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  1. RandomProfile

    Update 0.10.2 – Italian Battleships: Part 2

    I'll add my voice to mix. I also think shells and torpedoes are on the smaller side now. Personally I find the smaller shells more of a problem than torpedoes. I find the smoke screens look a little flat. It's almost like I can see the texture they are using just hanging in the air. Other than that I love the new graphics, AA especially looks great now.
  2. RandomProfile

    Super Container Surprise

    I got the Monaghan a while back in those containers you get from the completing public test missions. I ignored it for a time because I'm not much of a DD player. I started playing it more recently and really enjoy it. It is without a doubt my favorite DD, though I still don't play the class that much. I run the B hull which has 9.2 km. torpedoes. With a stealthy torpedo build you can have a comfortable range from which you are undetectable but can still hit enemy ships. I also find it's AA is also good for it's class. I've had several games in which I've racked up 20 or so plane kills against lower tier CV's. A note though, in it's B hull configuration it is a terrible gunboat. Overall I enjoy using the ship to hit flanks and CV snipe.
  3. RandomProfile

    Additional captains... can't find them...

    In the port try the Gear Icon -> Custom Ships -> Azur Lane
  4. I'm fairly certain it's a new sound for the guns when they move around. I've never noticed it before in either PT or the regular server so I think it's new.