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  1. rocketstove19

    Stuck on Authorization?

    I use vpn setup via AWS by myself. Any vpn should do because they change the route to WOWS login server from the troubling ones. Alternatively you can use mobile hotspot the bandwidth required for playing at game client should be fairly low (see https://www.whistleout.com.au/Broadband/Guides/how-much-data-do-I-need-for-online-gaming). Just make sure turn your win10 to battery saver and avoid any download meanwhile you should be fine.
  2. rocketstove19

    Stuck on Authorization?

    Xanthro is right. With vpn I can get in game without infintie "waiting for authorization" issue confirmed.
  3. rocketstove19

    Stuck on Authorization?

    yes I am using Spectrum here @ west coast. Everything else works fine just WOWS login server
  4. rocketstove19

    Stuck on Authorization?

    Same here did repair and not helping. Game will run a battle or two then logged off before battle end statistics. Re-logged in results infinite "waiting for authorization"