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    Deleted and reinstalled same thing
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    Looking for a nightly DD hunting party

    100% agree but also 90% disagree but im also 100% appreciative for the response I know my math is frightening but hear me out. Yes a really nice balanced division with a a FDR, Alaska and a solid DD with the right Captains would be a huge advantage for one team and the preferred combo but Ive also come across the DD trio (not really my theory just borrowing it) I can't tell you how many times within the last few months and i've started really paying close attention, whenever i see 3 dd's with an A next to them in the load up screen I grab a pen and scribble down a few notes from the match on what kind of tactics they use and have actually talked to a few skippers who were nice enough to share some insight during the match. Its just like everything else in this game it takes a perfect balance of ships captains practice and yes a bit of luck sometimes to work but when it does work holy poop biscuits does it work, the last time I was in a match and saw this it was the red team and within 9 minutes like mini surgeons they deleted 6 ships and took B when the match was over they had all the kills and their Halland was the only one to get spotted throughout and it was right before I was hit with 30 torpedos in my Iowa from 3 directions and I was the last ship. Based on my observations and investigation i can deduct that the following must happen for it to be effective tactic and these are the ships that seem to work. I should also note that there's a lot more to it and this is just a quick read but i'm currently in love with playing DD"s and although this tactic may seem strange to some it does in fact kinda fit my play style of both the Halland and Gearing which is why id like to experiment with this. Speed is essential every flag and Captain skill should be used 42-46kt undetected speed should be the goal (lightning ninjas) Prioritize targets detect and target radar boats quickly Keep enemies at the 10km range torp from 6-7km than retreat Lead boat in fromation must be equipped with RPF Lots of torps only use gun fire from smoke or cover after detected and than it must be concentrated (Aircover) Halland and her 90kt torps are a must (Smoke) Gearing with the upgraded concealment hull seems to be the best fit but there's other ships like Daring that will work as well (Radar) I dont have one yet so no opinion but I believe there are 4 DD's with radar at class 9-10 and having a Radar boat is key
  3. I'm an everyday player (5-8pm central time during the week) and most weekends, currently not grinding anything just enjoying my fav ships. Im in a clan but not really fond of clan battles and im tired of horrible team play in randoms, suicidal DD's flanking without cover charging bb's and cv's and my least fav radar boats hiding at the end of the map and we all know some matches all it takes is one of those to turn the tide against your team and it seems like latley theres 2 or 3 bad yolo type captains in each match and always on my team so im looking for a couple tier X DD's to group up into a hunting party for random battles with the sole pupose of winning and creating havoc, in my experience 3 DD's in the same division who are working colectively can win every match and at the end of the day I like to win. With 3 dd's hunting and caping efectively in a nice formation it should more than account for several players making questionable moves that jepordize the win and result in a 70% WL rate and a much better gaming experience, im tired of slamming my keyboard mid match because the azzhat in the Des Moines is on A line behind an island using his radar 16km from the nearest ship with his guns pointed away from battle while im getting pelted in my DD with no support.