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  1. Banished_Privateer

    [0.9.5] [Fix] Problems with the opening of the Dockyard

    How come WG makes and sells dozens of ships for 50-100$, yet it can't fix for years bugged containers, buggy armory that's not loading up and broken Shipyard event for half a year? Meanwhile, milking millions of dollars off the players. On a good day, it opens like that:
  2. Banished_Privateer

    [0.9.5] [Fix] Problems with the opening of the Dockyard

    Didn't fix my issue and I had this issue since Puerto Rico event and reported it several times... How come half a year was not enough to solve it? Yet new event started just fine...
  3. Banished_Privateer

    IJN Hayate for 2M Free XP

    L-O-L. I know for the fact tons of players use 8km torps. The 12km torps are just very easy to dodge and reload longer.
  4. Banished_Privateer

    IJN Hayate for 2M Free XP

    Can't choose between torps (like Shima has 3 options) Gets only 2 launchers, unless you want to give up smoke for reload booster and yet it's still limited worse concealment worse speed worse turning circle worse rudder shift time From the good sides: better guns (faster reload, slightly more range) better AA (nothing astonishing anyway, won't stop Tier 10 CVs from striking) more HP Now try to repeat again your phrase "better in everything except..."
  5. Banished_Privateer

    IJN Hayate for 2M Free XP

    It's a shame that Hayate is basically a worse Shimakaze. I was really looking into getting that ship. There are literally no reasons to purchase Hayate over Smaland, unless you already own Smaland or you have IJN boat fetish.
  6. Banished_Privateer

    Orkan is worse $$$ version of Lightning

    Cossack gets extra twin turret in exchange for torp launcher, meanwhile Orkan trades for useless secondary gun... That's quite a big difference.
  7. Banished_Privateer

    Orkan is worse $$$ version of Lightning

    Cossack is not very similar to the other 2. They have literally the same stats, just different visuals. The point went over your head.
  8. Banished_Privateer

    Orkan is worse $$$ version of Lightning

    DPM is pretty much identical, they have same gun type and reload. cool, but it gets only 4 of these while Lightning gets 8. Lightning torps >>> Orkan torps. From the looks they are almost identical. I get the point of different consumables, playstyle and all that, but the fact of them having so much different stats is hilarious.
  9. Banished_Privateer

    DFAA worthless?

    Yea, look at Friesland, it gets DFAA and hydro, OMG so OP, plz nerf.
  10. Banished_Privateer

    DFAA worthless?

    Flak only works so noobs who play Tier 4-6 CVs and have no clue what they're doing. DFAA mostly reinforces flak. Just like Hood has special anti-AA rocket launchers with special DFAA consumable, now it's useless too. Don't even try to argue with this.
  11. so Orkan and Lightning are based on the same ship hull, are same tier (VIII) and use same guns. Let's compare them. Orkan: gets 0.6km less main battery range with same guns (literally same type, shell velocity, fire chance, pen, name, etc.) has 1 torp launcher less (1x4) in exchange for 1 useless secondary gun 102mm (max range 5km) base concealment 0.5km worse (not sure if it includes premium camo on top of that) gets 200 less HP gets 50 more HE/AP DMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! *stonks* 1 knot slower despite extra secondary gun, has worse AA (both have trash AA, but Lightning has more DPS) so... to sum it up, what's the deal with Orkan?
  12. Banished_Privateer

    DFAA worthless?

    worthless consumable
  13. Lenin has turrets traversed by Lenin himself.
  14. We should have few more (2-3) days to complete Svenska Marines mission for permanent camos after the 0.9.3 patch drops. Honestly, I will end up with 4/5 completed missions due to the tokens bottleneck and it will really suck to not be able to finalize that mission once the patch drops. Another solution (but less likely to be considered) is to add one more mission for Błyskawica and it would count towards the mission chain. Błyskawica might not be a Swedish ship, but several Polish ships were interned in Sweden during the WWII times and Sweden did cooperate secretly as much as they could at the times as a neutral nation (espionage, smuggling people and other undercover actions).
  15. Banished_Privateer

    Will there be enough European Tokens for Östergötland ?

    He is collecting tokens for the final ship and skipping the lower tiers