On top of that micromanaging is ridiculous. Overall the mode stinks, the same with Career mode and Sandbox mode. But I know what people are likely going to say. "Oh but the animals look great". That is wrong, all of the animals look terrible. The models look like that they are made out of plastic, the skin textures look like s#@t, and move poorly. Overall don't play this game, take it from me. One more thing, here is a gallery of the most ugly and poorly made animals in Planet Zoo. imgres.htm imgres3443.htm url.htm url323242.htm 332332.htm 332332.htm 332332.htm
  2. I had to throw two games in the trash.
  3. Forgot to do something
  4. Well thank you for the lousy music and art.
  5. Those lots of people don't seem to know good games if they think a game with ugly charecters on it's cards is gold.
  6. For MTG, I hate the color themes and the mana system as well as the card types. For Yugioh, I hate the card types and turn structure.
  7. Why would you want to defend so called card games with ugly pictures on them? Oh god please don't tell me you play them too.
  8. Iam not a troll, I am just wondering why people still want to play Magic and Yugioh? They are terrible and the cards belong in the trash.
  9. If we are talking about card games then it is Poker. With that I don't have to stomach poorly drawn monsters.
  10. I have seen the new artwork. Posters and ads of it were on display at my local comic book shop along with the new artwork from Magic the Gathering. Both games still have terrible art. None of their new monsters and warriors look good. They all just look silly.
  11. So I resently visited my local comic book shop. I noticed a new section selling Magic and Yugioh products. In this day and age why would anyone want to play these garbage games? Yet us see what they have to offer us. 1. Bad artwork: Magic's art looks down right cheep and stupid. Yugioh's art looks as if a toddler made it. 2. Ugly charecters: Both feature poorly drawn monsters and warriors. Oh Dark Magican a wimpy looking guy with a silly looking hat. Oh a Blue Eyes White Dragon a weak looking creature with a dumb looking head. Oh a planeswalker a dumb charecter concept with a poor taste in clothes. 3. Bad Quality: All the cards are poorly made. Yet people seem to buy those stupid box sets. What a waste of cash. 4. Gameplay: Played both but once each. After that I quited, their rules both feel less like a game and more like doing taxes. 5. The online counterparts: I seen the ads for Arena and Duel Links poisoning my computer with their presence before. Never played them but they look like trash. With all of this in mind is Magic and Yugioh still worth playing?
  12. m8i

    ALL Elite Wrestling belongs in the trash.

    Comic strips tend to be silly and kiddy. The same as AEW, that is why I made the comparison.
  13. m8i

    ALL Elite Wrestling belongs in the trash.

    It is worth to know that after the Fiend and Rollins hell in a cell match ended that the brainless crowd were chanting AEW. I know the Fiend match was bad but how could AEW do better? The truth is they can't. Here is a comparison of wrestling brands if they were comic book publishers. WWE(Raw)= Marvel WWE(Smackdown)= DC Ring Of Honor= Image Lucha Underground= Dark Horse TNA= IEW All Elite Wrestling= Cartoon Strips in a Newspaper As you can see AEW is a joke.
  14. m8i

    ALL Elite Wrestling belongs in the trash.

    Knock it off, AEW is a disaster.
  15. I saw the TNT debut last week. I have to say it was terrible. Where to begin with this s*@$ show? The fights are cheesy, who wrote these matches cartoon characters?! How is this Elite again? Oh because businessmen and writers say so? The roster is limited and disappointing. Their gimmicks are also bad. I mean they all look bland and interchangeable. Yeah as you can see no body would care. On another note the design of the ring looks cheep. Who designed it a five year old? Overall the brand is a trainwreak.