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  1. Diesel_Thunder

    Solution to the broken formatting problem the forums sometimes has

    Been happening on and off for me as well for the past few months. Never could pin it down myself. Thanks for posting that!
  2. You have until you've completed the 4th construction phase to purchase the starter packs. Took me a while to find it, but if you go in the Dockyard and click on the blue "More details about the Dockyard" link in the top left corner of the screen, it brings up the Dockyard rules where it explains it.
  3. Diesel_Thunder

    Any tips for baltimore?

    Baltimore is a good ship. Can bounce up to 380mm shells (German, French, and some UK BB’s) when properly angled. Her Super Heavy shells can dish out good damage against other cruisers. The HE shells are decent and can readily start fires, especially if you take the Demolition Expert captain skill. There was also a perma camo you could earn for her by completing a collection. Buffalo is also a good ship, just think of her as an overgrown Baltimore. The ship needs to be longer and heavier in order to fit that fourth turret, and takes a slight speed and maneuverabilty penalty as a result. (Seattle suffers from the same thing IMO) For tactics, I usually hung back a little to support the DD’s. Keep an island nearby in case things get too hot, but don’t be afraid of open water either. Always look at the minimap to plan your moves and stay aware of where the BB’s are. Avoid showing broadsides to BB’s unless you want a quick trip back to port.
  4. Diesel_Thunder

    Testing the Shortlist theory.

    I don’t recall seing a short list last year, and I didn’t think they were rigged either. Finding out that they are rigged, I will not be buying any containers this year, or ever again for that matter. Don’t think I’ll buy into this dockyard either. Sucks that WG is getting super greedy and more scummy with thier business practices.
  5. I don’t think any player could prove this one way or the other. WG has tweaked the MM so as to limit how much a player is uptiered. We also have observed how disingenuous they can operate (Puerto Rico event comes to mind). I certainly would not be surprised if there were some funny things happening in the code that influences the battle MM. But again, no way for any of us players to prove it.
  6. I earned two of them the old way, Gearing and Montana. Got Des Moines a couple weeks too late to start that mission set. Gearing’s UU I find useful, even as a co-op main, because Gearing is one of my go-to ships for Ranked. I was considering using Montana’s UU, until they nerfed it. I have it unlocked, but have zero intention of ever using it.
  7. They should also include all six branches of the military, not just the typical four. They pretty much snubbed the Coast Guard and Space Force.
  8. ^^ THIS! ^^ This is why I don't ever sell any tech tree ship that is T5 or higher. Port slots are fairly cheap, especially when they go on sale. And never sell premium ships.
  9. Georgia is a very fun ship for me, and is my most played ship. Big guns, great secondaries, very fast, and has plenty of tools to use. That said, she (and Massachusetts) play completely different than the tech tree USN BB's, and benefit from having a specialist captain to share between Georgia and Massachusetts. A tech tree survival build captain works ok, but a specialist captain works better IMO. If you like brawling, this is your ship. Thunderer is one I just picked up, and I like it a lot too. Since she plays close to the RN BB line, you can easily share captains. The HE shells are amazing, and the AP shells do well too. This ship is not a brawler like Georgia is.
  10. Diesel_Thunder

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    My first outing in Thunderer. (lol, Diesel Thunderer !!) Just picked it up last night after seeing the announcement that she's getting pulled. Initial impressions are very good, I like it a lot so far. Dev struck a broadside Yamato, landed 5 citadel hits in one salvo!
  11. Florida and Alabama are two that I can think of that play like the tech tree, are fast (28 kts), and make good captain trainers too. Both of which are still available. I am sad to see some of these ships getting pulled, though still puzzled on Smaland. Perhaps the very high price tag of 2M FXP and that the Halland performs slightly better had something to do with it I guess. I think it has only been around for about 8 months. I was able to pick up Alaska for FXP last year, and Massachusetts B during the black Friday event. Georgia was my first coal ship, and to date is my most played ship. With the announcement, I used my coupon and grabbed Thunderer last night and am enjoying her too. Would like to see the return of Flint and Black soon.
  12. Diesel_Thunder

    3 Best TECH TREE tier 9 ships and by type

    Best tech tree boats? BB: No contest for me, it's the Iowa. CA/CL: Buffalo, pretty solid ship IMO. DD: Fletcher, I really enjoyed working my way toward Gearing.
  13. Diesel_Thunder


    You're welcome. They have posting anything on upcoming ships that I've seen. Though it would be nice to see the return of Flint and Black.
  14. Diesel_Thunder


    Alaska is a very good ship, and worth the 1M FXP in my opinion. She was my first FXP ship and I have not ever regretted getting her. Of all the ships listed, I am only surprised that Smaland is being pulled so soon. That ship has only been around for what, 8 months?
  15. I've got just over 4,700 Co-op battles, and I've only broke 1,000 BXP once this past April. I earned 1,094 BXP in Tirpitz. I've had plenty of 700 and 800 BXP battles, and several 900 BXP rounds. 1k is a very high bar to pass for sure in Co-op.