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  1. PayBacksa3itch

    CV Clan Teams vs BB Clan Teams, Your Thoughts?

    So far when we run a BB vs a CV we are 7 -7 When we run a CV vs a BB we are 5 - 8 Not really seeing much of an impact yet when a CV is in the game We just reached Gale Maybe as we climb higher we will see more of an impact on the game by CVs
  2. PayBacksa3itch

    Need new clan

    sent you an invite
  3. PayBacksa3itch

    Why are bacon posts removed??

  4. PayBacksa3itch

    Why are bacon posts removed??

  5. We played over 300 clan battles last season (CRUEL) check us out if you think we would be a good fit for you send in an application We have a couple of open spots We have a discord channel use it mainly for Clan battle comps but not necessary to use it. o7
  6. PayBacksa3itch

    Looking For Active Helpful Clan

    Check out [D33P6] Deep Six!