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  1. I recently researched the North Carolina, and was having a very hard time adjusting to the slow shell speed. My accuracy was very poor compared to previous US BBs, even in coop. However, the ship finally clicked a week ago when I dev-struck a Musashi for 40K damage (3 citadels). I look forward to testing out NC in the coming season of Ranked Sprint. For my birthday wish, I would like the USS Massachusetts.
  2. I'm a relatively new player, so not that many legendary games in my pocket yet. That being said, the most thrilling was definitely a coop match in New Mexico, where I took down 3 BBs and 1 cruiser near the end. I had just learned how to "angle" a few weeks earlier after watching some CC videos, so I was amazed at how effective it was in bouncing enemy shells. As for my wish, two parts: Development - alternate US BB tech tree line with all classes not currently in game (i.e. Nevada, Pennsylvania, Tennessee) Item - USS Massachusetts, the secondaries are OP