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  1. Diesel_Thunder

    Was wondering about the radar cruisers in PVE

    The bot's 6th sense when it comes to torpedos is frustrating at times. I tend to just rush them at a good time and torp them at danger close range. Kinda makes me feel like Trinity in the Matrix: "Dodge this!"
  2. Diesel_Thunder

    Directive No. 2 — Age Old Traditions

    I used Atago, ARP Myoko, both Marblehead's, and Kirov to knock out that task.
  3. Diesel_Thunder

    Who have you seen in game

    Saw @FrodoFraggin last night in a battle while I was divved up working on BB potential damage.
  4. Diesel_Thunder

    Repair Party Mechanics

    Also depends on the damage you take. If it's a citadel hit, you can only repair 10% of the damage inflicted by that hit.
  5. Diesel_Thunder

    Are Narai ships coded to focus an Atlanta?

    Isn't there also a bot preference to shoot at ships with torpedos over ships without first?
  6. Diesel_Thunder

    If you could buff just one ship...

    Indianapolis - A better reload time would be nice, say 10-12 seconds. Maybe even give her the super heavy shells that Baltimore (T8 and above) gets since Indianapolis is a premium after all. Other than radar, she is very similar to tech tree New Orleans as is currently.
  7. Diesel_Thunder

    Thank you WG for the t7 radar buff!!

    Similar experience with me, though Montana in my case. Went from new player to Montana in 4½ months. Also got really burnt out Random Battles. Switched to PvE, and I'm much happier. Doubtful I'll go back to randoms. Regarding the upgrades, I may have to do a little shopping in the Armory for some of my ships
  8. Diesel_Thunder

    Who have you seen in game

    Saw @DolphinPrincess in Albermarle while in finishing my set on fire task in Ark Royal. Was a quick round
  9. Diesel_Thunder

    Narai 'pulled' . . . WHY ??

    What is interesting is that if they are shooting to have this fixed by update 9.2, Narai wouldn't even be available as the weekly op again until March 10th, the day before 9.2 is released. Wouldn't be available at all if they put the switch time of the weekly ops back to what was normal, 0200 PST on Wednesdays.
  10. Diesel_Thunder

    [UPD] PSA: Three Operations Were Re-enabled

    If it weren't for Co-op and Ops, I would have left the game entirely. Randoms just aren't fun for me at all anymore. PvE is fun. I'm somewhat surprised with the response that pulling Narai has gotten. Makes me think that there are a lot more PvE players than WG thinks there are.
  11. Diesel_Thunder

    Post your SC loot here

    I got 100 November Echo Setteseven flags.
  12. Diesel_Thunder

    Royal Tokens not in Daily Missions

    Thanks Kiz, clears that up nicely!
  13. The 9.1 news article said that Royal Tokens were available by completing the Directives, Daily Missions, Daily Challenges, and by purchasing random bundles for doubloons. However, when checking the rewards for the daily missions (Chain 1 and Chain 2), no tokens are found as rewards for any part of the Daily Missions. @Femennenly, @Hapa_Fodder, I think something may have been missed because what I'm seeing in game isn't like what was said in the news article. EDIT: @Kizarvexis cleared the confusion in a post below. Tokens start tomorrow.
  14. Diesel_Thunder

    Show me the credits!

    Good outing in Sims.
  15. Diesel_Thunder

    Narai, Boise and Transports with a mind of their own

    Isn't this what the Play Test Server is for? Test things before going live?